Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1522 – : Poaching

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Chapter 1522
: Poaching

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The time inside the secret prisoner territory flew by.

Lin Huang had been standing firmly at the No.1 spot on the Hunter’s Gold Leaderboard since the beginning. n.o.body could come close to challenge his position.

He would kill 12 to15 second-rank heavenly G.o.d-level prisoners per day. His points would increase over 5,000 points every day on average. It was almost five times the pace of the person who ranked No.2.

In reality, n.o.body could surpa.s.s his hunting points even before he met Kylie and b.l.o.o.d.y.

Meanwhile, the No.2 was not Virtuoso from Death Sickle, but a top-tier True G.o.d-level powerhouse from G.o.d Capital—Kun Ting.

Kylie and b.l.o.o.d.y were ranked No.3 and No.4.

The gap between the two ladies’ points was less than 300. A simple calculation showed that b.l.o.o.d.y could actually catch up if she killed just one more first-rank Heavenly G.o.d convict and a second-rank Heavenly G.o.d convict.

Meanwhile, Kylie and Kun Ting were separated by over 1,000 points.

As for Virtuoso, he was not taking the hunting seriously at all. He was ranked a lowly No.10, and he only had 100 points more than the person who ranked No.11.

Apart from the top three, the candidates ranking No.4 to No.10 would be given similar rewards.

Many Heavenly G.o.d leaders suspected that Virtuoso felt that struggling for the No.1 spot with Xiu Mu would take far too much effort, which was why he gave up from the start.

However, Lin Huang knew that this guy likely did not care for the reward from such a leaderboard at all. He did not bother to fight for it. There was a great possibility that he was ranked in the top ten as he spoke to Buried Heaven earlier. Buried Heaven might have just been trying to be nice.

Compared to the Hunter’s Gold Leaderboard, the compet.i.tion among the Virtual G.o.ds on the Hunter’s Silver Leaderboard was much more intense.

The person who ranked No.1 on the Hunter’s Silver Leaderboard was someone that Lin Huang was familiar with—Unrivalled G.o.d from Combat G.o.d Temple.

He gave up on elevating to True G.o.d-level when he encountered Lin Huang and the Sword Servants under Great Heaven during the trial in the Great Heaven Territory over a year ago. He cultivated sword skills in closed-door cultivation. Indeed, his ability had significantly improved compared to over a year ago. He held on to the No.1 position among the Virtual G.o.ds in the G.o.d Territory even firmer now.

He had even fancied that he might be able to beat Lin Huang if they were to meet again. However, he had no idea that Lin Huang had already elevated to True G.o.d-level. If the difference in their ability was like a fluorescent light and a candle over a year ago, it was more like a fluorescent light and dazzling sunlight now. There was no way to compare them at all.

The No.2 on the Hunter’s Silver Leaderboard was a saber cultivator from G.o.d Capital. He was only 120 points behind the Unrivalled G.o.d.

The point difference between No.3 to No.6 was minimal. Their points were a mere 200 to 300 apart.

Meanwhile, the gap between No.7 to No.10 was in the range of 300 to 500 points.

The intensity of the compet.i.tion of the top ten on the Hunter’s Silver Leaderboard easily surpa.s.sed that of the Hunter’s Gold Leaderboard.

As soon as the one-month trial period in the secret prisoner territory was up, G.o.d Capital’s staff teleported all of the candidates out without wasting a second.

Lin Huang sensed countless eyes locked onto him as soon as he was teleported out of the territory.

He glanced over and saw almost all the Heavenly G.o.d leaders were staring at him. They did not care about the candidates from their organizations at all.

The first thought that flashed through his mind noticing their reaction was, ‘Have I exposed my ident.i.ty as a human?!’

He quickly recollected his performance in the secret prisoner territory. He did not think he made any major slip-ups.

Just as he was contemplating making a hasty exit, Buried Heaven’s voice transmission came over slowly.

“Come over here. Don’t just stand there.”

Naturally, Buried Heaven could tell that Lin Huang was worried about his ident.i.ty being exposed.

Lin Huang was relieved when he heard the voice transmission. He arrived next to him in a flash. He asked softly through the voice transmission, “Why are they staring at me?”

“You’re ranked No.1 on the Hunter’s Gold Leaderboard. Who else would they be staring at if not you?” Buried Heaven replied offhandedly.

“That’s all?” Lin Huang raised his brows.

Buried Heaven fell into silence for a moment and added, “There have been people who managed to kill third-rank Heavenly G.o.ds with True G.o.d-level combat strength throughout history. However, including you, there were less than ten who managed to do that.”

“Alright then. I thought I’d exposed my ident.i.ty…” Lin Huang did not mind that. He released a big sigh of relief after hearing Buried Heaven’s explanation.

While the pair were speaking through voice transmission, the candidates from all organizations had returned to their groups one after the other.

Virtuoso too had returned to Death Sickle. He merely glanced at Lin Huang, then he stood beside Buried Heaven. Everyone believed that the two of them were enemies.

Even Buried Heaven thought the same. He was secretly relieved when he realized that they did not break out into a fight on the spot.

Fallen Star and the rest had curiosity br.i.m.m.i.n.g in their eyes when they looked at Lin Huang. Although they were competing on the Hunter’s Silver Leaderboard, they could see the ranking on the Hunter’s Gold Leaderboard.

At first, they figured the rookie Buried Heaven discovered must have extraordinary ability. After all, Xie Lin was a great example. Never had they expected that this rookie named Xiu Mi would be the black horse that suppressed all the other candidates.

Wild Fiend who ranked No.3 on the White Sickle Leaderboard said nothing. Before entering the secret territory, he indirectly mocked Lin Huang on purpose, stating that Lin Huang would drag the entire Death Sickle behind.

Little did he expect that this rookie’s ability was far beyond his. He, on the other hand, had the lowest hunting points among the four True G.o.d candidates in Death Sickle.

He did not dare to look at Lin Huang, as he was afraid that Lin Huang would mock him in payback.

However, Lin Huang never spared him a glance from the beginning until the end.

He was not ignoring him on purpose. He had already forgotten that he mocked him a month ago. In fact, he could not even remember his name.

As Buried Heaven was bringing a couple of candidates to Death Sickle’s headquarters, a Heavenly G.o.d leader walked over with his team.

“Senior Buried Heaven, please stay a moment.” It was Precious Treasure Pavilion’s leader who called out to him.

He was rather plump with blushed cheeks. He looked very kind.

Buried Heaven frowned. He had already guessed the person’s intentions in asking him to stay.

“I’d like to have a brief chat with Fellow Xiu Mu.” The plump leader smiled and looked at Lin Huang.

“Me?” Lin Huang had puzzlement etched all over his face. He did not recall having any contacts with Precious Treasure Pavilion in the past at all.

“That’s right.” The plump leader from Precious Treasure Pavilion nodded with a warm smile. “Little guy, are you interested in joining my Precious Treasure Pavilion?”

The plump leader did not beat around the bush at all. He invited Lin Huang to join him right in front of Buried Heaven.

Lin Huang was stunned for a moment. He did not expect the man was here to poach him. However, he soon came up with a solid reason to reject the offer

“I’m sorry. I believe Death Sickle is plenty good enough for me.”

“No matter how great Death Sickle is, it is just a grade-6 organization. I think Fellow Xiu Mu should really consider joining a grade-7 organization.” At that moment, the Combat G.o.d Temple’s leader walked over with his team too. “I’m sure you’ve heard of us, the Combat G.o.d Temple.”

“No organization in the entire G.o.d Territory offers more handsome benefits than we, the Precious Treasure Pavilion, do.” The plump leader refused to step down and quickly played their best card.

“So what if you guys have resources and benefits?! We, Divine Clapnet, have the biggest archive in the entire G.o.d Territory.” Even the Divine Clapnet leader could not help but interject, “We even know many secrets of the universe that many other grade-7 organizations have no idea about…”

“I think it’s best that Xiu Mu joins Xeno. Everyone knows that we have the highest tolerance among all grade-7 organizations. There are many tribes that have joined us. Perhaps many peers from the tribe that Xiu Mi belongs to are already Xeno’s members…”

Apart from G.o.d Capital, four of the five grade-7 organizations had taken the initiative to poach Lin Huang. Not to mention, they were doing it in front of Buried Heaven.

Buried Heaven was p.i.s.sed, but he did not show his anger. He even put up a calm front as if he was watching a show. The reason being he knew that Lin Huang would decline every invitation.

As expected, Lin Huang spoke calmly after the few grade-7 organizations extended their invitations.

‘Seniors, perhaps I didn’t make myself clear earlier. I love Death Sickle’s current situation. Therefore, I won’t transfer to any other organization. Thank you for your kindness!”

Anyone else might have transferred to another organization without hesitation. However, Lin Huang knew very well that Death Sickle was the only one that suited him.

No matter how handsome the offer the other organizations put on the table, they would definitely kill him before he managed to achieve anything the moment they found out that he was a human.

The few Heavenly G.o.d leaders seemed rather aghast after hearing Lin Huang’s direct rejection. However, they did their best not to show it.

They tried to convince him again. When they realized that Lin Huang was adamantly insisting on staying with Death Sickle, they had no choice but to give up.

However, they still insisted on getting Lin Huang’s contact number. They wanted to try to convince him again in the future.

After Lin Huang rejected them, the Heavenly G.o.d leaders soon left. The plump leader from Precious Treasure Pavilion had the thickest skin. He extended an invitation to Virtuoso right in front of Lin Huang.

Virtuoso was even more direct in his rejection, merely saying two words, “Not interested!”

The plump leader merely left while smiling after hearing the reply.

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