Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1523 – Daughters Should Be Raised In Abundance

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Chapter 1523: Daughters Should Be Raised In Abundance

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the meeting room at the Death Sickle headquarters, Buried Heaven and the several partic.i.p.ants who went into the secret prisoner territory gathered together.

Apart from Fallen Star and the rest, Lin Huang and Virtuoso were there as well.

“For the trip this time into the secret prisoner territory, everyone’s rankings aren’t bad at all. Following the usual custom, those who ranked in the top ten on the Hunter’s Gold Leaderboard and Hunter’s Silver Leaderboard will be rewarded. These rewards were gathered collectively from G.o.d Capital and all of the partic.i.p.ating organizations.

“Aside from that, I’ve also had a discussion with a few Blood Sickle members. To encourage all of you to partic.i.p.ate more in trials such as the secret prisoner territory, Death Sickle will independently give another reward to partic.i.p.ants who ranked in the top ten.

“As Xiu Mu is involved in a share from some wagers apart from the reward, I’ll give the rest of you your rewards first.

“The first is Fallen Star, who ranked No. 4 on the Hunter’s Silver Leaderboard. The reward from G.o.d Capital is a high-level G.o.d rule battle sword relic. Meanwhile, the reward from Death Sickle is also of the same grade – a high-level G.o.d rule battle armor relic!

“You’ll elevate to True G.o.d-level soon, so you’ll be able to use them by then.

“Apart from that, your total hunting points in the secret territory was 27,186 points, and the reward points for No.4 is 3,000 points, so you have a total of 30,186 points. G.o.d Capital has already converted these points into silver coins to be used at the Secret Territory Mall so you can redeem items there. However, the silver coin’s purchasing authorization is lower than gold coins; you can check the details out for yourselves.

“Other than Fallen Star, Destiny performed quite well too, coming in at No. 9 on the Hunter’s Silver Leaderboard. You had a total of 25,418 hunting points, and the reward points for No. 9 is 300 points, so you have a total of 25,718 points. The points have also been converted into silver coins. You can check out what exactly you can purchase when you have the time.”

Destiny could not help but mumble softly, upon hearing that the reward points were merely 300 points, “What the h.e.l.l, the reward points are ten times less?!”

Initially, he had been less than 2,000 points away from Fallen Star. Now with the reward points added, they were close to 5,000 points apart.

Buried Heaven heard what he said, clear as crystal. He glanced at Destiny. “Anyone who has questions about the reward points can take a look at the doc.u.ment on the secret territory that I sent to everyone previously. On the rewards page, the reward points for each ranking are stated clearly on the list.”

Destiny shut up immediately and said nothing more.

“The reward from G.o.d Capital is a beginner-level G.o.d rule battle sword relic for ranking No. 9 on the Hunter’s Silver Leaderboard. Meanwhile, Death Sickle’s reward is something of the same grade – a beginner-level G.o.d rule battle armor relic!”

The ranking was only five ranks apart, but the difference in how they were treated was much greater.

Fallen Star had obtained two high-level G.o.d rule relics which she could use when she elevated to true G.o.d-level. She could even use them when she elevated to the higher ranks. However, the two beginner-level G.o.d rule relics Destiny obtained could only be used when he was low-rank at most, as transitional items.

If one did not compare oneself with others, there would be no harm done.

Although Destiny had been given rewards too, he almost cried when he compared what he had gotten with those of Fallen Star, who had obtained the rewards earlier.

“It’s unfortunate that you got No. 11, Twin. You were merely less than 400 points away from No. 10. Work harder next time!

“Although there’s no reward from G.o.d Capital for ranking No. 11, and Death Sickle theoretically doesn’t give out any either, I personally think you should be rewarded. I happen to have a set of mid-level G.o.d rule battle armor relics. I’ll give it to you as a reward.”

Destiny was even more annoyed when he heard that. “Senior Buried Heaven, that’s favoritism!”

“Haven’t you heard the saying, ‘Sons should be raised in frugality and daughters in abundance’?” Although it was rather funny that Buried Heaven, who looked like a young man, would say something like that, n.o.body had any objections.

After giving out the rewards to the three of them, Buried Heaven then looked at Virtuoso.

“Virtuoso, you’re ranked No. 10 on the Hunter’s Gold Leaderboard. The reward from G.o.d Capital is a set of low-level G.o.d sequence battle armor relics. Meanwhile, Death Sickle is giving you a Heavenly G.o.d’s G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnant!” Buried Heaven intentionally left out the grade of the reward.

Virtuoso could not help raising his brows when he heard that.

The rest did not have any comments either.

“Apart from this, your hunting point in the secret territory was 25,198 points. The reward points for ranking No.10 is 100 points, so your total is 25,298 points. G.o.d Capital has converted these points into gold coins at the Secret Territory Mall. You can redeem the items you desire there.

“Let me take the opportunity to talk about the secret territory gold coins. The gold coin’s purchasing authorization is higher than the silver coin in the G.o.d Territory’s Secret Territory Mall. Apart from a handful of rare items that you can’t purchase, essentially, you can buy most of the items on the market that you see. That even includes the Dao Weapons that Lords use. Naturally, the proviso is that you have enough gold coins.”

When Lin Huang heard this, he secretly began to harbor some antic.i.p.ation.

After explaining the purchasing power of the gold coin, Buried Heaven looked at Lin Huang.

“Xiu Mu, ranked No.1 on the Hunter’s Gold Leaderboard. The reward from G.o.d Capital is a top-tier G.o.d sequence telekinetic flying dagger relic. You’ve also been given a record-breaking reward, which is a half-step lord-level telekinesis inheritance.

“Naturally, the reward from Death Sickle can’t be too shabby. After discussion with several Blood Sickle members, we’ve decided to reward Xiu Mu with a half-step lord-level G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnant.

At the same time, we’ve decided to invite Xiu Mu to be a guest Gold Sickle. You’ll have all of the authorizations that a Gold Sickle member in Death Sickle would have; you’re also excused from all of the missions. Of course, we won’t stop you if you want to take on some missions to obtain points.”

Fallen Star and the others all had dropped jaws. They had no idea what to say.

Even Virtuoso could not help but raise their brows slightly under their mask.

Lin Huang thought about it and did not decline.

To avoid constraining him, Death Sickle had even given him a place as a guest Gold Sickle, and he was excused from all of the missions. Although he had no actual power, the authorization he had been given was the same as that of Buried Heaven, which was equivalent to being admitted to Death Sickle’s core circle.

“You obtained 154,610 secret territory hunting points. The points awarded for the No. 1 spot is 10,000 points. For the killing of third-rank Heavenly G.o.ds, you’ve been given 30,000 reward points for breaking the record, so your total is 194,610 points. With this amount of secret territory gold coins, you can actually exchange them for a great many excellent items.

” It’s just a pity that you didn’t kill any fourth-rank Heavenly G.o.ds. If you had broken the record for killing fourth-rank Heavenly G.o.d, you would have been awarded 40,000 reward points.”

Fallen Star and the rest were entirely too envious upon hearing that Lin Huang had close to 200,000 points.

Although n.o.body could see the expression on Virtuoso’s face as they were wearing a mask, everyone could sense the negative aura emanating from him. He was obviously somewhat jealous.

After glancing at everyone, Buried Heaven continued, “Apart from these rewards, I’ve also won many things from betting on you. We’ll share half of them.

“Your share is a total of 13 high-level G.o.d sequence relics, 41 mid-level G.o.d sequence relics, and 87 beginner-level G.o.d sequence relics…”

Fallen Star and the rest wanted to cry when they heard that.

They had initially thought that the rewards they obtained were not too shabby. However, now that they had a basis for comparison, the more they realized there was a significant difference between the two.

Some people could win first prize without having to put in too much effort, obtaining everyone’s praise and even getting all the rewards.

Meanwhile, it was considered excellent for some to get into the top ten when they had given their all.

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