Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1513 – No Fatality Notification

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Chapter 1513: No Fatality Notification

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Although Lin Huang had released this attack from his fingertips, he had actually used Sword Dao heavenly rule compounded with four levels of sequence power.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, a direct hit would have been enough to cause severe damage to a fifth-rank Heavenly G.o.d.

“Your attacks are finally starting to take shape,” Virtuoso commented loudly. Not only was there no trace of surprise in their voice, but they even sounded slightly delighted.

Obviously, they had already antic.i.p.ated Lin Huang’s abilities.

Lin Huang had deliberately waited for the Obsidian Dragon-being to get close to him before launching this attack, in order to deceive the monitors.

After all, he still did not fully believe Virtuoso’s claim that they had manipulated the monitors.

However, Virtuoso, who was at close range, had seen everything clearly. To be precise, they did not actually see the attack but rather sensed it.

As Lin Huang’s attack had been directly released into the Obsidian Dragon-being’s body from his fingers, nothing extraordinary could be noted visually—only a flash of red light could be seen at most.

Virtuoso was less than a hundred meters away from the two combatants, so they were able to sense even the most subtle of changes.

Although Lin Huang’s attack had revealed his aura for only a moment, they still sensed it.

Not only did they sense his Sword Dao heavenly rule, but they could even clearly name all the G.o.d sequence chains LinHuang had utilized in this attack.

Crimson Lightning! Sun! Starburst! G.o.dslayer!

Such a violent attack was enough to severely wound a fifth-rank Heavenly G.o.d powerhouse.

However, Lin Huang—who had released the attack—was not happy in the slightest at the moment.

This was because he could clearly sense that the Obsidian Dragon-being had withstood his blow and was not dead.

Not only was it still very much alive, but its aura had not even been weakened in the least.

The Obsidian Dragon-being crawled out of a pile of rubble within the sensing range of Lin Huang’s Divine Telekinesis.

The fist-sized wound penetrating through its chest healed quickly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

This anomaly made Lin Huang frown slightly.

In fact, ordinarily speaking, the damage caused by rule-type powers could not be healed by Enhanced Regeneration-type divine abilities or powers.

That is unless the opponent possessed Rule Bending Powers of similar strength, in which case they would be able to use their own Rule Bending Power to counteract the Rule Bending Power attached to their wound.

In other words, as Lin Huang had used Sword Dao heavenly rule compounded with four levels of sequence power—which would be equivalent to the compounding of five levels of sequence power—the other party would also need to possess the ability to compound five levels of sequence power to counteract the sequence power attached to its wound.

The wound could only be healed after canceling out the sequence power that accompanied it.

However, the Obsidian Dragon-being’s combat power was only third-rank, and it had only mastered three G.o.d sequence chains.

Even if it had become stronger due to the modifications made by Virtuoso, only its physical strength and Divine Power would be enhanced at most; it was impossible for it to suddenly master a few more G.o.d sequence chains out of nowhere.

Even so, the other had easily counteracted his compounded five levels of sequence power. This made Lin Huang glance at Virtuoso, who was standing outside the battlefield.

If the Obsidian Dragon-being was not the one who had nullified Lin Huang’s sequence power, then it could have only been done by its manipulator, Virtuoso.

This made Lin Huang all the more apprehensive of Virtuoso.

This time, however, Virtuoso did not outwardly admit that they had done anything. Instead, they just smiled and said to Lin Huang, “This is the way it should be. Show your true strength, don’t conceal it anymore.

“There’s a time limit on how long I can manipulate the monitors. The longer you drag this game out, the greater the possibility of your abilities being revealed.

“Therefore, I suggest that you unleash your full strength and quickly end this game.”

Lin Huang could tell that Virtuoso was basically semi-threatening him with these words.

The meaning behind his comment was very clear—if you continue dragging things on like this, I can only stop manipulating the monitors.

Lin Huang frowned slightly. After internally weighing the pros and cons, he came to a quick decision. “In that case, I’ll do as you wish.”

As soon as he finished speaking, more telekinetic flying daggers shot out from his cuffs.

The initial two hundred thousand flying daggers dramatically increased in numbers.

Three hundred thousand!

Four hundred thousand!

Five hundred thousand!

One million!

One million telekinetic flying daggers transformed into red lightning bolts, illuminating the entire void.

Dagger after telekinetic flying dagger trailed red electric arcs across the heavens, resembling a wave of blood-red snakes erupting in the sky.

The Obsidian Dragon-being had only just planted itself firmly on the ground when it saw blood-red lightning bolts shooting down from the sky, eclipsing the whole of the heavens like the arrival of a thunderstorm on Doomsday.

If it had any self-awareness left, it would have been completely shocked by this scene.

However, it was merely a tool. Under Virtuoso’s control, its figure fled into the distance at top speed.

There was no reason for this, other than these millions of telekinetic flying daggers were all imbued with the same sequence powers as the previous one released from Lin Huang’s finger.

There were five levels of compounding—Sword Dao heavenly rule, Crimson Lightning, Sun, Starburst, and G.o.dslayer.

It might not have been a big deal if it was just a single blow, but the Obsidian Dragon-being’s body would not be able to withstand millions of such attacks at all.

If this were the outside world, the Obsidian Dragon-being would definitely not be able to escape such an attack no matter how fast it was, because regardless of its speed, it would not be able to cross the distance of a star zone in an instant.

In this secret prisoner territory, however, the detection range of everyone’s Divine Telekinesis was severely restricted, which gave the Obsidian Dragon-being a chance of survival.

As long as it fled out of the detection range of Lin Huang’s Divine Telekinesis, it would be able to completely take care of this threat.

Of course, Lin Huang also became aware of Virtuoso’s scheme immediately, and countless telekinetic flying daggers surrounded the Obsidian Dragon-being from various angles and routes.

The Obsidian Dragon-being’s speed was indeed incredible, to the point it was almost on par with a sixth-rank Heavenly G.o.d.

Even so, Lin Huang’s flying daggers were faster. In just two blinks of an eye, they had caught up to the Obsidian Dragon-being and had even blocked off all its escape routes.

The next second, the Obsidian Dragon-being was completely engulfed by the endless blood-red lightning bolts.

It had no time to even make a sound before it was completely shredded to pieces by the countless blood-red sword gleams.

This time, Lin Huang did not give Virtuoso a chance to heal the Obsidian Dragon-being.

However, after ripping apart the Obsidian Dragon-being’s body, he frowned again.

This was because Xiao Hei still had not sent him a fatality notification.

Lin Huang thought about it for a moment, then switched the target of his attack without any hesitation. Countless lightning bolts transformed into a single blood-red lightning dragon, which then turned around and charged directly toward Virtuoso.

Despite that, Virtuoso just stood where they were without dodging or defending themselves, allowing the blood-red lightning bolts to swallow them up.

Lin Huang had put his all into this attack, but the moment the dragon’s head came in contact with Virtuoso’s body, he already knew the result.

This was because he could clearly sense that his telekinetic flying daggers had not hit anything.

To be honest, he had expected this.

Once the lightning dragon completely pierced through Virtuoso’s body, Virtuoso patted their chest and exclaimed in exaggerated tones, “I was really scared by that attack just now. How frightening, I almost thought I was done for!”

“That was just an illusion; how could you be killed?” With a slight flick of Lin Huang’s cuffs, the countless telekinetic flying daggers spun around and returned to him, disappearing into his sleeve cuffs.

“You saw through me so quickly. This is admittedly a little beyond my expectations…” Virtuoso was startled for a moment, obviously rather surprised.

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