Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1530 – Gold Sickle–Level Missions

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Chapter 1530: Gold Sickle-Level Missions

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Lin Huang checked out a couple of threads in the information section before looking through the missions section.

This time the missions section was clearly different from the one previously.

Before this, Lin Huang’s status was only that of a Black Sickle. There had been only two panels in the missions section—one was missions for reserve members, while the other was Black Sickle missions. Now, there were four panels for reserve missions, Black Sickle missions, White Sickle missions, and Gold Sickle missions.

As soon as Lin Huang clicked into the missions section, his default choice was the Gold Sickle missions panel.

The difficulty level for Gold Sickle missions was that of fighting Heavenly G.o.ds.

Ordinarily speaking, one would either have to a Heavenly G.o.d, or they would encounter conflict with a Heavenly G.o.d powerhouse during the mission.

Lin Huang glanced over the missions list and discovered that the missions were sorted according to the time they were posted. The later the posting, the closer to the top of the list it would appear.

He immediately changed how the missions were sorted, choosing to display them in the order of the most handsome rewards.

The missions list immediately changed.

He scanned through the list again and found out that most of the missions in the top spots had been published for years.

The one that ranked first was posted over 8,000 years ago.

As for the objective of the mission, it was to kill a half-step lord-level Bug Tribe Queen Mother.

Lin Huang merely glanced at the t.i.tle and skipped past, not even bothering to see what the reward was.

At his ability, he had to avoid half-step lord-level powerhouses for now, what more a half-step lord-level Bug Tribe Queen Mother.

One must know that a Bug Tribe Queen Mother of such combat strength could ma.s.s-produce high-level Heavenly G.o.d Bug Kings and even Bug Queens as long as they had sufficient material. They might even be able to produce half-step lord-level Bug Kings and Bug Queens.

Apart from that, a Bug Tribe Queen Mother with such combat strength was a treasure to the Bug Tribe. There would be at least several half-step lord-level Bug Servants guarding her closely or even lord-level Bug Tribe powerhouses.

Never mind Gold Sickle members—Lin Huang felt this mission might not be possible even with all seven Blood Sickle members working together.

He looked at the second mission right after skipping the first one.

After reading the heading, he was speechless again.

This was because the mission was to kill a Bug Tribe Queen Mother as well. However, it was to kill a fallen Queen Mother in the Abyss. The fallen Queen Mother also had the combat strength of a half-step Lord.

From Lin Huang’s point of view, if one did not consider external influences, this fallen Queen Mother might have an overall ability that was even more powerful than the Queen Mother from the first mission.

The reason she was ranked second was probably that she did not have any Bug Tribe Lords by her side as bodyguards.

However, Lin Huang believed that the fallen Queen Mother would have Abyssal lord-level powerhouses behind her.

The reason for this was that the Queen Mother was an excellent tool for conquest. It was impossible that Abyssal lord-level powerhouses would be unaware of the fallen Queen Mother’s existence.

The reason she had been able to hide herself so well in the Abyss without being noticed was most probably because she had become the subject of a lord-level powerhouse.

Therefore, the difficulty of hunting this fallen Queen Mother was actually no less than that of hunting the Queen Mother from the previous first-ranked mission.

“Does Death Sickle have a problem with Queen Mothers…” Lin Huang grumbled, then looked at the third mission—hunting the half-step lord-level Succubus Mia.

“Succubus?” Lin Huang tapped open this mission with some curiosity.

There was no reason other than a succubus being the s.e.xiest creature in the world, and he wanted to see for himself exactly how s.e.xy it was.

When he clicked in, there was only a description of the mission. There were no pictures at all.

Regarding the nonexistent pictures, Death Sickle’s explanation was that a half-step lord-level succubus possessed the ability to affect most creatures below half-step lord-level through images and sound.

If pictures of the succubus were attached, it was entirely possible that the Gold Sickle members who clicked in from Death Sickle’s website would be affected.

“She’s so powerful she can affect people through pictures and sound?!” Even Lin Huang thought this was unbelievable.

However, that was not the only powerful thing that he noticed about this succubus.

According to the mission’s description, she had at least three lord-level paramours and some powerful half-step lord-level lovers.

One would have to be prepared to be hunted by at least three Abyssal Lords and over ten half-step Lords if one were to kill her.

“I’m terrified already!” Lin Huang hurriedly closed that mission thread immediately and looked at the missions below it.

He looked through over ten missions, one after the other, and all of them required the killing of half-step Lords.

Further down, there were missions to kill ninth-rank Heavenly G.o.ds, but the targets were either supreme G.o.d-level rank-5 geniuses, half-step Lords, or even the supporters of a Lord.

There were thirty missions on the first page, but Lin Huang did not see any that suited him.

At present, all of them were beyond his scope.

He thought about it for a moment. Instead of going to the next page, he directly typed ‘G.o.d Territory’ into the section on mission rewards.

He would need to obtain a ma.s.sive amount of Rule Bending Power from the G.o.d Territory within Heavenly G.o.ds’ bodies in order to elevate his combat strength. Killing Heavenly G.o.ds was one way; obtaining the G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnant in a dead Heavenly G.o.d’s body was another.

Moreover, he knew that Death Sickle had many missions that gave out G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants as rewards.

In reality, a normal G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnant was not like the half-step Lord Sh.e.l.l Remnant that he had obtained from Buried Heaven previously.

The G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnant that Buried Heaven gave him was cleansed because it had been utterly contaminated with Abyssal energy.

He would not have been able to integrate it if it were not cleansed.

Integrating it directly would have caused his G.o.d Territory to be contaminated with Abyssal energy as well.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, when Death Sickle’s Gold Sickle members killed a Heavenly G.o.d, they would retrieve the Heavenly G.o.d’s G.o.d Territory entirely and keep it perfectly preserved. The Rule Bending Powers, sequence powers, and even the number of creatures in there would not undergo any significant changes compared to the time the Heavenly G.o.d was still alive.

If the fallen Heavenly G.o.d’s G.o.d Territory was damaged, causing the internal Rule Bending Powers and sequence powers to be missing, it had to be mentioned when it was retrieved and sold on the market.

This was because an incomplete G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnant would be sold at a much lower price.

The G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants that Death Sickle used as mission rewards were generally complete.

The half-step lord-level G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnant Lin Huang got from Buried Heaven was just an exception.

Meanwhile, the rewards for the missions he was looking at were complete G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants.

This was also something that he needed most at the moment.

Lin Huang sorted the missions in the order of G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnant rewards, then he sorted them again so the best rewards would be shown first.

The first one that gave generous rewards was the killing of a ninth-rank Heavenly G.o.d.

Lin Huang gave up on that mission right away and proceeded to check the next one.

Only when he got to the third page did he see a mission to kill a fourth-rank Heavenly G.o.d. The reward was a complete fourth-rank Heavenly G.o.d’s G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnant.

Lin Huang chose this difficulty level, not because his ability was that low, but because he could only display that level of ability in front of Death Sickle’s upper echelons. It would be too unusual if he displayed more than that.

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