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Chapter 1607: Gemini

Gemini was where siblings Shen Jue and Shen Yu were stationed.

Since many ninth-rank geniuses on the Heavenly G.o.d Leaderboard’s ranking list had been killed one after the other, the twins’ movements had been curtailed by G.o.d Capital’s upper echelons. The siblings had been unable to leave Gemini for the past few days.

G.o.d Capital’s upper echelons thought it would be the safest for them to stay on Gemini.

The minute something went awry, the half-step Lord would be able to get there at once.

Not only that, G.o.d Capital was now regulating all entries and departures from Gemini. Any powerhouses above heavenly G.o.d-level who wished to enter Gemini would have to submit a complete set of identification doc.u.ments for review; they would only be allowed entry if they pa.s.sed. For high-level Heavenly G.o.ds and half-step Lords, the process was especially stringent.

However, none of this had anything to do with Lin Huang. No matter what, he still looked like a True G.o.d.

In G.o.d Capital’s eyes, he was the completely harmless type.

Lin Huang disguised himself prominently as a tourist over the next few days and visited various tourist attractions. In reality, though, he was secretly gathering information while waiting patiently for the chance to carry out the

Seven days pa.s.sed as he waited…

In the Gemini G.o.d Palace on Gemini, a lady in a white dress and purple stilettos was standing on the back of a muscular Protoss.

The Protoss retained his human form and was at least three meters tall. His body was knotted with muscles, and he was clad only in a pair of underpants. At the moment, he was crawling on the ground on all fours like a dog, letting the lady stand on his back as she pleased. Around his neck was a collar with a black chain attached to it. The lady was holding the other end of the chain.

“Three Two Six, go to Shen Jue’s courtyard.”

The muscular Protoss immediately began crawling, going as fast as the wind.

Judging by his speed alone, his abilities were definitely those of a heavenly G.o.d-level powerhouse.

However, this powerful being was not only chained like a dog, but he was also submitting to the lady’s orders.

It only took a moment for the Protoss to arrive at a particular courtyard, bearing the lady on his back.

However, once he got to the entrance, he stopped and prostrated himself on the ground.

The lady in the white dress stepped forward on her stilettos and trod on his head, taking her time to hop down slowly.

She then casually fastened the chain around the neck of a stone sculpture at the entrance, then went through the gate.

After seeing the lady in the white dress through the gate, the muscled Protoss glanced at the length of the chain between him and the stone sculpture. It did not seem long enough for him to sit up, so he crawled two steps forward to try and shorten the distance. When he saw that the chain had loosened significantly, he slowly got up and tried to sit down.

However, before he could be fully seated, the chain tightened completely—it was not long enough.

He hurriedly stopped trying to get up, worried that he might accidentally break the chain. Once again, he lay down and prostrated himself helplessly on the ground.

In reality, the chain was looped around the stone sculpture several times. He could absolutely have unwound the chain twice, and it would be sufficient length for him to be able to sit. However, he did not dare to touch it at all.

The lady in the white dress and purple stilettos went into the courtyard and slipped quickly into a large palace.

In the deep recesses of the palace was a naked lady tied to a metal stand.

She had seven foxtails growing from her lower back—she was obviously was a member of the Nine-tailed Fox Tribe.

The Nine-tailed Fox Tribe was part of the Protoss. A nine-tailed lord-level powerhouse had even emerged previously, and they had attained the rank of a grade-7 organization.

However, since the death of that particular Lord, the Nine-tailed Fox Tribe had been utterly reduced to a grade-6 organization. Not only that, for thousands of years, they were ranked at the bottom of all the grade-6 organizations.

Despite their decline, theoretically, members of the Nine-tailed Fox Tribe should not have been reduced to the level of slaves.

Clearly, this nine-tailed fox had not been obtained via legal channels.

“What? It’s been over a month now, and this girl still hasn’t yielded?” The lady in the white dress seemed to be enjoying the show. She was watching a man who bore ninety percent resemblance to her whipping the nine-tailed fox lady with a whip imbued with a thunder G.o.d sequence chain. Not only was the lady in white devoid of sympathy, but she also seemed eager, as if she would like to have a go with the whip herself.

“Her G.o.d’s soul is already ninth-rank, and she has immense force of will. I’ve tried countless ways over the past few months, but the results are insignificant. All I can do is torture her slowly.” Upon hearing that, the man wielded the whip twice more before stopping. He turned around and looked at the lady in the white dress, “However, there will come a day when I’ll make her kneel on the ground and lick my toes willingly and obediently.”

In appearance, he was extremely handsome—he could even be considered pretty. If he were on Earth, he would certainly outs.h.i.+ne all the young, pretty-boy celebrities. The white suit he wore set off his charisma, making him look extraordinarily refined.

However, those who were acquainted with him knew that although he looked good on the surface, there was nothing else good about him. He was rotten on the inside—even more odious than the Disasters in the Abyss.

“Why did you come here today?”

“You’re my brother. Can’t I visit you when I have nothing to do?” The lady in the white dress said with a smile.

“If you’re not here for anything in particular, I’ll resume what I’m doing,” the man in the white suit said and raised the whip in his hand.

“Aren’t you bored after being confined for a week?” The lady in the white dress asked in exasperation.

“The old geezers won’t let us go out. What can I do?” The man in the white suit more or less guessed the purpose of his older sister’s visit.

“I heard there’ll be good stuff at the auction tonight,” the lady in the white dress commented.

“What you think is good might not be something I find acceptable.” The man in the white suit feigned indifference.

“Do you think I don’t know your taste? Don’t worry, there are things that will suit you.”

Only then did the man in the white suit turn around and look at his sister. “What about the old geezers?”

“It’s not like we’re leaving Gemini. We can’t stay in all the time. It’s been a week!” The lady in the white dress sounded rather annoyed as she spoke, “Do they think we’re pet birds they can lock in a cage?!”

“That’s true. It’s been a week, and there’s been no more news about other Heavenly G.o.ds being I wonder what those old geezers are worried about.” The man in the white suit was not very happy either. “Who would be foolhardy enough to barge into G.o.d Capital territory to kill someone?!”

“That’s right!” The lady in the white dress agreed, “The minute the half-step Lord shows up here, the Lord would sense it. The wouldn’t even have a chance to attack. If they were heavenly G.o.d-level and we joined forces to fight, even if we’re no match for Buried Heaven and King Kong, it wouldn’t be hard to drag things out for a couple of hours. Besides, it will only take three to five seconds for the half-step Lord to get here.”

The man in the white suit abruptly fell silent. Naturally, he knew that his sister was exaggerating their abilities. He had seen King Kong fight; he was very much aware that they would not be able to hold out for an hour even if he joined forces with his sister. In fact, it would be hard to last for even half an hour. However, he also felt it should not be a problem for them to hold out until the half-step Lord arrived.

“Given how vigilant that bunch of old higher-ups is, they probably aren’t going to let us out for at least a month.” The man in the white suit thought this over. “If we want to go out, we’ll have to sneak out.”

“I think so too.” the lady in the white dress nodded in agreement, “Anyway, we’re not leaving Gemini. Even if they find out later on, at most, they’ll just give us an earful.”

“Alright, that’s set then. After dinner, we’ll each leave a clone behind to cover up for our absence, then we’ll meet up directly at the entrance to the black market.” The man in the white suit officially finalized the plans for their outing.

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