Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1511 – : Obscured Sequence

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Chapter 1511: Obscured Sequence

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Play a game with me first…”

As soon as Virtuoso started teasing him, tens of thousands of blood-red lightning bolts shot out from Lin Huang’s cuffs.


Dagger after G.o.d Weapon flying dagger transformed into blood-red lightning bolts that filled the sky and swept in an arc across the void, directly attacking Virtuoso from all directions.

“I’m definitely not in the mood for such things.” On that note of disagreement, Lin Huang made his move straight away.

Although the rules in the secret prisoner territory did not allow trial partic.i.p.ants to kill one another, it was Virtuoso who had provoked him first after all. Lin Huang could not be blamed for retaliating.

Moreover, as long as neither was killed or disabled, they would not be held accountable.

Lin Huang was not planning on killing Virtuoso; he was only preparing to teach them a lesson.

Outside the secret territory, the group of Heavenly G.o.ds was shocked when they saw Lin Huang’s sudden attack.

They had not expected the relations.h.i.+p between the two colleagues in Death Sickle to be this poor.

Many people sneaked glances at Buried Heaven. At this moment, Buried Heaven’s brows were furrowed. This was clearly a scene he did not wish to see at all, so much so that he had forgotten to control his facial expressions.

At this moment, the team leaders of the few grade-7 organizations were secretly delighted that Xiu Mu and Virtuoso were at odds with each other. This meant that the chances of one of them leaving Death Sickle would be a lot higher than they had previously expected. Right now, several people were already secretly plotting how to poach them from Death Sickle. It did not matter whether it was Xiu Mu or Virtuoso, getting either one of them would definitely be a steal.

Tens of thousands of telekinetic flying daggers poured down like torrential rain, but Virtuoso just stood there, motionless.

They did not dodge, nor did they display any kind of defensive techniques.

The next instant, their figure was utterly swallowed up by countless blood-red lightning arcs.

Upon seeing this, the spectators outside the secret territory were bewildered.

They could not figure out why Virtuoso had abandoned defending themselves and let Xiu Mu attack them.

One should know that Xiu Mu’s attack was probably able to kill even third-rank Heavenly G.o.ds.

“They really didn’t think that Xiu Mu would pull back at the last minute, did they?!”

“Virtuoso can’t have been killed off so easily, right?”

“For Xiu Mu’s current attack, his telekinetic flying daggers have been compounded with two levels of sequence power, which is sufficient to slay even third-rank Heavenly G.o.ds. Virtuoso was. .h.i.t without defending themselves whatsoever. There shouldn’t be any doubt about the results.”

While the group of Heavenly G.o.ds was heatedly discussing this, Lin Huang frowned slightly.

He could sense that his attack had failed.

Not a single flying dagger had managed to hit Virtuoso. Strangely, however, his Divine Telekinesis sensed that Virtuoso still remained standing where they were, not having moved an inch.

‘Is this a special sequence power?!

Logically speaking, rule-type attacks would definitely hit their target unless the other party used Rule Bending Power to dodge or defend themselves.

If even his telekinetic flying daggers with their compounded two levels of sequence power could not hit his opponent, the only logical explanation was that the other party had used sequence power to dodge the attack.

As for his Divine Telekinesis sensing that Virtuoso had not moved, that could only mean that their sequence power possessed the special function of being able to confuse one’s Divine Telekinesis.

Although not a single one of Lin Huang’s attacks managed to land on his target, he did not give up right away, continuing instead to manipulate the telekinetic flying daggers to keep attacking.

“Don’t waste your energy.” Virtuoso’s voice drifted leisurely through the countless flying daggers surrounding them. “Even if you run out of Divine Power, this kind of attack can’t cause me any harm.”

As soon as Virtuoso said that, they slowly stepped out as though all the telekinetic flying daggers were nothing to them.

Only then did Lin Huang notice that although all the telekinetic flying daggers pierced straight through Virtuoso’s body, they did not cause them any harm.

Outside the secret territory, most of the Heavenly G.o.d team leaders did not understand what they were seeing.

The few people who did were staring at Virtuoso with wide eyes.

“So it’s Obscured Sequence…”

“Who would have thought that there really is someone who’s mastered this kind of legendary sequence power!”

“I initially thought that this Xiu Mu fellow was already invincible enough. I never expected Virtuoso to be even more complicated?”

Buried Heaven’s current expression was as unpleasant as it could get. Of course, he knew what sequence power Virtuoso had mastered, but he had not expected Virtuoso to use it publicly like that.

However, right at this moment, on the monitor screen, Virtuoso turned their head all of a sudden and flashed a bland smile at the surveillance camera. “What’s about to happen next involves private matters and isn’t for public disclosure. For now, you can watch other people’s performances.”

As soon as Virtuoso said that, they snapped their fingers, and the screen immediately froze on Virtuoso’s masked face.

“Switch Xiu Mu and Virtuoso’s screen to other monitoring angles!” The team leader of G.o.d Capital hurriedly dialed a number.

“There’s no way to switch. All the nearby monitors have malfunctioned!” The voice of a staff member came from the other end of the communicator.

“How could this happen?! How long will it take to be repaired?!” The team leader of G.o.d Capital asked frantically.

“We have no idea. At the moment, we aren’t sure where the fault is. We’re still investigating the monitors one at a time. We can’t be certain how much time exactly is needed to repair them either.”

Upon hearing this reply, the expression of G.o.d Capital’s team leader became really grim.

This was the first time the monitors in the secret prisoner territory had malfunctioned.

The staff members of G.o.d Capital had indeed been somewhat caught off guard.

In the secret territory, Virtuoso switched off the monitor screen before turning their head to look at Lin Huang. “It’s just the two of us left.”

As soon as they said that, they seemed to have recalled something, glancing at the prisoner. “I almost forgot. There’s a third party here.”

Lin Huang frowned slightly. “What did you do?!”

“Nothing much, I just used a little trick to temporarily block the monitor.” Virtuoso’s tone was mild. “In which case, you can demonstrate your abilities without having to hold back, and you don’t need to worry about your ident.i.ty being exposed either.”

“I think you might have mistaken me for someone else.” Lin Huang still wanted to continue hiding his ident.i.ty. After all, he was still unable to trust what the other party had said about blocking the surveillance monitors to the outside world.

“Have I?” Virtuoso’s eyebrows rose under their mask. “You also have another name, Xie Lin. Of course, I even know that this isn’t your real name. Your real ident.i.ty is human. Your main cultivation path is Sword Dao; telekinesis is just your supplemental path.

“Not only that, but I also know something even Buried Heaven from Death Sickle doesn’t—you’re an Imperial Censor who can control the Protoss!”

Virtuoso’s words caused Lin Huang’s expression to darken. He could almost imagine the consequences if the Heavenly G.o.d team leaders in the outside world were to hear these words.

“You can relax; since I’ve come out with it, of course, I’m absolutely certain that no one else can hear what I’ve just said,” Virtuoso added.

“I’ve already said that you’ve mistaken me for someone else.” Lin Huang still chose to deny it. After all, he could not be certain if the monitors had really been blocked or not.

“Forget it. Whether or not I’ve mistaken you for someone else, it isn’t important.” Virtuoso understood as well that Lin Huang did not believe what they had to say. They, too, could not be bothered to continue wasting time on this subject. “My request still stands. Play a game with me.

“Don’t say no too hastily. As long as you pa.s.s, you’ll win a prize. I believe that you’ll be satisfied with this reward.”

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