Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1611 – Maligned Even After Death

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Chapter 1611: Maligned Even After Death

After killing the siblings Shen Yu and Shen Jue, Lin Huang randomly located a Death Sickle branch and submitted the missions. After that, he returned to the Devil Hunter Star Zone straight away.

As soon as he arrived at the Devil Hunter Star Zone, he immediately pa.s.sed the storage rings he had obtained over the last few days to Hong Zhuang so she could unlock them.

Most of the great world’s storage equipment technology was copied from the human world. The G.o.d Territory was no exception.

Even if the Goldfinger’s capabilities had been significantly reduced, to Hong Zhuang—who had inherited Yang Ling’s Goldfinger—unlocking dimensional equipment like this could more or less be considered the easiest task of all.

In less than half an hour, she had unlocked all thirty-four storage rings.

Throughout the entire process, Hong Zhuang did not once use her Divine Telekinesis to discover what exactly these storage rings contained.

She knew that her current position was awkward in the extreme. After all, the few occasions she had met Lin Huang in the past were probably not entirely pleasant as far as he was concerned. Now that she was under his protection, it was only natural that she wanted to show her worth.

She genuinely did not covet the items in the storage rings.

She knew that she would not lack for cultivation resources at all, now that she was staying in the Devil Hunter Star Zone.

Therefore, she did not so much as even glance at whatever these valuable storage rings might contain.

After receiving the unlocked storage rings, Lin Huang returned to his own courtyard.

Here, a quaint, antique house with three floors had been designated for his exclusive use.

In terms of interior size, it did not seem very big—the three floors only added up to three hundred square meters or so. In reality, however, this was a top-grade dimensional G.o.d sequence relic. It was just that the interior and exterior had been decorated to look like a Chinese villa.

Lin Huang entered the house and sat down on the sofa right away. He took out all thirty-four storage rings and placed them on the coffee table. He then began checking through them one by one.

As he did so, the expression on his face became increasingly peculiar.

This was not because he had gained very little—it was because the profits obtained from this round of missions were far too astounding!

Of the twenty-six targets he had killed, eighteen of them were ranked on the G.o.d Territory’s Heavenly G.o.d Leaderboard. The eight of them who were not on the Leaderboard were either from major organizations or were members of major clans.

The value of the items in almost every storage ring far surpa.s.sed Lin Huang’s expectations.

“I thought Shen Yu and Shen Jue were extra wealthy because they were direct Protoss descendants in G.o.d Capital. I had no idea even grade-5 and grade-6 elders would have such an extensive array of collector’s items!”

Naturally, out of all the storage rings, it was the siblings’ collections that were the most astonis.h.i.+ng.

Lin Huang felt that the twins’ net worth might even have surpa.s.sed some half-step Lords.

Since the Gemini auction did not require immediate payment per item, and a lump sum would be paid after the entire auction had ended, the siblings had not paid for the items they had successfully made a bid on.

In the twins’ storage rings, Lin Huang saw not one, but two Dao Weapons and close to thirty Pseudo-Dao Weapons. There were also over two hundred top-grade G.o.d sequence relics… that was not even counting the staggering piles of Divine Crystals and various other energy crystals.

What shocked Lin Huang the most was that there was also a half-step lord-level G.o.d’s Dead Body Puppet in Shen Jue’s storage ring.

This seemed like it might be a treasure that G.o.d Capital had given the siblings as a life-saving measure. Unfortunately, at the auction earlier, Shen Jue had been killed instantly before he even had time to use it.

While Lin Huang returned to the Devil Hunter Star Zone and leisurely inventoried his loot, the entire G.o.d Territory was already in an uproar.

The news of the twins Shen Yu and Shen Jue being killed in Gemini by a half-step Lord spread like wildfire throughout the entire G.o.d Territory in less than half an hour.

One must know that the siblings were powerhouses who were high on the ranking list of the G.o.d Territory’s Heavenly G.o.d Leaderboard. One was ranked No. 9, the other No. 11.

They could almost be considered peak ent.i.ties among those at heavenly G.o.d-level.

However, these two powerhouses had been instantly killed. Not only that, they had been as a half-step Lord tried to intervene.

Rumor had it that the individual responsible was a half-step Lord saber cultivator.

The incident had even galvanized G.o.d Capital’s Lords into action!

Furthermore, G.o.d Capital was offering a substantial reward for capturing the killer.

According to the rules of the G.o.d Territory, Lords and half-step Lords could not simply attack Heavenly G.o.ds where and when they pleased.

This was also to prevent confrontations between those of ultimate combat strength within the G.o.d Territory.

After all, if conflict of this level broke out, the G.o.d Territory might end up with dead half-step Lords or even Lords. It would be an immense loss for the entire G.o.d Territory.

Furthermore, preventing Lords and half-step Lords from attacking Heavenly G.o.ds was considered something of a safeguard for top heavenly G.o.d-level powerhouses. This would allow the G.o.d Territory to gain more half-step Lords and even Lords in the future.

In reality, to powerhouses who had mastered Dao seal power, combat sans the use of Dao seal power was child’s play to them. No matter how many conflicts they had with each other, those were just minor flare-ups that would not harm the G.o.d Territory at all.

Although all the major organizations had an list, the Lords or half-step Lords basically would not involve themselves personally.

This was also why there were many missions on Death Sickle’s Gold Sickle missions list that remained uncompleted, even after so many years.

It was not that Death Sickle lacked capable individuals—it was that the handful of Blood Sickle members with the ability to complete these missions could not take part.

However, Lin Huang’s emergence shattered this


As a Death Sickle insider, he completed the missions easily. Not only that, he made everyone else think that an outsider was interfering.

This was the real reason why G.o.d Capital’s upper echelons were so furious.

They thought someone had broken the rules of the game—that a half-step Lord had personally stepped in and Shen Yu and Shen Jue.

Lin Huang, however, was completely unaware of the checks and balances that G.o.d Capital’s upper echelons had imposed. He had borrowed the use of Saber9’s attack at the time because, for one, his own inherent ability was definitely insufficient to counter the half-step Lord’s attack. For another, he truly did wish to confuse everyone else to prevent them from connecting the incident to him.

However, he had not expected that his ploy would cause such a ma.s.sive chain reaction.

Practically the entire G.o.d Territory was discussing the matter of Shen Yu and Shen Jue’s death.

On the internet, many people were applauding Lin Huang’s actions.

There was nothing new under the sun, and in this era of internet access, news spread with extraordinary rapidity. Shen Yu and Shen Jue had already been rendered notorious many years ago when their torturing and killing of slaves had come to light. Countless netizens had criticized them. Although G.o.d Capital had quickly suppressed the matter, many people still remembered it. Now that the twins were dead, their dark pasts were once more dragged into the open. Both were now being maligned on the internet.

Unfortunately, the siblings were unable to witness this.

As Shen Yu and Shen Jue’s dark pasts were exposed, netizens very quickly discovered that the twenty-six individuals who were killed during this time all had skeletons in their closets.

The collective power of netizens was mighty indeed.

Within less than a day, the remaining twenty-four individuals’ dark pasts were dug up one after the other.

Therefore, everyone started another round of flogging the dead on the internet.

Not a single one of the twenty-six individuals that Lin Huang had killed escaped this fate.

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