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Chapter 178: You’ve Got Beautiful Eyes

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang had finally located the first coordinate of the red dots on the map in the forest west of the a.s.sessment location.

Although the red dot was moving quickly, it was impossible for it to move faster than the Alexandrian Eagle.

The Alexandrian Eagle quickly flew towards the man. Lin Huang then recalled his eagle and blocked the man’s way.

“Haha, a little brat that comes to me all by himself…” The man looked at Lin Huang and teased.

Lin Huang sized up the man. He was not tall and was rather skinny with pale skin and he looked around 20 years old.

“Are you one of the heretics?”

The young man squinted his eyes as he heard this. “Who are you?”

“I think so.” Despite avoiding the question, Lin Huang could still confirm his ident.i.ty. He extended his hand and summoned Tyrant before commanding, “Kill him!”

The young man immediately became alert when he saw Tyrant. Two of the gold weapon rings were instantly transformed into two short blades.

Right after Tyrant had received his orders, he thrust forward and struck a blow at the young man.

The next moment, Tyrant’s quickly sped up his blow and a loud sound was heard from the sky.

The young man failed to avoid the attack. He lifted his hand and placed both of the short blades in front of his chest.


There was a loud explosion and the young man was blown away. Both of the short blades he was holding onto flew away.

The young man died after cras.h.i.+ng into several huge trees.

“Congratulations, you’ve obtained a Rare Skill Card – Hundred Flowing Blades‘.”

Once the notification window popped up, Lin Huang could confirm that the man had died without even going near him.

He did not check the information of the new Skill Card that he had just obtained. Lin Huang instructed Tyrant to collect the corpse and he took both gold-level short blades that had flown away just now. The blades were still functioning well.

After keeping the corpse and the short blades in storage, Lin Huang took out his Emperor’s Heart Ring and after staring at the ring for a moment, Lin Huang then threw it at Tyrant’s feet and commanded, “Crush it.” Tyrant then stepped on the ring and it was instantly broken into pieces.

Lin Huang recalled Tyrant and summoned the Alexandrian Eagle once again and headed towards the second red dot closest to their location on the map.

Division7, Hunter a.s.sociation Headquarters .

Mu Lan’s information had spread quickly to Xu Tianyu who was the executive officer of the a.s.sessment. He then gathered the other executive officers.

In the meeting room, 11 holograms of the executives appeared.

“Old Xu, why are you calling for an urgent meeting? Are you going to talk about the locations for the intensive training again?” One of the executives teased.

“No, it has nothing to do with the locations for the intensive training. One of the head examiners informed me that her examination site was being attacked by the heretics. She said that through a trial, they’ve discovered that the heretics have sneaked into 63 examination sites in Division7. They’re looking for candidates that have pa.s.sed our a.s.sessment. They will then brainwash them and train them as new members of the Heretic Organization. Among the 63 examination sites, each of them now has a holy fire-level heretic as the leader of the team and 10 Gold-level hunters.” Xu Tianyu then reported the information he had to the others.

“I guess it is just a rumor. The heretics have been keeping a low profile all these years. Why would they suddenly do this? Moreover, there are more than 180 examination sites in Division7. If they sneaked into 63 of them, that would mean that we’ve heretics sneaking into a third of our a.s.sessment sites. Do you really think this could happen?!” The executive that teased Xu Tianyu earlier immediately shook his head and refuted in disapproval.

“Tianyu, are you sure she mentioned the heretics?” The old man frowned and asked.

“Yes.” Xu Tianyu nodded his head, “Li Lao, why do you ask?”

“A few days ago, Mr. Fu called me. We discussed the a.s.sessment. He then reminded me to be aware of the heretics or any other forces. I thought it was just a gentle reminder and did not bother so much.” The old man then told him what happened a few days ago.

“Li Lao, is it Mr. Fu from the Union Government?” Xu Tianyu immediately asked while the rest of them s.h.i.+fted their gazes towards Li Lao.

“Other than him, are there any other Mr. Fu’s in Division7?” Li Lao glanced at Xu Tianyu.

“If Mr. Fu was the one who reminded you, could it be true? Who told you about this?” A middle-aged woman immediately asked.

“A female head examiner told me about this. I’m not sure who she was. I’ll ask them regarding this matter.”

“Let’s listen to the recording of the call when she informed you about this.” Li Lao suggested.

Xu Tianyu nodded his head and played the recording.

After listening to the recording, a woman said, “If I’m not mistaken, that should be Mu Lan’s voice. I’ve met her twice. She’s quite good and wouldn’t report to you without evidence.”

“Is Mu Lan the girl who’s ranked fourth on the Gold Hunter Leaderboard?” Many of the executive officers had heard her name before.

“Yes, it must be her. Old Xu, please confirm again.” The woman told Xu Tianyu.

After a moment, Xu Tianyu nodded his head, “It’s confirmed that the information was provided by Mu Lan.”

“It seems that there’s indeed something wrong with the a.s.sessment.” Li Lao and the other executive officers had a serious expression on their faces.

“We can’t set up an interdimensional blockade now. Otherwise, the heretics would notice it. They’ll escape the interdimensional blockade and leave through the dimensional portal before the holy fire rescuers arrive.”

“We can’t make an official announcement to inform the candidates either as there are heretics among them. We can only inform the head examiners so that they can figure out ways to delay them. It would be best to rescue them without notifying the holy fire heretics.”

“We can’t stop the a.s.sessment. We have to carry on with it. Otherwise, the heretics might notice our actions…”

“Now, we’re going to ask our holy fire-level transcendent hunters to go to the nearest a.s.sessment site to them. Upon their arrival, only then will we ask them to stop the a.s.sessment and set up an interdimensional blockade!”

12 of the executive officers quickly came up with a solution and informed the other a.s.sessment sites about it…

In less than half an hour, Lin Huang killed three heretics continuously.

Just as Lin Huang was getting closer to the fourth red dot, Lin Huang could sense that the opponent was a girl. He activated Boundless Vision and looked through the gaps between the branches and leaves. Lin Huang was stunned when he saw her from the side.

“She’s with the heretics!” Lin Huang saw Xia Yu.

While Lin Huang was startled from his discovery, she seemed to have sensed Lin Huang looking at her and she looked in his direction. She grinned and suddenly disappeared.

“Are you looking for me?” A voice was heard behind Lin Huang.

Lin Huang was taken aback as Xia Yu appeared without him noticing. She was less than 10 meters away from him. However, Lin Huang’s sensing circle did not respond to her. This indicated that Xia Yu’s had the combat ability of a holy fire transcendent. She must be the transcendent leader of the heretics’ operation.

“Oh, I just pa.s.sed by and I sensed that there was a person moving over there. I didn’t know that it was you.” Lin Huang’s heart sank but he did not show it on his face. “I’m going to continue with my monster hunt. You can continue playing.”

“Lin Huang, do you really like the Hunter a.s.sociation so much? Privileges are only given to the geniuses involved in intensive training while other organizations treat everyone equally. Training resources should only be able to be obtained by hunting down monsters or completing a task with their own two hands.”

“Although you are talented, don’t ever think about getting a place in intensive training from the Hunter a.s.sociation. Each year, there are limited slots for intensive training in Division7. Spots are usually given to the geniuses that are capable of killing enemies that are one level above them.” Apparently, Xia Yu did not know that Lin Huang himself had killed a silver-level rank-3 monster during the third a.s.sessment. Otherwise, she would not have mentioned this.

“I’ve told you that I’m not interested in joining you regardless of what organization you’re from. You don’t need to waste your time on me. I believe there are many other talented people out there. You can look other people.” Lin Huang then turned his back to her when he was about to leave.

“We have found many of them and most of them had agreed to join us.” Xia Yu laughed as he heard what Lin Huang said.

“Oh, congratulations.” Lin Huang then summoned the Alexandrian Eagle.

“You have asked me before which organization I’m from right? Don’t you want to know now?” Xia Yu asked with a smile.

“It is best to avoid trouble whenever possible. I’m not interested any longer.” Lin Huang shook his head and rode off on the Alexandrian Eagle.

“What if I insisted on you joining our organization?” Xia Yu tilted her head and asked.

“Bye.” Lin Huang patted the Alexandrian Eagle. Fluttering its wings, it flew up to the sky in an instant.

Lin Huang was relieved after he acted stupidly just now. Just as he thought that he had managed to escape, a hand suddenly patted his shoulder.

Lin Huang was frightened. When he turned back, he saw Xia Yu stabilizing herself, standing on the Alexandrian Eagle’ back.

“Eh, do you really hate me so much?” Xia Yu crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“When did you come on?!” Lin Huang was startled.

“I followed after you when you took off.” Xia Yu said proudly.

“What do you want from me?” Lin Huang was helpless.

“As long as you promise to join us, I’ll not bother you anymore.” Xia Yu was not giving up.

“What do you like about me? Can I change it to something else?”

“You’ve got beautiful eyes. If you can give it to me, I’d consider giving up.” Xia Yu was simply being unreasonable and Lin Huang was speechless.

At that moment, the communication page of Lin Huang’s Emperor’s Heart Ring suddenly popped up and rang. It was an unknown number.

“Eh, your Emperor’s Heart Ring rang. Aren’t you going to answer the call?” Xia Yu asked.

“No. It must be those direct sale calls.” Lin Huang shook his head because it was likely Mu Lan’s number. Xia Yu was right behind him. If he answered the call, she would have found out.

He directly ended the call. Lin Huang was trying to figure out a way to settle this matter. However, after a short while, the communication page popped up again.

“It’s the same number. You should just answer the call.” Xia Yu suggested.

“No.” Just as Lin Huang was about to end the call, Xia Yu moved a tad bit faster than him and answered the video call.

Mu Lan’s face was instantly projected before them. She then said, “Lin Huang, why are your coordinates on the same location as the red dot? Both of you are heading towards the same direction at a fast speed…”

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