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Chapter 155: Back Home

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Foothold No.7A12, also known as Qiantang City was the most popular attraction at Division7.

The beautiful scenery constantly changed according to the four seasons.

With blooming blossoms come forth spring,

Autumn dances in the moonlight beam,

Summer calls with whispering winds,

Of snow and frost, winter sings.

It was a poem written by a strong man to extol Qiantang City almost 700 years ago.

Lin Huang arrived at Qiantang City for the first time and this city gave him a good first impression.

Though he did not stay there for long, if Lin Huang was to settle down someday, Qiantang City would be his first choice.

“Let’s see if I can apply for permanent residency in this city. If I could, it’d be good to stay here together with Xin Er.” Lin Huang thought of this in his heart when he left.

The price of a house was no longer a problem to Lin Huang. However, it was not easy to get approval for permanent residency in an grade foothold.

Together with Lin Xuan, the both of them stayed at Qiantang City for two days. Then, they went back to Baqi City through the dimensional portal.

Upon their arrival at Baqi City, Lin Huang immediately removed the disguise that he had been wearing and reverted to his original look.

Lin Huang was worried that Lin Xuan could not recognize him after he had removed his disguise but Lin Xuan could not tell the difference. This made it quite convenient for Lin Huang as he could save his breath on the lengthy explanation he had prepared earlier. Both of them rode on the Alexandrian Eagle and returned to Wulin Town.

Lin Huang had left for about two months.

He initially planned to come back once he had upgraded to bronze-level. One month was enough for him but he had never expected so many things to happen. He knew that Lin Xin must be very worried about him.

His suspicions were correct as he could hear that Lin Xin running down the stairs the moment he opened the door.

“Brother!” She immediately pounced on Lin Huang the moment she saw him.

She hugged Lin Huang tightly, unwilling to let go of him. She was trying to hold back the tears she had in her eyes.

“I’m fine. Some incidents happened and that’s why I’m late for a month.” Lin Huang stroked Lin Xin’s head, explaining what happened to her with a smile.

“I’ve been calling your number every day but I couldn’t get through. I thought something bad had happened to you…” Lin Xin burst into tears.

“My Emperor’s Heart Ring is not functioning well. I’ll repair it soon.” Lin Huang could only explain it this way.

His use of the Emperor’s Heart Ring had been restricted when he encountered the Purple Crow. When the Purple Crow left, he created a fake ident.i.ty for himself and the original Emperor’s Heart Ring was kept in storage. To avoid attracting the Purple Crow’s attention, he dared not contact Lin Xin using his Emperor’s Heart Ring.

“Alright, stop crying.” Lin Huang tried to comfort her.

It was only after a long while that Lin Xin released her hands and finally noticed the little boy who was standing beside Lin Huang.

“The child is…” Looking at the boy who was less than nine years old, Lin Xin asked doubtfully.

Lin Huang then explained everything to her.

“He is so pitiful. Brother, can we adopt him?” Lin Xin sympathize with the boy.

“If n.o.body comes looking for him, he has to stay here.” Lin Huang explained.

“Alright, before his parents come, you can’t ask him to leave the house.” Lin Xin immediately switched sides.

“Hey, when did I ask him to leave?” Lin Huang pinched Lin Xin’s cheeks and said, “I have given him a new name, Lin Xuan. Introduce yourself to him.”

“h.e.l.lo, my name is Lin Xin. I am your brother’s sister.” Lin Xin introduced herself to Lin Xuan, “I’m turning 14 soon. I’m older than you and you should address me as your sister. If anyone dares to bully you around here, I’ll help you straighten them out!”

Lin Xin was very happy and said, “I finally have a little brother!”

“Brother, where’s Lin Xuan going to sleep tonight?” Lin Xin suddenly thought of this.

“I’ll put a small bed in my room. He can sleep in my room.” Lin Huang just thought of this and realized that he should settle this problem first. “I’ll go to Furniture City and buy him a bed as well as some food. Can you play with him first? If he gets hungry, give him some meat to eat. We’ll eat some good food later during lunch.”

“Alright, come home earlier. It’s already 11 o’clock.” Lin Xin looked at the time and said.

Right after Lin Huang left, Lin Xin played with Lin Xuan for a while.

“You will be full later if you eat meat now. I’ll get you some sweets.” Lin Xin walked to the kitchen and took out some sweets from the snack cabinet and placed them on the table. “Choose whichever ones you like.”

Lin Xuan looked at the sweets and kept quiet.

“How about trying this? It tastes good.” Lin Huang chose one of the colorful sweets and gave it to him. That was her favorite flavor.

Lin Xuan shook his head. He did not take the sweets but he turned his head towards the refrigerator instead.

“Are you sure you want to eat meat?” Lin Xin frowned.

Lin Xuan nodded his head.

“Alright, I’ll get you some meat then.” Lin Xin then took out a completely frozen steak from the fridge and placed it on the plate. Then, she stared at the steak awkwardly, “I didn’t defrost the meat. If I put it in the oven directly it can’t be fully cooked… What should I do?”

While she was still thinking about what she should do, Lin Xuan suddenly extended his hand and grabbed the frozen steak. Before Lin Xin could respond, he had bitten off a mouthful of meat.

Lin Xin was shocked, looking at Lin Xuan as he bit the frozen steak. After a long moment, she finally reacted and said, “This is still raw, you can’t eat it! You’ll get sick.”

Before she could s.n.a.t.c.h the frozen steak away from him, Lin Xuan devoured the steak with just a few bites.

After he had finished eating the raw steak, he looked at the fridge again with a pitiful look.

“No, you can’t eat raw food!” Lin Xin blocked the refrigerator and said, “If you want to eat, wait for brother to come back. He’ll cook for you.”

He stopped asking for food as he heard this.

After about 20 minutes, Lin Huang came home.

“I have ordered takeout. Lin Xin, please open the door later when the food is here. I’ll set up the bed first.” Lin Huang told her and went upstairs.

Lin Xin hesitated for a moment and she decided to go after Lin Huang.

Lin Huang went to his room and moved his bed. Then, he placed the small bed that he had just bought. As soon as he set up the bed, he saw Lin Xin was walking into his room.

“What happened? It looks like you have something to tell me.” Lin Huang knew that she was a bit hesitant as he took a glance at Lin Xin.

“Brother… When Lin Xuan was with you, did he eat raw meat?” Lin Xin asked.

“No, he didn’t. Why…” Lin Huang was stunned. When he heard this he frowned and asked, “Did he just eat raw meat?”

Lin Xin then told him what happened earlier.

After listening to this, Lin Huang suddenly recalled that he seemed like he was looking at food when he saw the swine beast that night.

Be it his abnormally huge appet.i.te or his unusual code name, his talent at handling the sword or the fact that he ate raw meat, this little brat was indeed weird.

Lin Huang had no idea what kind of person he actually adopted but it seemed like Lin Xuan was not harmful and at the very least, he has not caused any harm to humans.

“I understand, I’ll look after him.” Lin Huang nodded his head and said, “Go downstairs and wait for the takeout delivery. I’ll go down right after I fix this up.”

After putting sheets on the bed, he heard Lin Xin shouting at him.

“Brother, the delivery man is here. You ordered so much!”

“Got it, I’m coming down.” Lin Huang immediately went downstairs.

Two of the delivery staffs took turns bringing the meals from their car into the house.

“Are there any special guests coming to your house? You ordered so many dishes!” One of the delivery staff asked with a smile.

“Yes, I did order too much.” Lin Huang immediately answered before Lin Xin could react.

Lin Xin took a glance at him and kept quiet.

Right until the moment the delivery staff left their house after bringing in all the food, she asked, “Brother, do we have guests coming later? Why did you order so much food?”

“You will see later.” Lin Huang said while he asked Lin Xin to open the covers of the containers.

Three of them were sitting in front of the table, enjoying their meal.

After a short while, Lin Xin finally knew why Lin Huang ordered so much food. She was terrified at the rate Lin Xuan was eating.

“Eat slowly, n.o.body is going to s.n.a.t.c.h your food away.” Lin Huang smiled.

Soon, Lin Huang and Lin Xin had finished eating. Lin Xuan then ate all of the leftovers. Lin Xin was stunned looking at his appet.i.te.

“He has a big appet.i.te…” Lin Xin told Lin Huang softly.

Lin Huang laughed and told her that Lin Xuan was blacklisted by 18 buffet restaurants.

After lunch, Lin Huang led Lin Xuan to his room. He pointed at the small bed and said, “That’s your bed.”

He then pointed at his own bed, “I’ll be sleeping over there. Just tell me if anything happens.”

Lin Xuan nodded his head.

Lin Huang then went downstairs and cleaned the kitchen. He sat on the sofa and searched for information on the Hunter a.s.sessment.

He wanted to go for the Hunter a.s.sessment before he was upgraded to the silver-level so he could get the license to become a real hunter.

It had been more than four months since he last registered himself at the Hunter a.s.sociation. In fact, it was quite fast for an ordinary person to achieve bronze-level within four months. However, with sufficient Life Crystals, the speed he advanced was still quite ordinary. If he were to attend the a.s.sessment after he upgraded to silver-level, Lin Huang’s leveling speed would be revealed during the combat test which is why he had to get his license before he upgraded to silver-level.

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