Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1531 – Elevating To Seventh–Rank

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Chapter 1531: Elevating To Seventh-Rank

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Given that his scheduled appointment with Virtuoso to go into the Abyss was happening soon, Lin Huang accepted twenty missions to kill fourth-rank Heavenly G.o.ds for the time being.

“He disappeared for over two months, and now as soon as he’s back on the radar, he takes up twenty missions to kill fourth-rank Heavenly G.o.ds… It looks like either his combat level’s made a breakthrough again, or he was previously holding back his abilities…”

As soon as Lin Huang accepted the missions, the Death Sickle upper echelons were already noticing his movements.

Given his genius level, it would indeed be strange if he were not noticed.

Lin Huang was also aware that he would certainly draw attention to himself, so he only chose hunting targets that were fourth-rank.

He planned his route according to distance. The first hunting target he chose was a Lightning Fox.

The mission was to capture this Lightning Fox alive, and the reward was two fifth-rank G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants.

Meanwhile, the Lightning Fox referred to in the mission was located in some battlefield ruins not far away from the Devil Hunter Star Zone.

Although its combat level was merely fourth-rank, this Lightning Fox had mastered the Lightning Sequence and possessed astounding speed and explosive power.

In reality, many Gold Sickle members from Death Sickle had attempted this mission, but all of them had failed.

After all, such a reward was not enough to attract high-level Gold Sickle members to attempt such a task. Meanwhile, this fourth-rank Lightning Fox possessed a speed that was on par with most sixth-rank Heavenly G.o.ds.

Lin Huang was confident he could capture it, not because he was just as fast as the creature itself, but because he felt that this Lightning Fox could not possibly be swifter than his own Divine Telekinesis.

Upon entering the rarely-visited battlefield ruins, he spread his Divine Telekinesis and began searching for the Lightning Fox.

Within two minutes, he had located his target.

“I’ve found you, little creature!”

As soon as the Lightning Fox sensed that it was being scanned by Divine Telekinesis, it turned into a lightning arc and tried to flee.

The next second, an invisible telekinetic thread twined around its rear right leg and stopped it from running away entirely.

The Lightning Fox let out a yelp of surprise. Just as it was about to unleash its might and struggle free, another telekinetic thread looped around its neck the next instant.

It immediately settled down, as it knew that if it continued to struggle, Lin Huang could easily cut off its head.

Noticing that the Lightning Fox had stopped struggling, Lin Huang did not hesitate.

A snap of his fingers and several telekinetic threads wrapped around the Lightning Fox, turning it into a coc.o.o.n, which was then dragged back to Lin Huang’s side.

It was a mission that was practically impossible for anyone else, but when Lin Huang took it up, including his time on the road, he spent less than five minutes to complete it.

“Not bad. It went more smoothly than I expected.” Lin Huang patted the Divine Telekinesis coc.o.o.n and put it away in the G.o.d Territory within him, inside the foothold where his Sword Servants were.

After advising his Sword Servants, he proceeded to check out the next mission.

To maximize his efficiency in completing his missions, Lin Huang had prepared to finish off all twenty missions at once and then submit them as soon as he was done.

The second mission was located in a neighboring star zone next to the Devil Hunter Star Zone.

The target of the mission was a third-rank heavenly G.o.d-level pure blood Protoss.

The reward was five fourth-rank G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants.

The mission reward exceeded the target’s combat level considerably because this pure blood Protoss had a small clan backing him. The clan’s master was a high-level eighth-rank Heavenly G.o.d.

The target was the master’s grandchild.

Others might have taken the clan into consideration, but Lin Huang did not bother about this.

He noticed that the mission was a private commission. The commission doc.u.ments had detailed evidence that this pure blood Protoss had humiliated and abused many female Protoss.

Lin Huang took merely ten minutes and arrived at the nearby Siri Star Zone through a dimensional portal.

When he arrived close to the planet where his target was, he soon locked onto his prey with Divine Telekinesis.

This was a young man who looked like he was in his early 20s—tall, with shoulder-length blond hair.

He was currently lying in a bathhouse, embracing two female Protoss with amazing bodies, one on each side of him.

Suddenly, a barely perceptible blood-red ray sparked like an electric arc, piercing right through the middle of the man’s brows.

A red dot only appeared a moment later between the man’s brows. Thin trickles of blood seeped out and dripped off his face into the bathhouse.

Only then did the two ladies notice something was wrong and cried out in alarm.

A brawny man was guarding the door outside the bathhouse. However, he did not notice anything unusual.

He ignored the ladies screaming and knocking on the door. He had seen far too many scenarios like this, and the best way of handling them was not to meddle in anything.

Despite having successfully killed the target of the mission, Lin Huang was not very happy.

Having killed the target at such a distance, he was unable to retrieve the G.o.d Territory within the target’s body.

After spending less than twenty minutes to complete this second mission, Lin Huang did not stop at all. He checked out the third mission immediately…

He spent less than two days to complete all twenty missions.

After locating a Death Sickle branch to submit the missions, he obtained his mission rewards—forty-six fourth-rank and seven fifth-rank G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants.

Including the G.o.d Territories that he had extracted from the targets’ bodies, he had acc.u.mulated almost 1.8 million Rule Bending Powers.

As soon as he submitted the twenty missions, Lin Huang accepted a further one hundred and fifty missions all at once, swiftly entering a second round of hunting.

This time, he merely spent eighteen days to complete all one hundred and fifty missions.

The mission rewards were four hundred and thirteen fourth-rank and thirty-four fifth-rank G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants.

Including the G.o.d Territories he had extracted from the targets’ bodies, he had acc.u.mulated almost 15 million Rule Bending Powers.

Realizing that it was merely a few days away from his appointment with Virtuoso, Lin Huang did not accept any more missions. Instead, he set an alarm and began closed-door cultivation to refine the G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants that he had obtained.

When he was in closed-door cultivation, the Death Sickle upper echelons held another meeting.

All seven Blood Sickle members were present in the meeting room. Apart from that, there were a few top-tier Heavenly G.o.ds in attendance, including Buried Heaven.

These dozen-over people had gathered mainly to discuss final matters before entering the Abyss.

When all of the agendas had been discussed and the meeting was coming to an end, a Blood Sickle member suddenly spoke up,” I noticed something interesting recently…

“That little fellow named Xiu Mu’s taken up over a hundred missions to hunt fourth-rank Heavenly G.o.ds since being given Gold Sickle authorization. Not only that, he’s completed all of them…”

“I’ve noticed his unusual movements too,” another Blood Sickle member next to him commented while smiling, “Moreover, the strange thing is that all the missions he selected had G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants as rewards. I can’t figure why this little guy is so persistent in strengthening his G.o.d Territory.”

“A possibility is that his cultivation method has something to do with his G.o.d Territory,” another Blood Sickle member could not help speaking up at this point.

The meeting room fell silent for a moment. Prying into the roots of a person’s cultivation was a taboo in the cultivation world.

However, that particular Blood Sickle member’s comment could not help but cause everyone to speculate on how this powerful Xiu Mu fellow cultivated exactly.

Noticing that the atmosphere was off, Buried Heaven spoke up to change the subjec, “Xiu Mu has great potential. No matter which universe he’s in, he’d be in the outstanding elite among Protoss! I have a feeling that in the future, he’ll grow into a compelling man that I would definitely admire…”

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