Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1545 – The Opportunity To Attack

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Chapter 1545: The Opportunity To Attack

An individual in the Ascetic Buddhist Tribe, the purest Tribe with the least desires, had become the most improbable Disaster of all—a Greed.

If they had not seen it with their own eyes, everyone present might not have believed that such a thing could happen.

Even Virtuoso and Saber9—who were both experienced and knowledgeable—were stunned when they first set eyes on the Greed. However, right after that, their expressions changed slightly.

The Ascetic Buddhist Tribe were the purest ascetic cultivators.

They had immensely strong wills and spirits, which meant their abilities were generally powerful.

Although this transformed Ascetic Buddhist Tribe Greed before them only possessed seventh-rank heavenly G.o.d-level combat strength, the aura emanating from it was terrifying.

Furthermore, it attacked at full force as soon as it arrived. All six of its arms struck at once, turning into six ma.s.sive, unbelievably tall mountains, tumbling toward Lin Huang and the rest.

Each of these mountains was encompa.s.sed by at least nine levels of sequence power.

Just this attack alone could completely overwhelm a ninth-rank heavenly G.o.d-level powerhouse.

Saber9 and Virtuoso could not help having a drastic change of expression.

Both of them attacked immediately, attempting to block this a.s.sault.

Up to one hundred saber formations lit up like golden gleams in front of Saber9, layering each upon the other. Over a million golden saber gleams illuminated the saber formations, so dense that they utterly blotted out the sun and the heavens.

He unleashed this attack full force, holding nothing back.

Even Lin Huang was rather shocked as he watched from the sidelines.

However, something happened next that shocked him even more.

Virtuoso did exactly the same thing as Saber9. Up to one hundred saber formations consolidated quickly in front of them, and over a million golden saber gleams lit up like a sky full of stars.

“What’s happening?!”

Lin Huang’s eyes widened. As a sword cultivator himself, he had not sensed any aura of a saber cultivator on Virtuoso at all from the beginning until now.

However, at present, Virtuoso was executing the exact same technique as Saber9. Not only that, Lin Huang could clearly sense that the saber formations and saber gleams that Virtuoso had consolidated were real, rather than an illusion.

Tu Tong, standing off to the side, seemed to have noticed Lin Huang’s confusion. He then explained through voice transmission, “This is the effect of the imitation G.o.d sequence chain our teacher has mastered. He can imitate and copy others’ techniques.”

Lin Huang only noticed then that under Virtuoso’s mask, faint blood-red sigils were swirling in their pupils.

Under Saber9 and Virtuoso’s combined forces, countless saber gleams were attacking the Greed’s ma.s.sive palms.

It was like a meteor shower colliding with a monumental wall.

Endless golden streams of light blasted forth, cras.h.i.+ng against the ma.s.sive mountain-like palms.

All of a sudden, the streams of light vanished, and the mountains collapsed.

Under Virtuoso and Saber9’s combined forces, the Ascetic Buddhist Greed’s attack was finally blocked.

Judging from this, the Ascetic Buddhist Greed’s ability was merely average.

When its attack was blocked, the Ascetic Buddhist Greed was merely stunned for a second before it struck out with all six palms again.

Each strike was more and more ferocious, and it kept shrieking continuously as it attacked.

“I will wipe all of you out even if I die today, you monsters!”

The blood-red fury in its three eyes increased even more.

Lin Huang did not attack as he watched Saber9 and Virtuoso barely holding off the powerful palms of the Ascetic Buddhist Greed.

Instead, he seemed to be pondering deeply as he stared at the monster.

“This fellow doesn’t seem to realize at all that it’s been transformed into a Greed…”

“Aren’t you going to help?” Off on the sidelines, Lan Ling could not help asking as she noticed Saber9 and Virtuoso having a difficult time with the monster.

“I’m waiting for the opportunity to attack,” Lin Huang returned calmly.

The reason he did not partic.i.p.ate in the battle was that he was very much aware that, even if he did join in, it would be very difficult to end the fight within a short time. It would be extremely hard for them to escape before the next monster arrived.

He did not elaborate further after his comment.

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Virtuoso spoke to the Ascetic Buddhist Greed during the battle.

“You keep calling us monsters, but you don’t seem to realize at all that you’re the only monster here. We’re ordinary people who haven’t been contaminated by Abyssal energy.”

“Nonsense!” The Ascetic Buddhist Greed slammed its palms down again.

“You’re a monk from the Ascetic Buddhist Tribe. Don’t tell me you’re completely unaware of the abnormalities in your body? Or perhaps you do know, but you’ve chosen to ignore it?!”

“You’re trying to delude me with your lies!” The Ascetic Buddhist Greed struck out with its palms once more.

“You’re the best judge of whether or not we’re trying to delude you. I don’t believe that as an eminent monk, you would be completely unable to sense the Abyssal energy and negative emotions that have contaminated your body.”

“If it doesn’t believe you, show it the Mirror of Truth. Let it see what it looks like now, and that should settle things,” Lin Huang could not help chiming in on the discussion despite being an onlooker.

“That’s a great idea!” Virtuoso exclaimed. Immediately after, he retrieved a mirror from his s.p.a.ce storage and turned it to face the Ascetic Buddhist Greed.

Although it did not believe what Virtuoso and Lin Huang had said, the Ascetic Buddhist Greed could not help looking into the mirror.

One glance and it saw its appearance as it was currently.

It was as emaciated as a mummy—not only that, it had six arms and three eyes, and was extremely hideous.

“This is a trick—what utter nonsense!” the Ascetic Buddhist Greed gave a low growl.

“This is definitely not a trick. This is how you currently look like to us,” Virtuoso explained, “You’ve been blinded by Abyssal energy and negative emotions, so you’re unable to see the truth of the matter.

“In your eyes, you’re normal, while we’re monsters. However, in reality, it’s the complete opposite. The image shown in the Mirror of Truth has proven that.”

“The Mirror of Truth can be faked!” the Ascetic Buddhist Greed insisted.

“You judge for yourself whether it’s fake or not then!” Virtuoso tossed the Mirror of Truth directly at the Ascetic Buddhist Greed.

The Ascetic Buddhist Greed picked up the mirror. The first thing it saw its emaciated, swarthy face.

It then used the mirror to look over the rest of its body, and the frown on its brow began to deepen.

As an Ascetic Buddhist Tribe member, its spirit strength and force of will had far surpa.s.sed the majority of seventh-ranks, to the point that it had already achieved the standard of a ninth-rank. It was practically impossible for anyone below half-step lord-level to have sufficient ability to pull it into an illusion.

Therefore, the Mirror of Truth it was looking at had to be real.

The Ascetic Buddhist Greed found it hard to accept these thoughts for a while and remained rooted to the spot, dumbstruck.

It had spent years killing monsters, but it had never thought that the biggest monster would actually be itself.

Right at this moment, a blood-red sword gleam flashed through the void.

It was Lin Huang, who had been ready to attack for a while now.

This was the opportunity that he had been waiting for.

He did not hold back anything at all in this attack, compounding Sword Dao heavenly rule and nine levels of G.o.d sequence chains.

The sword gleam was like Death’s sickle; it also resembled a blood-red crescent moon suspended in the heavens.

It slashed through the Ascetic Buddhist Greed’s body in an instant…

The Ascetic Buddhist Greed had no time to dodge, nor was it able to defend itself against the attack. All it saw was a red gleam coming toward it, and its body was immediately reduced to a headless corpse…

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