Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1580 – Showing All Trump Cards

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Chapter 1580: Showing All Trump Cards

In the G.o.d Territory, time ticked on in minutes and seconds.

The number of ‘revenants’ that the Nine Gloom Vine created decreased rapidly as Silver Armor ma.s.sacred them. However, this did not decrease the pressure on Silver Armor very much at all.

The ‘revenants’ he slaughtered were all those whose abilities were far below his own. He would basically kill them instantly, then immediately extricate himself and retreat.

As for those powerhouses whose abilities were either close to overlord-rank or who were genuine overlord-rank powerhouses, he did not go head-to-head with them at all. He evaded them as much as he could. Those whom he really could not avoid, he would retreat from, even if they preferred to force him into a confrontation. The reason was that he knew very well he would be caught up in the fighting, and by then, there would be even more overlord-rank enemies appearing.

This battle was a fight to the death.

If the Nine Gloom Vine managed to seize an opportunity, Silver Armor knew that he himself would come to a tragic end.

From the moment the Nine Gloom Vine summoned forth these ‘revenants’, the battle was no longer a fair fight of one against one. The scales of victory were tipped in Nine Gloom’s favor; the Nine Gloom Vine had no cause for concern at all in that respect.

However, Silver Armor did not abandon the struggle.

He was like an elusive mudfish—despite being trapped in a bog, it never allowed itself to be caught, and thus have its weaknesses revealed.

Nine Gloom was in no hurry at all. To him, Silver Armor was already trapped like a rat in a cage. No matter what, Silver Armor would not be able to escape from Nine Gloom’s G.o.d Territory. It was only a matter of time before his weaknesses revealed themselves.

The Nine Gloom Vine did not even bother concealing himself anymore. Instead, he let the ‘revenants’ serve as a blockade between himself and Silver Armor. He watched the fight from a close range of less than 100 meters from the battlefield; it did not seem like he was planning to fight at all.

Even though he saw Silver Armor attempting several times to break out from being besieged in order to fight the Nine Gloom Vine’s true form, the Nine Gloom Vine did not move from his place at all.

In reality, he was intentionally staying at such close range so Silver Armor would think he had a chance.

The Nine Gloom Vine enjoyed watching his prey repeatedly struggle and fail. He would give them a glimmer of hope, but that hope itself was a chasm of despair one was doomed never to cross.

As time ticked on, Nine Gloom could clearly sense that Silver Armor’s Divine Power output was decreasing and weakening. He also knew that Silver Armor would not last for long under such a high-powered a.s.sault.

Ten minutes went by rapidly. Suddenly, Silver Armor broke through the ranks of opponents that besieged him and began madly fighting his way to where the Nine Gloom Vine’s true form was.

Although Silver Armor had given his all in this berserk attack, his speed was obviously considerably slower than when he was at his peak.

However, he seemed to be even more determined this time, doing his best to avoid whatever attacks he could. Those that he could not avoid, he faced head-on.

A mocking smile appeared on Nine Gloom’s giant face. He could clearly see that Silver Armor’s armor was beginning to show traces of cracks.

He guessed that this was probably why Silver Armor was suddenly roused to action—he could not hold on for much longer.

“Since you seem so eager to die, I’ll grant your wish.” A ruthless gleam flashed through Nine Gloom’s eyes. His opponent was in a hurry to advance—the perfect opportunity for slaughtering his target

Simultaneously, as the Nine Gloom Vine manipulated the revenants to bar the way in front of him, he also controlled the revenants that Silver Armor had bypa.s.sed so that they silently cut off his retreat.

It was unclear whether it was because Silver Armor had discovered that he had enemies behind him and also surrounding him, or because of some other reason entirely, but he was extraordinarily determined this time. He advanced with unusually resolute steps.

Under Nine Gloom’s manipulation, Crimson Eye, Giant Sarcoma, and a few overlord-rank powerhouses stationed themselves as the last line of defense.

Previously, Silver Armor had refused to go head-to-head with those revenants that were close to overlord-rank. This time, however, he did not back down at all when faced with these few true overlord-rank powerhouses such as Crimson Eye and Giant Sarcoma.

He tried his best to dodge the a.s.saults from the few of them while attempting to break free from their blockade.

Those attacks that he could not evade, he faced head-on, unwilling to give up any opportunity that would allow him to advance.

Even though his defense capabilities were practically the most powerful among the six overlords, he could not afford to have several overlord-rank powerhouses join forces to attack him.

In merely the time it took for several breaths, the cracks on his silver armor were increasing and also becoming larger. However, he paid no heed to them at all, as if he had become obsessed with wanting to break free from these revenants’ blockade and fight Nine Gloom. He did not care about the consequences at all.

The smirk on Nine Gloom’s face grew broader when he saw that Silver Armor seemed to have become possessed. The way he saw it, the more Silver Armor behaved like that, the closer he was to death.

Under the combined suppression of Crimson Eye, Giant Sarcoma, and the other overlords, more and more cracks began to appear on Silver Armor’s body. Very soon, there was practically not a single spot that was whole and unbroken. He no longer looked like the commanding, awe-inspiring silver-armored G.o.d of battle from before; instead, he looked more like a porcelain vessel that had been knocked about. Although he had not yet completely fallen apart, he was riddled with wounds all over and was on the verge of collapse.

There were several times when Nine Gloom even thought that Silver Armor’s body would crumble completely if he were attacked just once more.

However, the toughness of Silver Armor’s body was still beyond what Nine Gloom had expected.

After going head-to-head for more than a dozen attacks, Silver Armor’s suit of armor had still not fallen apart. However, the cracks were thicker and more numerous, making his body seem all the more ruined.

However, in this final round of direct clashes, he managed to forcibly break through the final line of defense.

The grin on Nine Gloom’s huge face was malevolent. At the very last moment, he had intentionally manipulated Giant Sarcoma and the others to lower their defenses.

He had no reason for this other than Silver Armor was already on his last legs and was no longer a threat anymore. Moreover, rather than Silver Armor being killed outside the line of defense, Nine Gloom wanted to crush his opponent’s very last sliver of hope himself.

‘I see you want to break through the lines of defense and fight me head-on. Very well, I’ll give you the chance to break through and fight me face-to-face so I can crush your very last hope!’

Watching Silver Armor charge at him with his battered body after breaking through the defending line, the aura of Nine Gloom’s entire body instantly soared to its peak. Countless vines rose like a tsunami and surged toward Silver Armor.

Silver Armor’s body of over three meters in height seemed unbelievably small right now. He was like a tiny skiff in a universe of infinite vines.

The flash of silver merely lasted for a moment before it was entirely swallowed up by the sea of vines.

Nine Gloom could very obviously sense that the very instant Silver Armor was completely devoured, his suit of silver armor finally fell apart completely.

Before Nine Gloom could celebrate his victory, a terrifying wave of heat suddenly began spreading within the depths of the encompa.s.sing vines.

It was like a nuclear warhead exploding. A surge of extreme heat instantly radiated outward, spreading like a wave. Wherever it pa.s.sed, all the vines in that area were immediately scorched black.

Even Nine Gloom’s true form was affected. He felt a wave of terrifyingly high heat spreading through his body and his skin began carbonizing at a visible speed. The heat was like a toxin, even invading the inner parts of his body. Wherever the heat pa.s.sed, that area would be scorched to cinders.

Furthermore, Nine Gloom could clearly sense that the source of this extreme heat came from where Silver Armor’s body had disintegrated.

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