Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1514 – A Reincarnated Being Of The Club

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Chapter 1514: A Reincarnated Being of the Club

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“When did you become aware of it?” Virtuoso asked with a smile, showing no trace at all of becoming angry from embarra.s.sment at their secret being exposed.

“I had an inkling when I attacked you for the first time,” Lin Huang said frankly, “But I was only able to confirm this fact after killing that fellow just now.”

Lin Huang glanced in the direction of the Obsidian Dragon-being as he spoke. It was already beginning to reform its physical body from a state of nothingness. However, Lin Huang only briefly glanced at it before turning his gaze away, completely dismissing it as a threat, and continued speaking.

“To be honest, even though I know I was caught up in your illusion, I still haven’t figured out exactly which G.o.d sequence chain you used, to be able to trick me so stealthily.”

“It’s not that I can’t tell you…” Virtuoso laughed. “But you’ll have to get through this game first.

“It’s meaningless for me to tell you now because if you don’t pa.s.s this challenge, you’ll die here.”

Lin Huang glanced at the Obsidian Dragon-being again. “Is it necessary for us to continue this game? Every time I kill it, you just revive it. Unless your plan all along was to tire me to death?”

“I’m not that ludicrous.” Virtuoso shook their head slightly. “It’s merely that you haven’t found the right method of getting through this challenge.”

Upon hearing that, Lin Huang sank into a prolonged contemplative silence.

Seeing this, Virtuoso also stayed silent so they would not disturb Lin Huang’s thoughts.

In the distance, the body of the Obsidian Dragon-being swiftly consolidated itself again… into two bodies.

From one, it had now become two…

Since Lin Huang had seen through their illusion, Virtuoso did not bother to conceal it anymore.

Lin Huang sensed an anomaly within the detection range of his Divine Telekinesis and could not resist looking up for a quick glimpse. When he saw the two Obsidian Dragon-beings, he could not help but be stunned for a moment.

Before the two Obsidian Dragon-beings could make a move, two telekinetic flying daggers shot out from Lin Huang’s cuffs, taking out one monster each.

Before the two Obsidian Dragon-beings could even fully react, their heads exploded almost simultaneously, turning them into two headless monsters that were standing upright.

Since there was no use in shredding them to pieces, Lin Huang chose to conserve his Divine Power altogether, using only two flying daggers to deal with them.

Since blowing their heads apart and shredding them into pieces gave the same end result, he did not need to waste his Divine Power.

Even though he had killed the two Obsidian Dragon-beings in the time it took to snap his fingers, Lin Huang knew that the game was not over yet, because Xiao Hei still had not sent him any fatality notifications.

Two more heads began to rapidly grow back on the two headless corpses at a speed visible to the naked eye.

What was even more unusual was that the two figures had multiplied into four without Lin Huang realizing it.

When his Divine Telekinesis sensed that the number had increased again, Lin Huang lifted his head for a glance once more, then turned his head toward Virtuoso. “There’s no end to this, is there?!”

Virtuoso laughed without saying a word.

They chose to observe without saying anything, wanting to see how Lin Huang would deal with the upcoming crisis.

Every time an Obsidian Dragon-being was killed, their numbers would double. The longer Lin Huang dragged it out, and the more times he killed these Obsidian Dragon-beings, the greater the threat he would face.

Once more, two telekinetic flying daggers shot out from Lin Huang’s cuffs like a whirlwind. Together with the two previous flying daggers, they attacked the four Obsidian Dragon-beings.

The four Obsidian Dragon-beings were still lackl.u.s.ter in performance, and collectively had their heads blown apart again.

The next second, however, the heads of the four Obsidian Dragon-beings regenerated. Not only that, but their numbers doubled from four to eight.

Despite this change, Lin Huang’s attention was not fully on the Obsidian Dragon-beings.

His Divine Telekinesis surged forth in all directions like a tide, exploring all the nooks and crannies around him, not forgoing even below ground.

However, even after searching carefully several times, he found nothing.

“I can’t find any flaws…” Lin Huang frowned slightly.

Based on the hint in Virtuoso’s previous comment, he suspected that the key to breaking the illusion did not lie in the Obsidian Dragon-beings, so he had expended no small amount of effort probing his surroundings.

He had spent over ten minutes searching five or six times within the detection range of his Divine Telekinesis—which covered an area of several hundred kilometers—but he still could not find any weaknesses in the illusion.

By now, the Obsidian Dragon-beings had multiplied to more than ten thousand in number.

Even if Lin Huang had previously not paid much attention to the threat posed by the Obsidian Dragon-beings, he had to take them seriously now.

However, he still had not given up on finding a way to end this game.

“Virtuoso said that I haven’t found the right method for pa.s.sing this challenge, but they could be deliberately trying to bamboozle me. Let’s forget about what they said for now; finding their real motive is the key to solving this problem.

“As soon as they approached me, they said they wanted me to play a game with them. Throughout the game, the one thing they’ve been doing repeatedly is forcing me to use even stronger abilities… including the number of Obsidian Dragon-beings that currently just keeps increasing…”

After a painstaking investigation, Lin Huang finally found a clue to beating this challenge.

A blood-red battle sword rapidly coalesced in front of him.

Lin Huang did not notice, but the moment the battle sword coalesced, Virtuoso’s eyes locked onto him intently.

Sword hilt in one hand, Lin Huang compounded Sword Dao heavenly rule with six levels of sequence power.

Crimson Lightning! Sun! Starburst! G.o.dslayer! Obliteration! Deathly Stillness!

These six G.o.d sequence chains were all from the Sword Servants of the Great Heaven Palace.

Using six borrowed G.o.d sequence chains was actually quite a burden on Lin Huang, even though he was currently at third-rank true G.o.d-level.

Six types of sequence power with the addition of one type of Sword Dao heavenly rule were equivalent to compounding seven levels of sequence power.

This attack of Lin Huang’s was as dazzling as an exploding sun.

The crimson rays illuminated the entirety of the heavens, turning them bright as day. Within the radius of the surrounding ten thousand-plus kilometers, it looked as if a luminous blood-red sun was s.h.i.+ning in the sky.

As Lin Huang’s blade sliced down, the blood-red rays lighting up the whole of the sky flared even more brilliantly. Even Virtuoso, who had been watching the battle, could not help shutting their eyes from the brightness.

The blinding red light lasted for several full minutes before it gradually faded. The tens of thousands of Obsidian Dragon-beings all turned into black ash that scattered in the wind.

Right at this point, Lin Huang felt as if some kind of layer had suddenly shattered before his eyes.

He zoned out for a moment before discovering that he was still standing where he had been, while Virtuoso, expression as infuriating as before, was standing opposite him not too far away.

Next to Virtuoso, the Obsidian Dragon-being stood motionless and expressionless, as if it had never moved at all in the first place.

Before Lin Huang could say anything, Virtuoso spoke up once again.

“Many people think that the G.o.d sequence chain I’ve mastered is the Obscured Sequence. Actually, the G.o.d sequence chain that I’ve mastered is called Fabrication. Not only can I switch between illusion and reality, but I can also create false images.”

Virtuoso merely left it at that without providing any further explanation. However, they could still be considered to have kept their promise by telling Lin Huang the name of the G.o.d sequence chain that they had mastered.

“Let’s reacquaint ourselves with each other, then. The Club—reincarnated being Xu Bin.” Virtuoso extended a hand to Lin Huang…

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