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Chapter 157: New Emperor’s Heart Ring

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After hanging up the call with Yang Ling, Lin Huang was thinking about the reminder asking him to move away from where he lived for his family and his own safety. Although he faked his death and successfully escaped from the Purple Crows, he had left traces of his personal details with them. There would not be a problem if n.o.body knew that he was still alive, however, if it was discovered, the Purple Crows would definitely come after him. The Purple Crow staff could enter small areas such as Wulin Town as they wished without restrictions or resistance from the government.

“I must get the residential permit to stay in a grade-A foothold or else Lin Xin wouldn’t be able to transfer schools. If I’m not able to do that, it would be good to get the permit to temporarily stay in a grade-B foothold. At least there are quite a few transcendents thar resided in grade-B foothold. The people of the Purple Crow would be more cautious and will not intervene haphazardly,” Lin Huang thought. He also considered asking Yi Zheng about the residential permission as soon as he got his new Emperor’s Heart Ring. As he was a royal member, he would surely know more about the matter than Lin Huang did.

“Xin Er, I need to run some errands. I will be back soon,” he called out.

Lin Huang left the house right after that. He changed his face before heading to the Credit Bureau. There was quite a queue at the bureau, and it took awhile until it was his turn.

There was a woman who looked a little older than 50 years old behind the counter. She looked at Lin Huang and asked, “What kind of service would you like?”

“A bank transfer, please,” Lin Huang answered. He then looked for Yang Ling’s account number on his communication device.

The woman frowned and reminded him as per bank policy, saying, “There are many frauds on the network nowadays. You young people shouldn’t be transferring money to strangers, you should be more alert.”

“Thanks for your reminder, I understand that,” Lin Huang nodded.

“What is your relations.h.i.+p with the person that you are transferring the money to?” the woman asked.

“We are friends, I guess,” Lin Huang answered.

“You should not trust those friends that you get to know from the network. They could be frauds,” the woman reminded him again.

“We have met before,” Lin Huang explained, quite annoyed with her constant prodding.

“Alright, that’s better. What is the reason of the transaction?” the woman continued. She then followed the question with another piece of advice, and said, “If it’s lending your friend money, try not to send too much or else you might not get it back in the future.”

“Oh it’s not lending money, it’s a proper business,” Lin Huang said, helplessly fending of the woman’s interrogation. The woman was too pa.s.sionate about matters not concerning her, he thought.

“Alright then, how much is it?” the woman finally asked.

“200 Life Crystals. Please do not send credit points, he only wants Life Crystals,” Lin Huang said. He then took out all 200 Life Crystals and piled them on the counter.

It was rare for ordinary people to even see a Life Crystal piece. Now that there were so many complete Life Crystals lying on top of the counter, everyone was stunned. It took the woman behind the counter a moment to snap out of her daze.

“Would you like to send all of these Life Crystals out?” she asked immediately.

“Yes, there are a total of 200 of them. Please do not send out credit points, just transfer all these Life Crystals to his account,” Lin Huang said again while he projected Yang Ling’s account details before the woman.

“Give me a moment, I will have to count.” The woman nodded and started counting the Life Crystals.

Soon she was done counting.

“200 pieces of standard Life Crystals. The system shows that all of them are complete, the woman said. The woman then nodded and said, “Kid, are you sure you want to send so many Life Crystals to your friend?”

“Yes. He is sending me my requested items while I send him the money. This is a business transaction,”” Lin Huang said and nodded.

“Alright, so you would like to send Life Crystals, not Life Crystals pieces or credit points right?” The woman confirmed again.

“Yes, he only accepts Life Crystals,” Lin Huang nodded.

“Sure, I’ll do that for you now,” she replied. Awhile later, the woman nodded at Lin Huang and said, “The transaction is complete.”

Just when the woman informed Lin Huang, he received a message from Yang Ling, “I have received the money, I will send out your stuff tonight.”

“Thank you, Aunty,” Lin Huang said and left. When he got home from the Credit Bureau, he saw that Lin Xin was teaching Lin Xuan how to play the Gun Master. He then started to practice Army Attack Tactics in the living room. Ever since he levelled-up to a Bronze-level. He had never trained his Army Attack Tactics anymore. However, the sword skill had been up to it’s own rotation plans. The Life Power in his body was now pretty stable. If he was to properly train for 10 days to half a month, he would definitely master the skill.

Lin Huang stopped his training when it was dinner time, and he ordered some takeaway again. Lin Xuan had a big appet.i.te, and what Lin Huang cooked would not have been enough for Lin Xuan. Soon, the food was delivered. After dinner, Lin Xin helped Lin Huang clean up the kitchen.

“It’s not good that we order takeaway everyday. I must think of a way to solve the problem of Lin Xuan’s big appet.i.te…” Lin Huang mumbled to himself while he cleaned up.

Lin Xin who was next to him heard him suddenly stopped was.h.i.+ng the dishes. She seemed to have recalled something and said, “Brother, there was this barbecue machine that was very popular on the network. My friend has one at home. It can contain a lot of food and it’s easy to use. You can even put an entire pig monster in and the machine would peel its skin and cut it into pieces before the barbecue began, automatically. All you have to do is put the seasoning in one hour later and it would be ready 10 minutes after that.”

“Is there really such thing?” Lin Huang’s eyes lit up.

“Yes! I’ve tried it at her place, and it tasted really good,” Lin Xin nodded.

“Let’s get one then.” Lin Huang decided immediately.

Two days later, the outdoor waterproof barbecue machine arrived. It was big, so Lin Huang placed it in the garden on the fourth floor. He had many monster bodies in his s.p.a.ce storage ring, all he would have to do was put one monster in the machine. The issue about Lin Xuan’s food was solved.

For the entire week, Lin Huang spent most of his time in training his Army Attack Tactics. The Life Power in his body was stabilized sooner than expectation. He was ready to breakthrough to a White Silver-level at any moment, so to prevent that, he finally gave himself a break. On the eighth day, he received the new Emperor’s Heart Ring Yang Ling sent him. He put it on immediately. He then found out that all of his personal details, including his 300 billion credit points were still in his account with the Credit Bureau. The only change was that his registration with the Purple Crows was no longer there. He was much relieved.

However, he soon found out that he had many missed calls and messages when he opened the contact page. Most of them came from Lin Xin, she had called him more than 30 times and sent many messages. Fatty had called him thrice, two missed calls from Yi Yeyu and one from Yi Zheng. For messages, Fatty had sent him quite a few, two were from Yi Yeyu and one from Leng Yuexin. Lin Huang then read the messages one by one.

Fatty informed Lin Huang that he had to leave to Baqi City as he had something to settle at home, and he could not wait for Lin Huang anymore. Yi Yeyu sent two messages, one which read ‘So you’ve spread your wings now and you’re not picking up my calls anymore?’ while the other one was ‘Haven’t heard from you for a month now, are you dead?’. But, the message from Leng Yuexin was simple, and it read, ‘I am back in Division7.’

The first message Lin Huang replied to was to Leng Yuexin, “That’s great. I was staying in Fog Canyon, and there was no signal. I have just gotten back today.”

He replied Yi Yeyu next, “I wouldn’t die so easily. I was in Fog Canyon, there was no signal in there. Is there anything I can do for you?”

He replied Fatty next, “Alright then, go settle your stuff. I have just came back from Fog Canyon today.”

Yi Yeyu requested to do a video-call with Lin Huang immediately, and he picked up the call after sitting down on the couch.

“So you’re really alive, I thought you were dead,” Yi Yeyu said as she checked Lin Huang out through the video.

“Such a genius like me wouldn’t die so easily,” Lin Huang laughed, “Anything?”

“Can’t I call for nothing?” Yi Yeyu glared at Lin Huang.

“Of course you can, anytime anywhere,” Lin Huang nodded.

“I heard you’ve been to Fog Canyon. Something happened there earlier so I wanted to confirm if you were really alive,” Yi Yeyu told Lin Huang the real reason she was calling.

“What happened in Fog Canyon?” Lin Huang asked, doubtful.

“Many people died there recently, and they said it was done by a mutated sword slave. There were a groups of White Silver-level hunters attempting to kill the monster but they were all killed. Later on, many Gold-level hunters went in but none found the monster,” Yi Yeyu explained.

“I didn’t know about that, neither did I see such a monster,” Lin Huang said with raised eyebrows.

“It’s great that you’re doing good,” she said, with a concerned look on her face. Just when she was going to hang up the call, she recalled something, “Oh yea, something happened to the Fatty, the guy who was close to you. Since you just came back today, I guess you haven’t heard about it.”

“What happened?” Lin Huang was stunned. Although Fatty said he had something to do at home, he did not tell Lin Huang what exactly happened.

“His father was sick, and he pa.s.sed away. As a friend of his, give him a call. That’s all, I’m hanging up,” Yi Yeyu said and hung up the phone right away.

“Fatty’s father pa.s.sed away?” Lin Huang frowned. He forgot about the residence permit in grade-A and grade-B footholds matter than he wanted to ask. After hesitating, Lin Huang called Fatty. Fatty only picked up awhile later, and he looked exhausted in the video.

“Are you okay, Fatty? I heard about what happened from Yi Yeyu,” Lin Huang asked immediately.

“I’m good,” Fatty forced a smiled and shook his head.

“Where are you now? Baqi City?”

“No I’m at my hometown. We just buried my dad’s body a few days back…” Fatty shook his head.

“I recalled uncle looked good the last time we saw him, how did he…” Lin Huang thought it was strange.

“He was exhausted. He didn’t know when to rest, and he abused his body with work. His lost of Life Light was tens of times faster than ordinary people, but he didn’t tell us about that. It was too late when we found out,” Fatty said softly and he had tears in his eyes as he spoke.

“I have nothing on hand these few days, I will come and pay my respects,” Lin Huang suggested.

“It’s alright, the Regular Hunter a.s.sessment is starting soon in December. Since you have stayed in Fog Canyon for so long, you must have levelled-up to a Bronze-level by now. You should prepare yourself. Too bad I can’t be joining anymore. All the best to you. Do try to pa.s.s during the first a.s.sessment…” Fatty said as he knew that Lin Huang was joining the a.s.sessment.

“Alright then, don’t think too much. Rest,” Lin Huang said. He did not really know how to comfort Fatty, but tried what he knew to ease the pain. After he hung up, Lin Huang let out a sigh. Fatty’s rather was just an ordinary person but he sacrificed most of his life to food just because of his pa.s.sion. Although it was not right that he abused his body, his pa.s.sion for food was admirable.

“Hopefully fatty would get back on his feet soon. If he inherited the pa.s.sion and persistence with food from his father, he will definitely be an outstanding Food Hunter in the future…”

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