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Chapter 180: Please Give Me Some Respect

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang was alert when both of them were fighting to avoid any unexpected incidents.

As expected, since Xia Yu’s attacks were rendered useless, she then s.h.i.+fted her aim back at Lin Huang.

When Xia Yu was coming for him, before she could even launch an attack, Lin Huang commanded, “Tyrant!”

The next moment, Tyrant appeared out of nowhere and stood before Lin Huang. He was completely blocked by Tyrant’s large body. Xia Yu could not see a thing!

“Humph!” Xia Yu scoffed as she saw Tyrant appear. She turned the claws on her hands that were about to reach Lin Huang into her palm and slammed them against Tyrant’s chest.

She thought that it would be impossible for gold-level rank-3 monsters, even those that had mutated to survive such an attack.

Tyrant retreated a few steps backward as her palm hit him. However, only cracks that looked like spider webs appeared on his chest. A strong shockwave came off Tyrant’s body and hit her, causing her to retreat a few steps back too.

Xia Yu was startled and she took a look at Tyrant. The spider web-like cracks that appeared on his chest had healed quickly on its own while she was looking at it. After a few moments, the cracks had completely healed.

“He’s a monster double mutated monster with impressive defensive and self-recovery abilities!” Xia Yu’s eyes immediately brightened up.

Even Mu Lan who was standing right next to her was surprised, seeing Tyrant alive despite being struck by Xia Yu’s attack. Mu Lan knew how powerful Xia Yu was as she had just fought her. Although she did not attack using her sickle and just used the claws on her hands, a gold-level rank-3 monster would be incapable of defending itself against such an attack.

However, aside than retreating a few steps back, the injuries to Tyrant’s body had already healed itself. She instantly knew that Tyrant was a monster that had gone through two mutations.

“His defensive and self-healing abilities are indeed terrifying.” Even Mu Lan was amazed by his abilities.

“Lin Huang, you really surprised me!” Xia Yu grinned and said, “Let me test and see the extent of this large creature’s defensive abilities.”

As soon as she finished her sentence, Xia Yu brandished her large sickle again.

At that moment, there was a beam of blue light that streaked across the sky, flying rapidly towards Xia Yu.

Xia Yu frowned and she had to defend against the attack.

The black sickle tore through the air and was about to slash at Mu Lan’s body.

The large black sickle and the blue longsword then collided once again.

A sizzling sound was heard when the gold and black Life Power crashed into one another. The sound was similar to the sound of flowing electric current.

After a short while, the impact of their Life Power had reached its peak, causing an explosion.

Mu Lan retreated and landed on the ground, directing all of the forces acting on her body into the ground through her armor.

“Daughter of the Mu Family, are you sure that you’re not going to give up?” Xia Yu stared at Mu Lan coldly.

“Lin Huang is a member of the Hunter a.s.sociation. I won’t allow you to bring him back. Furthermore, you’re a transcendent. How capable are you if you’re trying to bully someone who’s only silver-level?” Mu Lan stood before Tyrant, having no intention whatsoever to retreat.

“Am I bullying him? I feel that Hunter a.s.sociation can’t provide him with the best training. Therefore, I’ve decided to bring him to the heretics so that he can be properly trained. I believe that he can s.h.i.+ne with the heretics. Also, he hasn’t pa.s.sed the a.s.sessment yet so technically, he isn’t considered to be a regular member of the Hunter a.s.sociation yet.” Xia Yu looked towards Tyrant’s direction.

“He is indeed not a regular member yet. However, he’s one of the candidates under my supervision. As the head examiner, I won’t let you bring him back. In addition, the Hunter a.s.sociation would definitely train talented hunters. You don’t have to worry about that. I believe that Lin Huang can do well in the Hunter a.s.sociation.” Mu Lan then said.

“So you insist on getting in my way?” Xia Yu had a stone cold expression on her face.

“Yes, you’re right.” Mu Lan had no intention of retreating as she shot back a gaze at Xia Yu.

“That’s good. There are some abilities that I’ve held back on but you’ve forced my hand.” Xia Yu said as she put her weapon away and weaved an intricate sigil in the air.

Mu Lan’s facial expression immediately changed as she turned her head around to yell at Lin Huang, “Leave! Quickly!”

“It’s too late…” Lin Huang lifted his head and stared at the sky with fear.

A powerful aura spread in the air before something seemed to appear, filling the air of Little Devil Island with a terrifying aura.

Countless monsters crawled around in fear, bodies trembling as if they were before a king, wors.h.i.+pping him.

Although Tyrant did not prostrate on the ground, his body began to shake slightly too.

While both of them looked at the monsters, a large sickle made of pure gold appeared before Xia Yu.

“Regal Relic – G.o.dslayer Sickle…” Mu Lan’s face immediately turned pale as she spat out the words.

“This is the ultimate relic – G.o.dslayer Sickle. In Heretics, only the three Saints and president were allowed to activate this relic. Xia Yu said with a smile, looking down at Mu Lan. “About the abilities this sickle gives me… You should’ve heard about it, right?”

“It cuts through everything…” Mu Lan frowned.

“Yes, it cuts through everything. Be it the 5-Star Sea Chasm Sword in your hand, the 4-Star Relic – Revolution Armor or that huge creature with its impressive defensive abilities… With just one cut, everything can be cut in half!” Xia Yu lifted the large golden sickle that was even bigger than the previous one and pointed it towards Mu Lan.

Lin Huang’s expression changed after listening to what Xia Yu had said. He never knew that a weapon with such horrifying powers existed in this world.

She brandished the gold sickle in her hand after she finished her sentence.

A golden glow appeared before of Mu Lan. Mu Lan was not able to dodge the attack and had no time to defend against it. The golden blade then slashed her body.

“Am I dead?” Mu Lan lowered her head and looked at her wounds. She then noticed her armor beginning to crack but she was not injured at all.

“Don’t worry. I’ve just removed that annoying Revolution Armor that you’re wearing. It’s better to capture you alive than killing you. You are a hunter that is ranked fourth on the Gold Hunter Leaderboard and you’re also the focus of the Hunter a.s.sociation. It would be a waste to kill you. Perhaps the heretics would need you. If you upgrade to a holy fire transcendent, your abilities wouldn’t be weak at all.” Xia Yu’s voice was heard coming from above.

Lin Huang frowned as he attempted to think of ways to solve this situation. The opponent’s weapon was terrifying. She could slaughter any of the monsters he could summon with just one hit. If he were to summon Charcoal and Bai, they would definitely die and they would still be in danger.

On the other hand, Mu Lan was nervous as the G.o.dslayer Sickle was a very dangerous weapon. It does not only cut through everything but it has invisible attacks as well. Even if she wanted to flee, she would have no way to escape under such circ.u.mstances.

“Daughter of the Mu Family, you can now bid farewell to your Sea Chasm Sword.” Xia Yu grinned and attempted to cut it in half.

A golden glow appeared out of nowhere and slashed at the Sea Chasm Sword in Mu Lan’s hand.

A purple laser beam appeared abruptly at just the right moment and collided with the golden glow of the sickle.

Unexpectedly, the impact had caused the golden glow to dissipate.

A large shadow then appeared beside Mu Lan.

It was a middle-aged man with thick brows that had a scar on the left side of his lips.

Lin Huang could recognize him immediately. He was the transcendent that fought the Ghastly Clown in Daxi City.

“Uncle Zhu Nian!” Mu Lan was surprised the moment when she saw him.

“You’re Zhu Nian?” Apparently, Xia Yu had heard his name before.

“I’m surprised that you know me too.” Zhu Nian looked at the girl floating in mid-air with a smile.

“Of course, how can I not remember the name of the nominated candidate for the position of executive officer in Division7.” Xia Yu said with fear, knowing full well that her opponent was a transcendent that was about to achieve immortal-level. Once he was upgraded to immortal-level, he would become the executive officer of Hunter a.s.sociation. With such authority, the powers that came with his position would be incomparable.

“Miss Saint, please don’t put them through too much trouble.” He said while looking at Xia Yu with a smile. Actually, it was his way of giving both parties a way to step down and save face.

The people respected Xia Yu. If she caught them, she would probably trigger a battle between the heretics and the Hunter a.s.sociation. The entire region from Division1 to Division12 would then fall into chaos.

Xia Yu knew that she would not be able to catch anyone as Zhu Nian was there. Knowing that her opponent was trying not to embarra.s.s her, she also understood that he was actually hinting at her, saying in his mind, “You should stop and leave now.”

Her mission had failed and it was useless to continue any farther.

“Mr. Zhu Nian, since you’ve offered, then I’ll let it go.” Xia Yu s.h.i.+fted her gaze towards Lin Huang and Mu Lan and grinned. “We still have time. I’ll let them stay at the Hunter a.s.sociation first. I’ll look for a chance and bring them back to the heretics.”

Obviously, she was trying to provoke them. Zhu Nian laughed after listening to what she had said and held his tongue.

Putting away the gold sickle, Xia Yu summoned a dimensional portal before the three of them and went in. Before the portal closed, she waved at them.

Right after Xia Yu left, Lin Huang finally recalled Tyrant.

Zhu Nian looked at Lin Huang as if he was in deep thought. He then told both of them, “Let’s go back to the a.s.sessment location first. Tell me what happened.”

After bringing the both of them back to the a.s.sessment location, the candidates were released from the pseudo-prison. Zhu Nian then began to ask about the incident.

Lin Huang and Mu Lan told him everything. Zhu Nian nodded his head after listening to them.

“I will report this to the superiors. The a.s.sessment may need to be paused. We’ll have to wait for the official announcement to determine if the a.s.sessment will continue. You may stay on the island during this period of time.” Zhu Nian quickly came out with a solution.

Mu Lan and the rest of the candidates had no objections. They then set up their own tents.

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