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Chapter 161: A Complimentary Piece of Information

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

While most people were still digging in the weeds, some of them figured out the existence of the Weed Technology company. Lin Huang had done the investigation and confirmed that the company had nothing to do with the a.s.sessment.

“Weed, what does that mean?” Lin Huang was back at square one, trying to figure out the clue as he left the company. He then browsed through the Hunter Forum with his Copper Hunter permit. He used the keywords ‘weed’, ‘Beixuan City’ and ‘Foothold No.7B24’.

After browsing for awhile, he could not find anything useful.

“There’s nothing on the Hunter Forum…” Lin Huang frowned as he felt that he arrived at a dead end.

“If I was a real hunter, what would I do if I wasn’t able to find the information that I’m looking for on the Hunter Forum and network…” Lin Huang mumbled to himself as he attempted to change his point of view, hoping that he would figure out something from a different perspective.

Just as he said that, he stopped walking all of a sudden. He lifted his head and said to himself, “I’m sure there are other ways to look for some information, and perhaps through ways that are illegal!” Lin Huang opened up a complete map of Beixuan City with his Emperor’s Heart Ring immediately and got the location of the black market. He walked into an alley without surveillance cameras and altered his features to become Scarface. He wore his black suit with a gray coat on top before he walked out of the alley.

He got himself a car and headed to the black market. An hour later, he arrived at the area. After paying an entrance fee, he walked straight onto a street. Lin Huang had learned ways of identifying the location of a black market, who he should look for when he needed certain items and how should he should behave in a black market from his time at the Purple Crow training camp.

He placed his hands in his pockets and walked the street without an expression. The street was quiet, and he attracted quite some attention with his presence. However, n.o.body wanted to mess with him as he had Scarface’s features on his face. Soon, Lin Huang found a bar and as he walked in, he noticed everyone’s gazes fall on him as he attracted attention in the bar with his attire.

He ignored them and walked to the bench in front of the bar and took a seat. He knocked three times with his index finger on the bar counter and said to the bartender, “Give me a gla.s.s of Black Letter.” The bartender was a tall, skinny young man. He looked at Lin Huang and gave him a pitch black drink awhile later. Lin Huang smirked as he lifted up the gla.s.s. He looked at the numbers that were engraved at the bottom of the gla.s.s.

‘B-012’. Lin Huang left to the cellar with his gla.s.s. Arriving at the entrance of Room B-012, Lin Huang noticed that the light inside was green. He walked straight into the room and it looked like an office – spotless. Behind the mahogany table was a middle-aged man with black framed who then said to him, “Sit.”

Lin Huang took off his coat and hung it on the stand by the door and took a seat at the table. He placed the gla.s.s on the table and faced the room number engraved at the bottom of the at the man. The man looked at the gla.s.s and smiled, “What would you like to know?”

“Simple. Weed.” Lin Huang said what he was here for.

“Weed?” The man seemed surprised when he heard the word but soon he composed himself and continued, “What would you like to know about weed?”

“Everything,” Lin Huang said and added. “Especially its relation to Beixuan City.”

“I understand, give me a moment.” The man projected a couple of pages before himself. However, the pages were opaque and the side facing Lin Huang was black. Lin Huang could not see a thing.

Awhile later, the man nodded to Lin Huang, “It will cost 18 billion credit points.”

“That’s not cheap, are you sure that the information is worth this much?” Lin Huang looked at the man without an expression.

“Don’t worry, it is definitely worth the price you’re paying,” the man replied with a smile.

“Sure,” Lin Huang nodded.

“Please transfer your credit points to the trading chip,” the man then handed him a green chip that was the size of a thumb. The purpose of the trading chip was to avoid personal details of either party from being leaked elsewhere. The buyer would transfer his credit points to the trading chip and the seller would retrieve the credit points to his own account. With that, n.o.body would know the account details of the opposite party. Moreover, such trading chips could not save personal details because once the scan was complete and the credit points were transferred, account details would be automatically be deleted. There would not be an issue like personal information being leaked. Compared to the anonymous transactions with Emperor’s Heart Rings, such trading chips were much safer.

Lin Huang took the chip, transferred 18 billion credit points into it and handed it back to the man. The man placed the chip aside and brought out a black chip. He then scanned his Emperor’s Heart Ring on the black chip and transferred it the information that Lin Huang asked for. Soon, the transfer was complete. All the pages were closed, the man then pa.s.sed Lin Huang the black chip.

“Everything you want is on this chip.”

Lin Huang nodded and took the black chip from the man. He stood up and attempted to leave after putting on his coat. Suddenly, the man spoke again, “I’ll give you a complimentary piece of information.”

Lin Huang stopped in his step.

“Somebody came here about an hour before you did, the person asked about something similar. The person did not look too friendly, you might want to be careful,” he warned.

“Thanks!” Lin Huang said but did not turn around. He walked out right after he thanked the man. He left the bar and left of the black market with a heavy heart.

“I arrived here at around 11 a.m., the person was an hour earlier than me, which means he was here at around 10 a.m. The a.s.sessment started at 9 a.m., it would take an hour riding on the car from the Hunter a.s.sociation. This would mean that the person came here directly after leaving the Hunter a.s.sociation. The person did not even go to the Weed Technology company.”

“Someone who would come to a black market in search of information might be someone from the underground…” Lin Huang thought. It was not the first time the underground placed spies in the Hunter a.s.sociation. Of course, Lin Huang was not 100% sure of that. The person could have just been really smart and looked pa.s.sed the details that Lin Huang did not see and came straight to the black market without going to the Weed Technology company.

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