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Chapter 1573: Fae

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Without waiting for Crimson Eye to respond, the four-faced individual’s head suddenly started turning. The face that was initially on the left turned ninety degrees, so it was now facing forward. The three initially closed eyes on that face also slowly began to open.

The moment all three eyes opened, the four-faced individual’s body began undergoing an intense transformation.

The surface of his body swiftly started turning pale; even the armor he originally had on was transformed into a fluttering white robe. His muscular body began to elongate and become slender, while his figure of three-plus meters tall grew to over ten meters in height within a blink of an eye. Slender arms as fair and pale as jade rapidly sprouted from his back at a speed visible to the naked eye, dramatically increasing until finally stopping at sixteen arms.

A layer of faint white mist wreathed his body, enveloping it entirely and giving one an odd sense of indistinctness.

Noticing that the four-faced individual’s form was beginning to change, Crimson Eye attacked without hesitation before his opponent’s new form could stabilize.

The hundreds and thousands of eyes in the void lit up in all kinds of colors like a sky full of stars. An instant later, fierce rays of different-colored light shot out from every one of the eyes and rained down on the four-faced individual like a storm.

Countless powerful rays of light like arrows immediately engulfed the four-faced individual’s form.

It was unclear whether it was because his form had not fully stabilized or because of some other reason, but the four-faced individual did not appear to have evaded this attack at all. He did not even manage to mount a defense before he was swallowed up by the countless powerful rays.

However, Crimson Eye was only elated for a brief moment upon seeing his opponent being thus engulfed.

Although he saw the countless attacks piercing through the four-faced individual’s body, Crimson Eye knew that they had failed the minute the attacks encountered his opponent’s form. The feel was completely different when an attack had successfully struck its target, compared to when it had failed to do so.

“That’s as good as you’ve got?” Suddenly, a voice sounded in the void.

A white figure swiftly coalesced into being again. It was the four-faced individual.

Meanwhile, a short distance away, the figure that had been pierced through by countless fierce rays gradually distorted and faded. It had been a mere shadow after all.

“This is your territory. If your abilities in here are only of this standard, I confess I have my doubts as to how you got to your position as overlord,” the white-robed four-faced individual mocked mercilessly.

“You’ll find out right now how I got to this position.” Very little emotion could be heard in Crimson Eye’s voice.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, all the eyes in the entire s.p.a.ce around them swiftly flared up again brightly.

Radiant light of various colors rapidly began to consolidate above each eye.

When the four-faced individual noticed this, he jeered, “It’s the same technique, merely increased in quant.i.ty and just a bit faster. Don’t you have anything new?”

“Don’t worry—this maneuver certainly isn’t the same as the last one. I think what you need to worry about most now is whether or not you’ll die in this attack.” At the same time that Crimson Eye’s voice came through faintly, he launched his attack.

The attack appeared to be exactly the same as before. Indeed, it was also just as the four-faced individual said—the number of fierce rays had increased, and they were much faster.

However, the four-faced individual had his guard up this time.

He certainly did not think that Crimson Eye was merely trying to frighten him. This attack must have something else concealed within it.

He carefully evaded the furious onslaught of the fierce light rays. Before the four-faced individual could let out a sigh of relief, however, his expression suddenly changed slightly.

This was because he saw that after he had dodged the onslaught of all the light rays, the rays actually collided with the eyes opposite and were deflected back at an even faster speed.

He almost did not dodge in time, narrowly risking being turned into a sieve.

Every single one of the eyes in the void was still swiftly shooting out powerful rays one after the other. However, at the same time, all of the rays would be deflected back even faster after colliding with other eyes (the rays were not always deflected in a straight line; the motion trajectory was always changing.) When they collided with the eyes a second time, they were deflected even faster…

In a moment, the entire s.p.a.ce was filled with various rays of different trajectories and speeds, to the point where it could even be called chaotic.

If Crimson Eye’s first wave of attack was a rainstorm, then this second round was a full-on, torrential monsoon of epic proportions.

Almost all the fierce rays were shooting out at different angles and speeds; even the power of the attacks varied.

As time pa.s.sed, the four-faced individual had even begun to lose his sense of being able to antic.i.p.ate the trajectory of the rays. He could only rely on his body’s instincts for dodging and mounting a defense.

However, given the speed and frequency of the attacks, the four-faced individual could not avoid overlooking some rays or being unable to dodge in time. In very short order, he was being continuously bombarded with the fierce rays.

‘This can’t go on, I’m too much of a sitting duck.” As he dodged and countered the attacks, the four-faced individual was trying to think of a plan. He knew that if he continued being on the defensive, he would definitely lose. The longer this persisted, the more time would drag on, and the chances of him winning would only get slimmer.

After a moment of consideration, he lifted his gaze and shot a glance at the surrounding eyes. Swiftly, he came to a decision.

He shook both his arms, and two long swords suddenly materialized in his hands.

At the same time, the sixteen arms on his back all wielded a long sword in each hand.

A moment later, eighteen arms brandished their swords and struck. Countless white sword gleams formed in the void in an instant, and their number was certainly no less than that of the fierce rays.

However, the moment the sword gleams formed, they were not directed at the powerful rays shooting out from the eyes. Instead, they shot straight toward the eyes that filled the void.

Crimson Eye had made an error of judgment. He thought that the four-faced individual would use this maneuver to counter the fierce rays; he had not expected that the four-faced individual would stubbornly field the onslaught of the rays and directly attack the eyes in the void.

The next second, white sword gleams flashed as they shot out, piercing through the eyes one by one and making them explode.

The void was immediately filled with Crimson Eye’s furious shrieks. It had never crossed his mind that the attack power of the four-faced individual’s sword gleams would surpa.s.s what he had expected.

Within the time it took for a breath, most of the eyes in the voice had been damaged. Less than one-fifth of them were still perfectly fine.

“You’re an abyssal monster, but you actually cultivated a fairy-type method. You’re an utter embarra.s.sment to the Abyss!” Crimson Eye’s enraged voice could be heard; he clearly did not sound as confident as before.

“Why do you think I named this face of mine Fae? This face was consolidated by refining a fairy-type sword cultivator. This state is the best for suppressing Abyssal energy.”

The four-faced individual’s white robe was fluttering at the moment, his entire body wreathed in white mist. If one did not look at his head, he really did have the charm of a fairy.

“I’m not afraid of telling you the truth either—I intentionally cultivated this form. It’s my trump card against you overlords. As for you, you’re fortunate enough to become my first hunting target.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the countless white sword gleams in front of the four-faced individual’s body consolidated again, dense as a sky full of stars on a clear summer night…

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