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Chapter 179: Mu Lan vs Xia Yu

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Once Mu Lan finished speaking, she noticed that there was a girl behind Lin Huang, bending down her body, staring at the projection suspiciously.

“d.a.m.n! I’m doomed!” Lin Huang’s facial expression changed abruptly and he quickly closed the communication page. He then communicated with the Alexandrian Eagle telepathically.

Flapping hard, it turned a few rounds in the air and attempted to get rid of Xia Yu.

However, Xia Yu’s legs seemed to have deeply rooted itself in the eagle’s back as she was standing firmly on it even when it struggled. Even if the Alexandrian Eagle was to hang upside down in the air, Xia Yu’s legs would never leave the eagle’s body.

Lin Huang was the one who had to bend his body down a hug the eagle tightly. He grabbed its feather tightly as he almost fell.

“So all this while, you actually know my ident.i.ty but you acted ignorantly?” Xia Yu stared at Lin Huang expressionlessly.

“No, I just found out.” Lin Huang told her the truth since he knew he could not get rid of her. “I went after the red dot on the map which showed where members of the Heretic Organization was located and you were there.”

“How much do you know about us?” Xia Yu’s face was very serious.

“Almost everything.” Lin Hung felt that there was nothing he could hide anymore.

“Has the woman informed Hunter a.s.sociation about this?” Xia Yu continued asking.

Although Lin Huang had immediately closed the communication page, he knew who she was referring to.

“Yes, you’re right. The operation was uncovered. The Hunter a.s.sociation would send transcendents to get this settled.” Lin Huang nodded his head and said, “You should stop now!”

“In this case, I’ll bring you back with me.” Xia Yu extended her arms, about to catch him after she finished her sentence.

However, Lin Huang quickly recalled the Alexandrian Eagle before she had even finished her sentence. They both fell in mid-air and Xia Yu’s attack missed him.

Just as he was about to reach the ground, he summoned the Alexandrian Eagle again and flew up into the sky.

The Alexandrian Eagle flew up into to the sky but Xia Yu began chasing after them again shortly after.

Xia Yu had a cold, stony expression on her face as she grinned at them. Her voice was clearly heard by Lin Huang, “Do you know that the more you try to fight against me, the more determined I am to bring you back to the heretics?”

“You’re such a crazy woman!” Lin Huang scolded her, instructing the Alexandrian Eagle, “Go down!”

The Alexandrian Eagle tucked in its wings and landed on the ground.

“There’s no way you can escape!” Xia Yu’s voice was heard again. She did not give up the chase, seemingly holding a grudge against Lin Huang.

Before he landed on the ground, the Alexandrian Eagle flapped its wings again and glided through the air.

“Slow down!”

Lin Huang saw a big tree not far away. He leaped towards the tree and used both legs to step on the branches.

He then bounced from branch to branch and fled.

“Do you think that you’ll manage to escape just by going into the forest?” Again, Xia Yu’s voice was suddenly heard behind him.

When he saw the open s.p.a.ce in front of him, he sped up, jumping down from tree branches to land in the open s.p.a.ce. He then stopped.

“Why aren’t you escaping anymore?” Xia Yu was still floating in mid-air, not touching the ground because she was worried that there were traps on the ground.

“The Alexandrian Eagle can’t fly faster than you and I can’t run away from you in the forest. Trying to escape is a waste of strength.” Lin Huang shrugged his shoulder.

“So are you going to give up and leave with me?” Xia Yu grinned. She was even more interested in Lin Huang after chasing after him.

“Of course not. I won’t be influenced so easily.” Lin Huang shook his head, “Since I can’t run away from you, let’s fight!”

“You want to fight me?” Xia Yu laughed when she heard what Lin Huang said. “Do you know my combat level?”

“I know you’re a holy fire transcendent.” Lin Huang nodded his head.

“Yes, you’re right about that. However, I’m not holy fire-level rank-1. I’m a holy fire-level rank-2 instead and I’m about to achieve holy fire-level rank-3. Even if you could summon a gold-level rank-3 mutated monster, you wouldn’t be able to defend yourself against me.” Xia Yu grinned when she revealed her actual combat level to him.

Lin Huang had heard about the five colors in the holy fire-level before. After the Life Fire was ignited, each change in the Life Fire color would result in significant improvements in combat level. Those who were on holy fire-level rank-3 could instantly kill creatures on holy fire-level rank-1. Even those who were on holy fire-level rank-2 were much stronger than those on holy fire-level rank-1. It was indeed not exaggerating to say that Xia Yu could kill the gold-level rank-3 mutated monster in an instant.

Lin Huang wanted to summon Tyrant so that he could delay her a little. However, listening to what Xia Yu told him, he hesitated for a while.

At that moment, a screeching sound was heard and a large bird flew towards them.

“Mu Lan?!” Lin Huang could immediately recognize the Four-Winged Dragon Condor.

Xia Yu raised her head as well and looked at the Four-Winged Dragon Condor. She definitely knew who the monster belonged to.

The Four-Winged Dragon Condor flapped its wings and landed on the ground, stirring up a gust of dust.

Mu Lan jumped down from the Four-Winged Dragon Condor and recalled it. She then looked at Lin Huang and asked, “Are you okay?”

“You nearly killed me…” What Lin Huang said was the truth. He might still be hanging in mid-air, attempting to delay her a little while longer if it was not because of her. He would not have had to escape so clumsily.

“I’m sorry. She was right behind you and I didn’t notice her at first. I only knew that there was a person behind you right after she bent down her body …” Mu Lan immediately apologized.

“Hi, head examiner. How are you?” Xia Yu looked at Mu Lan with a smile.

“You’re the leader of the heretics?” Mu Lan frowned and looked at Xia Yu as she could not really remember seeing her.

“You’re right.” Xia Yu smiled as she looked at Mu Lan. “Mu Lan is the daughter of the Mu royal family. You’re 17 years old with gold-level rank-3 combat level. You major in the sword and you’re an Imperial Censor. You are currently ranked fourth on the Gold Hunter Leaderboard. I can’t believe that you came to me by yourself. If I can capture you, this operation won’t be considered a failure.”

“Then let’s see if you’re capable of doing so!” Despite facing a transcendent opponent, she showed no fear on her face. She was holding a blue sword relic in her hand.

“You’re holding a 5-Star Sea Chasm Sword relic. The Mu family is investing a lot in you. No wonder you’re not even afraid of me even though you know fair well that I’m a transcendent.” Xia Yu could immediately identify the long sword in Mu Lan’s hand.

“I’ve killed three holy fire transcendents using this sword.” Mu Lan said coldly.

“It’s a good sword. However, you can’t change the fact that you’re gold-level rank-3. Regardless of how powerful your relic is, you won’t be able to fully utilize it.” Xia Yu grinned as she said this and a huge black sickle appeared in her hand.

“So big…” Lin Huang sighed as he saw the weapon that looked like Death’s Sickle. The size of the sickle did not match Xia Yu’s body size. Xia Yu’s was about 1.6 meters tall in height but the length of her sickle was approximately two meters.

“I’ll show you the true force of a relic when a holy fire transcendent wields it.” As soon as she finished her sentence, she turned the large sickle around and grabbed the end of the sword. She seemed to use the sickle with ease.

Her sickle released a beam of black light that caused a stir, distorting the air around it as it flew by.

Although the beam of black light seemed to be moving slowly, Lin Huang could tell that it was not the case because it appeared in front of Mu Lan in an instant.

Xia Yu had apparently excluded Lin Huang from the battle as she believed that Lin Huang would definitely die if her attack hit him as he was only a silver-level hunter. In addition, she was not afraid that Lin Huang would run away as she needed only about two minutes to defeat the daughter of the Mu family. She could catch Lin Huang after that.

Of course, Mu Lan was not going to let this happen.

She did not avoid her attacks at all, unsheathing the sword relic in her hand without a moment’s hesitation. A beam of blue light streaked across the sky that resembled a blue comet racing across the sky.

Soon, the tip of her blue sword hit Xia Yu’s black sickle.

A loud bang was heard when both weapons touched one another. It was not the sound you would usually hear when weapons collided. It sounded more like two immensely powerful forces cras.h.i.+ng together.

After a short while, the glow from the black sickle disappeared. Mu Lan’s body then swayed a little and the blue glow appeared again, like a fiery beam that moved towards Xia Yu.

Xia Yu’s pupils rapidly dilated, as she put on a serious expression.

She brandished her large sickle again and part of her blades disappeared. The moment it reappeared, it was already touching the tip of Mu Lan’s sword.

A loud explosive noise was then heard.

Mu Lan who was hanging in mid-air was blown away and retreated about 10 meters away.

“No wonder you dared to challenge me. It’s unbelievable that the Mu family had taught you The Sword Immortal’s Path!” Xia Yu retreated a few meters away too.

“I didn’t expect this from you too. As far as I know, Trials of Death is a combat skill that the heretics would only teach the saints. No wonder you’re already holy fire-level rank-2 although you’re still so young. If you didn’t use this skill, I would still think that you’re a old woman that behaves like an underage girl.” Mu Lan could confirm her ident.i.ty after the fight.

“Humph, you’re not qualified to call me an old aunty. I should be the one addressing you in that way!” Xia Yu was angry.

“So you’re admitting that you have stunted growth?” Mu Lan purposely said that with her head held high.

“d.a.m.n, old woman!” Xia Yu seemed to be particularly sensitive to this topic. She then waved the sickle in her hand and the blade disappeared again.

Mu Lan stabbed her sword into the ground abruptly and a loud clang was heard. Mu Lan then leaped up in the air, retreating back to a tree not far away. She stepped on the tree trunk and her body disappeared in an instant.

The next moment when she appeared, the tip of the blade and Xia Yu’s sickle hit against each other.

“No wonder you could defend against my attacks easily. You’re wearing the Revolution Armor which is a 4-Star defensive relic!” Xia Yu finally noticed that as her attacks could do no harm to Mu Lan.

“It’s not too late for you to retreat now. We’ve killed your companion. If you insist on fighting me, you won’t be able to escape later when the transcendent team arrives!” Mu Lan knew that her opponent had no way to defeat her and the attacks had no effect on Xia Yu as well.

“Humph! If I can’t catch you, I will catch him!” Xia Yu then extended her arms towards Lin Huang…

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