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Chapter 164: Lin Huang The Actor

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang frowned as he heard Bai Yan speaking behind him. The reason he did not kill Bai Yan was that n.o.body was allowed to kill any of the partic.i.p.ants during the a.s.sessment or else they would be blacklisted. However, if Bai Yan disturbed him again, he thought about killing Bai Yan in an untraceable way.

“Is there anything else that you’d like to say?” Lin Huang stopped walking and asked in an unfriendly manner.

“I just want to warn you that the news of you stealing all the drugs from the Heisen Castle has been leaked. Many of the partic.i.p.ants are on their way here to get the drugs from you.” Bai Yan reminded him.

“I stole the drugs from the castle?” Where did you hear this from?” Lin Huang was speechless.

“Somebody posted a note on the entrance of the Hunter a.s.sociation, I heard it was done by a girl.” Looking at Lin Huang’s reaction, Bai Yan began doubting the news that he read.

“That b*tch!” Lin Huang knew what happened when he heard it was done by a girl. The only person he knew that he had met was the blond girl with a ponytail. He then asked Bai Yan, “How many people knew about this?”

“Everyone should know about this.” Bai Yan said and could not help but to ask, “Is this not true?”

“Of course it isn’t! I haven’t even stolen them yet!” Lin Huang shouted.

After Bai Yan left, Lin Huang knew that it was not the end. He did not expect the girl would do something like this.

“Crazy b*itch, what was she thinking? We only have a total of 48 hours, if she misled everyone like that, they would waste most of their time on me. Although she could get in my way, there’s no benefit for her if she did something like this. Moreover, if more people were in this jungle, it would be difficult for me to obtain the drug if the people in castle noticed the crowd.” Lin Huang could not understand why the girl would do this. If it was merely because he rejected her offer to team up with him, it would be quite childish.

About 20 minutes later, a crowd rushed into the jungle south of Beixuan City. They have been deceived by the girl in the ponytail, having come here for Lin Huang. However, Lin Huang had used a Specific Transformation Card and transformed himself into the Specter and went underground to head to the castle. As there would be an uproar when the crowd arrived, Lin Huang was forced to start his mission earlier than he had planned.

Lin Huang pa.s.sed through the entrance unground the castle. There was a roofless courtyard inside the castle and the main hall was further in. When he arrived on the first floor, Lin Huang went into the wall and strolled around the entire floor. Aside from a couple of silver-level humans on watch duty, there was nothing else.

Then, he went to the second floor by going through the ceiling and found nothing as well. The same happened for the third and fourth floor, there was no sight of weed at all. When he arrived on the fifth floor, Lin Huang finally found something. There were many staff members in white uniform working on something and there was a ma.s.sive amount of chemicals as well as a complete production line. Pieces of black crystals were made on the production line and were put into a box. Lin Huang watched from the wall, the box was quite small, seemingly only being able to fit 100 pieces of weed in each box. The boxes were wrapped up later on.

After watching the entire production process, Lin Huang noticed that aside from the staff in white uniform, the number of guards were most concentrated on this floor. Aside from one gold-level rank-3 human, there were also 10 silver-level rank-3 humans. Before he got his hand on the weed, Lin Huang did not want to attract any attention. He proceeded to the sixth floor and a stroll, Lin Huang found a warehouse that was filled with hundreds of boxes of the weed crystals.

It was what Lin Huang had been looking for. However, there was a gold-level rank-3 human at the entrance as well as two silver-level humans. There were also five to six silver-level humans walking around the floor. The gold-level rank-3 human seemed to be watching some sort of video on the Heart Network, he was laughing occasionally. As the network page was semitransparent, he was facing the direction where the boxers were placed.

“From this angle, he would definitely notice me stealing the boxes.” Lin Huang frowned as he looked at the surveillance cameras around the room, “This is an issue as well. If the cameras detect my presence, the alarm would go off and people would know there is a break in. By then, they may keep the boxes in their storage rings and my mission would fail.”

Since Lin Huang had yet to find the control room, he left the warehouse and proceeded to the seventh floor and finally found the control room. There were three silver-level guards in there. After observing them for a while, he decided on what his actions would be and summoned Bai behind the three silver-level guards. Before they could even react, their heads were chopped off by Bai’sBlood Spirit wings which transformed into a blade.

Seeing the headless bodies on the chairs, Lin Huang then recalled Bai and went back to the sixth floor. Fearless, Lin Huang stored all hundreds of boxes of weeds in the warehouse into his storage s.p.a.ce while he was in his Specter Form. Just as Lin Huang was storing the boxes, the gold-level human noticed something was wrong. He then stopped watching the video immediately and noticed that the weed had disappeared.

Just as he was figuring out what happened, Bai appeared behind him but was too late for him to reach for anything. Bai covered his mouth with a hand that was transformed from his Blood Spirit wing while his other wings transformed into a sharp spike that pierced his heart from his back. He died a while later, the two silver-level humans did not notice anything at all.

Lin Huang then transformed back into his human form. He walked out from the room with Bai with his two Blood Spirit wings transformed into spikes, piercing through the temples of the two guards at the door. Bai then transformed his other two Blood Spirit wings into vines and sliced through their waist. Although Bai was also silver-level rank 3, he was a monster that had mutated twice. He was similar to a human genius with abilities that were a level higher than most people. A common silver-level rank-3 human was nothing to him.

After the sixth floor was cleared, Lin Huang followed closely behind Bai to the fifth floor. Since n.o.body knew what they had done earlier, many were shocked when they saw the both of them. It was only then that they realized that the castle had been invaded. Lin Huang then summoned Charcoal and the Ghastly Clown. He did not summon Tyrant as it was too big, there was no s.p.a.ce for it to unleash its power.

Just when the gold-level human got ready to attack, he fell into the Ghastly Clown’s trap and could not move. In the midst of all that, Charcoal released its dragonflame and killed all the uniformed staff members, including the silver-level humans while Bai took their lives like the grim reaper. In the 10 seconds that the gold-level human was trapped, the people on the entire floor had been slaughtered by the three monsters.

The gold-level human looked at Lin Huang and knew Lin Huang was the mastermind behind all this.

“Kid, do you know what you are doing? We have three transcendents in Heisen Castle, if you destroy the division, the headquarter would definitely get the transcendents to kill you!”

“They wouldn’t know that this was done by me.” Lin Huang smiled and instructed the three monsters, “Kill him!”

Although the gold-level rank-3 human was powerful, Bai was no less powerful than him. Within a minute, he was killed by the three monsters. After the fifth floor was cleared, Lin Huang did not destroy the manufacturing machine because he wanted the people from the Union Government to take it. After some hesitation, Lin Huang placed 50 boxes of the weed crystals next to the production line.

With his three monsters, he proceeded to kill everyone on the fourth floor. Even the security guards on the security towers killed themselves under the Ghastly Clown’s control. After everyone was killed, Lin Huang went back to the seventh floor and got Charcoal to destroy the control room with its dragonflame. He proceeded to get Charcoal to destroy all the surveillance cameras in the castle.

When Lin Huang recalled the three monsters and walked out of the hall on the first floor, the two Warning Bugs sounded the alarm almost at the same time. The volume was more than 10 times louder than the alarms on earth. Lin Huang ignored the alarms and used a Specific Transformation Card and went underground when he arrived at the door.

He transformed back into his human form when he found a place without any people in the jungle. Many started running to the castle as smoke was coming out of it. Lin Huang followed them as well. Many were hesitating, considering if they should hide in the jungle but they started running after Lin Huang as they recognized his face from the notice posted on the door of the Hunter a.s.sociation.

Lin Huang ran along like the rest and entered the castle with its wide-open doors. Seeing the dead bodies on the ground, many were in shock and forgot about their purpose here which was Lin Huang.

“What happened?” Someone asked.

“I think there was a ma.s.sacre here.” Lin Huang said while glaring at the girl in the ponytail who got him into trouble.

“Let’s look around, they should have the weed crystals that we are looking for.”

“Didn’t you steal all the weed crystal?” Somebody asked.

“I’m only a bronze-level rank-3, do you think I could be able to steal under the watch of two gold-level humans and a bunch of silver-level humans?” Lin Huang said while glaring at the person who asked the question. He then pointed at the girl in the ponytail, “All of you were cheated by this girl. We had some misunderstanding earlier so she set me up by releasing fake news.”

Many looked at the girl in the ponytail. She did not say anything but rushed into the main hall of the castle instead. Lin Huang followed suit and pretended to look for the weed crystals like everybody else. Looking at the b.l.o.o.d.y dead bodies, many exclaimed.

“Who did this… That person must be powerful?”

Soon Lin Huang followed the girl in the ponytail and a couple of other people to the fifth floor. When they saw the boxes next to the production line, they rushed towards them almost at the same time. It was chaotic. Many of the others who heard the noise upstairs and went up. Seeing the boxes, they started fighting. The fifth floor was crowded.

Lin Huang spilled a couple of boxes on purpose to allow the black crystals to roll out of the boxes. Seeing the crystals, the people in a frenzy. After some fighting, Lin Huang managed to get more than 10 boxes while the rest got their own share. Before the rest made it to the fifth floor, all the weed crystals had been taken away. Many who were downstairs regretted not coming upstairs sooner. Some of them even started to negotiate with Lin Huang to see if they could purchase the black crystals from him…

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