Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1553 – We’re Here Anyway

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Chapter 1553: We’re Here Anyway

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Lin Huang led his team of three forward after leaving Lan Ling and Tu Tong behind.

After two rounds of being attacked by monsters, they finally saw the trail left behind by the Dead Spirit Vine that Lan Ling had mentioned.

It was a shallow gully, but its diameter was approximately three meters wide. It looked very much as if a ma.s.sive creature approximately three meters wide had pressed down on the road as it went, leaving such a trail behind.

When they saw the gully, Lin Huang and the other two scanned their surroundings with Divine Telekinesis, gathering whatever information they could.

“It ought to have been a few days since this trail was left behind. There are no aura remnants on it at all, and there’s no trace of Divine Power and Rule Bending Power in the surrounding area,” Saber9 was the first to speak up.

“Whether or not the trail was left by a Dead Spirit Vine, it should have been a while since it appeared nearby.” Lin Huang nodded lightly. “It might not be around here anymore.”

“We’re here anyway, so let’s just look around.” Virtuoso did not seem content for them to have wasted their time coming here.

Lin Huang and Saber9 had no objections to this. All of them continued moving forward, following the direction where the gully extended.

After advancing for a short while, they soon noticed something unusual.

“There’s not a single monster around, not even a Night Demon Fir…” Lin Huang frowned slightly and could not help raising his concerns. “Is this normal?”

“It’s very strange,” Saber9 answered before Virtuoso could speak.

“Can we ascertain what exactly the situation is?” Lin Huang fixed his gaze on Virtuoso when he asked that.

“We can’t confirm anything for the time being,” Virtuoso shook their head and replied in the negative.

Lin Huang’s brows lifted when he heard this reply; he said nothing more after that.

Clearly, Virtuoso had some speculations but they could not confirm anything just yet.

Under such circ.u.mstances, it was futile to press them further.

If there were things essential for them to know, Virtuoso would definitely tell them.

The three continued moving forward, but the quietness around remained. No living things appeared within the sensing range of their Divine Telekinesis.

Not only were there no monsters, but there were also no Night Demon Firs or even Dead Spirit Vines.

Lin Huang even had faint suspicions about whether or not they had already left the Demon Fir Forest area.

The three flew on in this manner for over ten minutes before their Divine Telekinesis finally sensed a dense Night Demon Fir Forest coming up ahead.

They immediately had their guards up when they saw the Night Demon Fir Forest again.

Any anomalies happening that meant something was definitely wrong!

As expected, before they went too much further, they sensed a colossal monster hiding in the dense forest within the sensing range of their Divine Telekinesis.

It was a monster similar to a giant boa constrictor. The diameter of its torso was at least three meters wide.

Although they had only sensed part of the monster’s body, they immediately speculated that this was the monster that had previously left the trail on the ground.

Judging by its aura, Lin Huang and the others were sure that this monster was a Dead Spirit Vine.

It was an unusually ma.s.sive Dead Spirit Vine!

Almost as soon as their Divine Telekinesis picked up on the Dead Spirit Vine, the Dead Spirit Vine also became aware of their Divine Telekinesis.

At the same time, Lin Huang and the others felt an overwhelming Divine Telekinesis sweeping through, then locking onto each of them.

Their expressions immediately changed, as they could clearly sense that the strength of this creature’s Divine Telekinesis had exceeded the standard of a Heavenly G.o.d.

As the Divine Telekinesis locked onto them, a terrifying suppression descended.

The three of them felt a sudden weight on their shoulders, as if something heavy was pressing down on them.

The suppression was so powerful that it felt tangible, directly affecting their movements.

In the face of this wave of suppression, a long saber quickly coalesced in Saber9’s hand. From head to toe, his Saber Dao heavenly rule activated at its peak, while his saber force soared, forcibly contending against the suppression.

Virtuoso’s form, on the other hand, began turning illusory. Their body appeared to be an illusion stacked upon with many layers; it looked extremely creepy.

Instead of contending against the suppression like Saber9, Virtuoso chose to offload the force. They used countless illusory clones to share the suppression load. The final remaining force on their body was almost non-existent.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang consolidated Sword Dao heavenly rule within his body, battle sword in hand. Terrifying sword force emanated from him, consolidating a blood-red sword-wielding shadow above his head.

The shadow wore scarlet battle armor, and the sword in its grasp was 90% similar to Nebula, the battle sword Lin Huang wielded.

However, the shadow was entirely wreathed in red mist so its face could not be seen clearly.

Saber9 and Virtuoso were stunned when they saw the shadow consolidating above Lin Huang’s head.

Naturally, they knew what this shadow consolidated from sword force meant.

This was the projection of Great Dao Will. Only powerhouses who had touched Dao could bring about the emergence of Great Dao Will to project such a phenomenon.

The appearance of the shadow proved that Lin Huang’s Sword Dao had already touched the threshold of Dao.

Even Lin Huang thought it was strange when he saw the appearance of the shadow. Naturally, he knew what it was. However, he knew that the Great Dao Will’s projection had very little to do with his Sword Dao level.

After all, his Sword Dao heavenly rule had only just crossed the threshold of Heavenly Heart—he was still very far from reaching Heavenly Dao.

The emergence of the Great Dao Will might have been caused by the presence of the Sword seal within his body.

However, he did not have the time to dwell on the matter as he had to face a powerful enemy.

After the appearance of the Great Dao Will, the suppression from the Dead Spirit Vine disappeared completely. This also boosted Lin Huang’s confidence.

He was not satisfied with merely removing the pressure coming from the suppression. From what he could see, the three of them would be attacked sooner or later since the Dead Spirit Vine’s Divine Telekinesis had locked onto them.

He would seize the chance to gain the upper hand now that the pressure had been dispelled before his opponent could make another move.

Lin Huang hesitated no further at this point.

The battle sword in his hand transformed into a long, narrow blade.

Weapon in both hands, his figure turned into a blood-red electric arc as he charged in the direction of the Dead Spirit Vine.

Almost simultaneously, the giant projection above his head moved as well, doing the exact same thing he was doing.

At the same time that Lin Huang moved, the Dead Spirit Vine moved too.

Countless rattans surged forward like a tangle of snakes, sweeping toward the three of them like a tsunami.

At the same time that the Dead Spirit Vine attacked, the Night Demon Firs in the forest ahead also extended their branches to join in the ma.s.sacre.

In comparison, Lin Huang seemed like a solitary ant charging at an ocean wave. He looked unbelievably tiny.

Behind him, Virtuoso and Saber9 had not expected him to be so extreme.

He had unsheathed his sword for the kill without a single word.

However, after a mere second’s delay, they reacted immediately.

The two looked at each other and immediately understood what the other was thinking.

When facing a powerful enemy, there was no fleeing—only battle!

Golden saber gleams filled the sky along with countless white palm prints, attacking the rattan horde, leaving the way free for Lin Huang and clearing the surroundings…

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