Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1559 – I’m Lost

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Chapter 1559: I’m Lost

There were many entrances and exits to Phantom City’s inner world. Lin Huang soon found the closest one by following the coordinates in the Silt Monster’s memory.

This set of coordinates was located in an alley surrounded by low, old buildings.

When Lin Huang arrived close to the coordinates, he did not go into the alley immediately. Instead, he observed the environment of the surrounding areas.

These old buildings seemed to have existed for at least thirty to forty years. Compared with the skysc.r.a.pers he had seen earlier, they seemed to be of considerable age.

Some were already dilapidated and had been gazetted as dangerous buildings. No one lived in them any longer.

However, there were still some old buildings with residents of various races.

When Lin Huang appeared, clad in his black robe, he did not attract the residents’ attention.

Only a few of them glanced at him, then went about their own business.

After scanning his surroundings and realizing that n.o.body was watching him, in a flash, Lin Huang entered the alley he had seen from the Silt Monster’s memory.

The alley was less than a meter wide and was very narrow. If he had not seen the image in the Silt Monster’s memory, it would have been hard for him to imagine that the inner world’s entrance and exit could be located in such a cramped place.

Lin Huang halted after he had walked some twenty meters into the alley. He spread his Divine Telekinesis slightly, and his gaze fell on an inconspicuous black dot on the wall on the right.

The dot looked like it had been lightly dotted onto the wall with a ballpoint pen. It was even smaller than a sesame seed.

However, Lin Huang knew it was not the ink left by some ballpoint pen, but the inner world’s entrance and exit in its miniature form. People without Divine Telekinesis would not be able to see it at all.

Lin Huang extended a finger, pressed on the black dot, then channeled Divine Power into it.

As the Divine Power channeled through, the insignificant, almost imperceptible black dot began to grow quickly at a speed visible to the naked eye. Within just the time it took for a breath, the dot’s diameter had surpa.s.sed two meters, transforming into a round black whirlpool.

Once he saw that the whirlpool had formed completely, Lin Huang drew back his hand and stepped into the whirlpool.

As soon as his body submerged into the swirling ma.s.s, the black whirlpool shrank immediately. Within less than the time it took for a breath, it reverted to its original size of a black dot.

A moment later, its color faded slowly, and it gradually vanished, as if it had never existed.

Lin Huang raised his head for a look after he had teleported through the entrance, and his brows quirked involuntarily.

He was still in the narrow alleyway and its surroundings. He was even standing in exactly the same spot he had been before he stepped through.

However, he soon noticed something different. Even without using his Divine Telekinesis, he could clearly sense the auras of extremely mighty powerhouses nearby. Not only that, there were many of them.

There were even a few auras within a very close distance, gathered at the end of the alley.

Lin Huang raised his eyes and looked up as a giant eyeball with three pupils hovered in the air, leaning forward. It was looking down condescendingly from high above the alley.

He only noticed this one eyeball, not the monster’s full appearance. However, he could see the disdain in its eyes.

The next instant, Lin Huang appeared in a flash right at the entrance to the alley.

Almost at the same time, a red beam shot out from his sleeve, piercing through the eyeball immediately.

A miserable shriek rang through the air at once.

Only then did Lin Huang notice that there were four monsters blocking the alleyway.

The fellow who had spied on him by releasing the eyeball was a humanoid monster.

The biggest difference between itself and humans was that it had no head. There were only tentacles extending from its neck up, and each tentacle had a ma.s.sive eyeball connected to its tip. A total of seven eyeb.a.l.l.s hovered in midair; they looked extremely strange.

Lin Huang had no idea what species this monster belonged to at all. He had never seen anything remotely similar even in the monster guide.

As for the other three monsters, one of them looked a little like an oversized monitor lizard. The scales all over its body were black and s.h.i.+ny; only the six eyes on its forehead were dark green.

Another monster was an ice-blue ancient humanoid corpse, standing close to three meters tall. It was clear that it had not been human when it was still alive. It stood on the rooftop of a building opposite, its gaze ice-cold.

The remaining monster was a bird beast reduced to skeleton form. Lin Huang could not even guess what kind of species it had been when it was alive. It flew in circles above their heads, while from its crimson eyes, two streams of fire trailed through the air.

In the face of these four who were blocking the road, Lin Huang did not panic at all.

He had already learned from the Silt Monster’s memory earlier that there was a high chance of newbies being attacked when they entered the inner world.

There would be a group of fellows hiding near each inner world’s entrance and exit, waiting to kill the new faces.

There were also some others who would lurk around to watch. After all, there was limited entertainment in this city.

According to the Silt Monster’s memory, the only safe place was the alley where the entrance and exit were located. As soon as one walked out of the alley, someone might intercept them.

Therefore, Lin Huang chose to attack first.

If someone was intercepting a target for the kill, it was only natural that there would be retaliation.

This was permissible by the rules of the inner world.

As long as they did not attack in the crowded regions of the city under the city guards’ surveillance, basically, n.o.body would bother.

Watching the eyeball monster being impaled, screaming continuously as its body began to disintegrate, the other three interceptors’ expressions revealed shock.

Many onlookers began whispering to each other.

“Dumb Bird and the rest have met their match this time…”

“That newbie is a tough one!”

Lin Huang did not even look at the eyeball monster. He glanced over the remaining three monsters. “Are you… sure you want to fight me?”

As soon as he said that, the eyeball monster’s miserable howls stopped, and its body disintegrated completely.

To Lin Huang, the eyeball monster was merely a seventh-rank True G.o.d. It could not even be considered an opponent. He had not even used sequence power in the attack earlier, merely true G.o.d-level Rule Bending Power.

The remaining three were not much more powerful than the eyeball monster. There was very little in the way of benefits if he killed them, so he really could not be bothered to attack.

The three remaining monsters were also not fools. They had been wandering the inner world for years and had seen many powerhouses. Although Lin Huang’s demonstrated ability was merely the tip of the iceberg, they knew they could not afford to offend the person in front of them.

“I’ve no intention of fighting. I merely sensed that your aura is rather unfamiliar, so I thought I would observe,” the iced-blue corpse spoke up first. Since he stood the farthest from the three, it made sense for him to say that he was just watching the battle.

“Me too. I was just curious and thought I’d watch,” the completely black ‘monitor lizard’ chimed in hastily.

Lin Huang said nothing. He lifted his head to look at the skeleton bird beast that was still circling in the sky.

The skeleton bird beast noticed Lin Huang looking at it and was so scared it slowed down a beat in its flapping, almost falling out of the sky. In a panic, it stuttered, “I-I’m lost. I-I accidentally f-flew over here…”

The onlookers were rendered speechless.

However, Lin Huang’s reaction surprised all of them. He merely nodded lightly and responded, “Oh, I see.”

Almost everyone had the same thought pop into their heads, ‘You actually believe such nonsense?!’

The next instant, however, Lin Huang took a step forward and directly appeared on the back of the skeleton bird beast.

The skeleton bird beast was stunned for a moment, thinking it was going to die, but it heard Lin Huang’s voice transmission in its ears a second later.

“Take me to where you live.”

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