Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1604 – : The Name That Cannot Be Mentioned Again

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Chapter 1604: The Name That Cannot Be Mentioned Again

Lin Huang had initially thought he would be reuniting with Yang Ling; he had never expected Hong Zhuang to be the one who showed up instead.

Not only that, the woman had brought news of Yang Ling’s death.

Lin Huang was familiar enough with Hong Zhuang—he had met her the first year he had traveled to the gravel world. Back then, he had just started on his cultivation path. Since that time, the two of them had crossed paths more than once. However, as far as Lin Huang was concerned, his interactions with her could not be considered pleasant.

From the very beginning, he had never understood this woman.

If he only took into consideration their past interactions, Lin Huang would not be willing to have too much contact with her.

However, due to her position, he could not ignore her request for help.

She was Yang Ling’s girlfriend.

Furthermore, Lin Huang had considered Yang Ling a true friend.

Although on the surface it seemed that many of the interactions between the two over the last few years had been limited to business transactions involving disguising ident.i.ties, Yang Ling and Lin Huang were both travelers from Earth. As a result, they were able to relate to many of the things that each encountered respectively.

They were both strangers in a strange land.

Both of them came from the same place; both also had similar experiences as travelers who were now strangers residing in strange lands. In truth, they could sympathize with each other.

Lin Huang had even considered that when he had time, he would chat with Yang Ling about things that had happened on Earth.

However, he would never have the opportunity to do so now.

After a detailed talk with Hong Zhuang, he found out what had happened to her and Yang Ling.

The pair were almost constantly hiding from the Raiders’ pursuit. Many times, they had to resort to hiding in various gravel worlds and mini worlds.

Yang Ling had also mentioned that he wanted Hong Zhuang to leave him so she could avoid being dragged into this matter. However, she rejected his suggestion and had remained with him, on the grounds that she could help Yang Ling handle many things where it was not convenient for him to reveal any traces of his existence.

The ill-fated couple had not lived a good life for the past few years. The resources they managed to obtain were also extremely limited.

According to Hong Zhuang, Yang Ling had only managed to restore his combat strength to ninth-rank true G.o.d-level before he died.

Meanwhile, she had elevated to first-rank true G.o.d-level. In Yang Ling’s own words, he had given her more resources to prevent her from becoming a burden.

As for the Goldfinger Yang Ling had transferred into Hong Zhuang’s body, in reality, it could not be considered a real Goldfinger by far.

Lin Huang could only vaguely sense that there were energy remnants in the Goldfinger within her.

Yang Ling’s Goldfinger had been incomplete ever since it had been plundered. Now that he had reset it and transferred it to Hong Zhuang, it might not be capable of even one-tenth its previous function.

“Although Yang Ling had me look for you, he didn’t expect you to avenge him.”

As Lin Huang’s thoughts ran rampant, Hong Zhuang suddenly spoke again, pulling him back from his woolgathering, “He even asked me to tell you to stay as low profile as you can. If you can’t, at least disguise yourself. Before you’re sufficiently powerful enough, try not to attract the Raiders’ attention.

“In the memories he left for me, there are some things that he stressed I must pa.s.s on to you.

“The first thing is that, among the Raiders, the Primordium of the Lord that plundered Yang Ling’s Goldfinger has departed for the universe. However, he left a clone in the great world. This clone has the ability of a Lord as well. Not only that, he wears a surveillance device that the Lord’s Goldfinger left behind. The surveillance device monitors the information of any suspected travelers.

“The second thing is that due to the existence of this surveillance device, when we’re somewhere with surveillance equipment or if we’re on the internet, we can’t mention these two keywords—traveler and Raider. This includes the intranet of some organizations, as well as encrypted devices—it’s best not to bring up the keywords, as there’s no way of guaranteeing complete safety.

“Thirdly, in front of all surveillance equipment or if you’re on the internet, never mention the name ‘Yang Ling’ again, or anything at all regarding Yang Ling. Whether it’s via text or voice recording, don’t do it at all.

“It’s best not to mention my name anymore as well, since it’s most probably connected with Yang Ling already. I’ve given myself a new name—Violet. From now on, just call me that. I’ll change my appearance and physical body too.” As Hong Zhuang spoke, her body began rapidly transforming into a young lady with short purple hair. She looked only about fifteen or sixteen years old and had a scattering of tiny freckles on her face. She was at least ten centimeters shorter than before.

Lin Huang raised his brows as he watched Hong Zhuang’s transformation.

She had used a disguise G.o.d sequence relic that could practically deceive most heavenly G.o.d-level powerhouses. As for Lin Huang, whose spirit strength had reached peak heavenly G.o.d-level, he had seen through her disguise right away. However, it was entirely sufficient for use on a daily basis.

After patiently listening to the precautions that Hong Zhuang had mentioned, Lin Huang felt only a faint sense of sorrow.

Yang Ling was already dead, but his name could not even be mentioned…

From this, the tyranny of the Raiders could be seen.

Not only did they want to take every good thing from an individual, but they also wanted to wipe out every trace of one’s existence.

This was viciousness of the highest order!

Lin Huang fell silent for a long time, looking at Hong Zhuang. Her form had changed completely now, and she had purple hair. There was almost no trace to be seen of the former Hong Zhuang.

This woman had truly changed a great deal.

The old Hong Zhuang had been stubborn, untamed, and free. However, in place of that, Lin Huang now saw grief, steadiness, and a strange determination.

Even after hearing her story, it was hard to imagine the things she had gone through over the last few years.

“I definitely have to avenge him…” Lin Huang suddenly spoke.

Hong Zhuang was stunned when she heard this and stared blankly at Lin Huang. She had initially thought that this man would be fearful—afraid that she would bring disaster upon him. She had never expected him to react in this manner.

“Yang Ling was my friend. Even without him, it’s only a matter of time before I would be targeted by Raiders.” Lin Huang fixed his gaze on Hong Zhuang and continued, “Sooner or later, I’ll have to settle the grudge between the Raiders and myself. However, now isn’t the time to do so.

“I’m not powerful enough at the moment. One day, though, I’ll be so powerful that those people will tremble!

“When the time comes, I’ll take that man’s head to console Yang Ling’s spirit in heaven!”

Although what Lin Huang said sounded like a tall tale, Hong Zhuang was not sure why she found it extremely convincing.

She could be considered someone who had witnessed Lin Huang’s growth.

She still remembered that when they had met for the first time, he was only an insignificant bronze-level.

Now, however, Lin Huang had grown into a formidable individual capable of establis.h.i.+ng an organization of his own in the great world.

“You can settle down in the Devil Hunter Star Zone with peace of mind. Although this is a remote location, the resources here are sufficient for you to cultivate to heavenly G.o.d-level.

“Yang Ling is already dead, and you need time to mourn as well—but don’t stay mired in your emotions. Spend more time on cultivation. When humans are busy, they’ll naturally have fewer distracting thoughts. In your free time, if you really don’t feel like cultivating, getting Lin Xin and the others to go shopping with you for some distraction wouldn’t be a bad idea either.”

Lin Huang got up slowly after he finished speaking. “I’ll show you around first and then introduce you to everyone.”

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