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Chapter 171: Right In The*le

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Pa.s.sing through the corridor, Lin Huang arrived at the second monster cage. It was a One-Armed Ape in the cage. The One-Armed Ape was a giant. It was not called the One-Armed Ape because it only had one arm, but because one of its arms were regular sized while the other was as big as its entire body. The gigantic arm had terrifying power and monsters on the same level would die with just a single hit. However, there was a downside to the gigantic arm – it moved at a slow speed. It was the price it had to pay to obtain such power.

Most people would be scared if they saw this monster because a simple rub with its arm would spell certain death. However, Lin Huang smirked as he held the CopperSparrow23 in both of his hands and walked into the corridor. He then started to shoot at the One-Armed Ape. The ape roared in pain as it rushed towards Lin Huang with its giant arm covering its face.

Lin Huang then activated Cloud Steps without much effort and avoided the ape’s attack. He turned around and shot at the ape’s face while it used its giant arm to defend itself. Lin Huang smirked again and said, “Goodbye, big guy!” Lin Huang then leaped to the entrance of the third corridor with the Spectral Snowsteps movement skill. He then disappeared into the third corridor.

The One-Armed Ape groaned in anger. The weakest part of the monster was its head. As soon as it was attacked on its head, its first reaction would be to defend itself with its giant arm. However, that would mean that it would block its own vision. Lin Huang used the opportunity to run away and the entire fight took less than 10 seconds.

Soon, Lin Huang arrived at the final monster cage after pa.s.sing through the third corridor. It was a Silverscale Pangolin. This monster’s attack power and speed were mediocre but it was born with terrifying defensive abilities. When a silver-level rank-3 Silverscale Pangolin goes into its defensive form, it would transform into a silver ball. Even gold-level rank-1 or rank-2 monsters could do nothing to it.

The CopperSparrow23 in Lin Huang’s hands fired again, he was attempting to lure the monster away from the exit. However, he did not expect the Silverscale Pangolin to not attack him but roll into a ball instead. It even rolled itself over to the exit on purpose and blocked the exit entirely.

“Are you kidding me?” Lin Huang was speechless.

He frowned and walked closer to the Silverscale Pangolin before he opened fire. It remained in its defensive mode and seemed like it intended to stay that way until Lin Huang gave up. Standing next to the Silverscale Pangolin, Lin Huang gave it a kick but it did not respond at all.

“Alright then, you’re the one who forced me to do this.” Lin Huang then stored the two modified guns and took out his bronze-level battle sword. He activatedBoundless Vision and walked around the Silverscale Pangolin. He stopped and grinned.

The bronze-level battle sword stabbed into a gap between its scales. The Silverscale Pangolin let out a cry and rolled to the side. As planned, Lin Huang entered the exit of the third corridor. The Silverscale Pangolin gave Lin Huang a deadly stare so he put his arms up and tossed the sword away.

“You’re the one who forced me to do this. If you didn’t get in my way, I wouldn’t have had to stab your*le. I don’t want this sword anymore, keep it as a souvenir.”

Lin Huang then walked towards the exit. Recalling the expression on the Silverscale Pangolin’s face, Lin Huang laughed. The defensive ability of a Silverscale Pangolin was stunning but it had a critical weakness. When it was rolled into its defensive form, there would be a tiny gap between its tail and body. It was hard to see with the naked eye but with the help of Boundless Vision, the gaps between the scales were magnified. With the right angle, it was not difficult to force a sharp blade into the gap. It was the Silverscale Pangolin’s*le, a soft and delicate part of its body. The hole Lin Huang stabbed into earlier was its*le…

Going through the last corridor, Lin Huang was close to the end. Just as he was walking out of the exit, he heard a distinctive voice coming out of the loudspeaker.

“Congratulations partic.i.p.ant No.23, Lin Huang who pa.s.sed through monster shed No.66 and pa.s.sed the third a.s.sessment!”

Within two minutes after the announcement of the first monster was killed, Lin Huang managed to finish the entire journey.

“That’s quick!” Many of the partic.i.p.ants exclaimed. Even the head examiner Jiang Sen could not help but to look at Lin Huang’s performance in the second and third monster cages. He could feel the Silverscale Pangolin’s pain when he saw Lin Huang’s stab its*le.

“This is isn’t just a powerful Imperial Censor. He actually has a good understanding of all monsters’ habits and weaknesses! His mentality and ability are considered to be close to that of a genius. I must recommend him to the management.” Jiang Sen nodded in satisfaction. After downloading the complete video clip of Lin Huang’s performance, Jiang Sen wrote a short report and sent it to the Hunter a.s.sociation of the Division7’s headquarter together with the video clips.

In reality, not many people knew that aside from the recruitment of Copper Hunters through the annual a.s.sessment of the Hunter a.s.sociation, there was a secret evaluation. All head examiners could recommend partic.i.p.ants that they deemed fit individually to the headquarter. Each head examiner would a quota of three recommendations in each a.s.sessment. If any of the recommended partic.i.p.ants were selected, the particular head examiner would be given a luxurious reward.

Aside from managing the a.s.sessment, the responsibility of a head examiner was also to source for talents for the Hunter a.s.sociation. However, not many partic.i.p.ants could pa.s.s the evaluation. There were around 180 a.s.sessment points in the entire Division7 with five head examiners each. With two a.s.sessment annually and three recommendation from each head examiner, the Hunter a.s.sociation would receive more than 5,000 recommendations in Division7 alone. However, there would be less than 10 people who could pa.s.s and it was usually only four to five people who would pa.s.s the evaluation.

When the list arrived at the headquarter, the respective managers would go through the list for a preliminary review. After that, the doc.u.ments would be given to the other managers for a review. After the review was over, the managers would conduct a meeting with each other for a final review. Once the final review was over, an application for intensive training would be carried out. Once a partic.i.p.ant arrived at this stage, they were considered to be a member of the intensive training group. As long as the partic.i.p.ant was not involved in the underworld, they would remain eligible for the intensive training group.

After Lin Huang’s name was sent, he pa.s.sed the preliminary review and review. As the managers were all transcendents, they could tell that Tyrant was a double mutated monster with one glance. Theoretically, an Imperial Censor who owned a double mutated monster would worth the resources that went into intensive training. Soon they arrived at the final review.

The manager who was responsible for the review gathered the 12 managers of the Division7. Besides Xu Tianyu, the rest who presented at the meeting were all holograms.

“Lao Xu, we have been busy with the a.s.sessment these past few days. Do you have a recommendation for anyone who had pa.s.sed your review?” A lady whose age could not be estimated chuckled.

“I think so. That could be the only reason.” A hunk nodded in all seriousness.

Xu Tianyu sat on the president’s seat and smiled at everyone, “That’s right, we have a recommendation here. I can’t decide for myself, so I thought I’d ask for your opinions.”

Xu Tianyu then played the video clip of Lin Huang during the a.s.sessment. Everyone was silent after watching the video.

“Is this it? Are there more videos?” An old man with a white beard and hair bun asked.

“There’s none at the moment, the kid only revealed his ability as an Imperial Censor this one time.” Xu Tianyu shook his head. “The summoning monster looked like a giant but it’s obviously a new type of monster that had gone through two mutations. Aside from its immense strength, it hasn’t shown any other abilities that are more powerful.”

“How about the Imperial Censor himself? Are there any videos of him in the combat?” Somebody asked.

Xu Tianyu nodded and played the two video clips of Lin Huang that were taken in the following monster cages.

“His mentality isn’t bad, movement skills as well. From his sword skill, I can see that he has the standard of a beginner gunmaster. He seems to know monsters well. However, that’s one quality that all Imperial Censors should have. As a whole, he is considered a common genius, there’s nothing else to shout about.” The old man in hairpin commented.

“I wouldn’t agree to list him into the intensive training group based on this double mutated monster that has no room for improvement.”

“Although this double mutated monster is a new type of monster, what it had shown was merely its strength. It’s not difficult to tell that it’s just a strength-based monster, something similar to a giant. Even if such a monster manages to become a transcendent, its intelligence would be stunted. Among all the transcendent monsters, this belongs to the weakest kind. If it’s similar a double mutated monster who possessed the ability to control people like what we read in the earlier report, I’d definitely agree to put him into intensive training. However, from what we can see from this monster alone, it wouldn’t be worth training him in the long run. It’s no different from a special monster that went through one mutation. I don’t agree about putting him into intensive training.”

“With this monster alone, I don’t see a future in him. I disagree.” The lady who spoke earlier shook her head.

“I disagree!”

“I disagree!”

“I disagree!”

Lin Huang was rejected by everyone in the final review. Xu Tianyu nodded, “I understand, I shall turn him down then.”

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