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Chapter 188: The Keeper Of The 50th Battle

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After squeezing the opponent’s neck with three fingers, a gigantic body fell on the ground.

“Congratulations, you have won the battle!”

“You managed to kill your opponent in one hit, you have obtained 2 points!”

“Congratulations for 40 consecutive wins!”

As he completed the 40th win, many people came to the room to watch him after hearing the notification that was announced on the sixth floor. However, all they could see was Lin Huang disappearing from the ring. Not many people managed to win 30 battles consecutively, let alone 40 battles. Those who have won 40 battles consecutively were all professionals. If someone did manage to win 50 battles consecutively, the announcement would not only be posted to the entire sixth floor but would also be played from the first to the ninth floor. In the whole of Division7. From the first floor all the way to the ninth. The number of people who have managed to win 50 battles consecutively was only in the single digits.

With his mask, Lin Huang stood in the arena hall on the sixth floor to check his score.

“Nickname: Sword Genius”

“Combat Strength: Silver-Level Rank-3”

“Battle Count: 40”

“Acc.u.mulated Points: 600”

“Winning Percentage: 100%”

“600 points, there’s still a long way to go…” Lin Huang frowned, he decided to leave the game anyway. Little did he know, that many in the audience of the ring, were still talking about him.

“This Sword Genius used to fight ruthlessly, but now he completely changed. Not only was he stable, but his strategy was flawless, even his combat spirit was different than before…”

“That’s true, he had some flaws in his strategy before, as well as issues in his combat rhythm. Now he did not even give a chance to his opponents, he was like a lifeless killing machine.”

The young man in golden robe gave a short comment. “He is a changed man!”

If a players account with Hunter Arena could be logged in by someone else. Many people would have thought Lin Huang’s, ‘Sword Genius’ account was being played by someone else instead. Having no idea that he was being discussed by many in the arena, and turning off the game. Lin Huang sat and watched the last ten battles he had fought. Although he was a couple of times better than before, he still managed to find points that he could improve on.

“The blocking point was not the best angle to apply force, the effect would be better if I stepped two centimeters back… The landing point from avoiding the attack was slightly too far, if I could be ten centimeters closer it would improve the precision of the counter-attack… There’s some problem with the angle of this punch…”

Lin Huang was harsh on his own battle a.n.a.lysis. He wanted himself to be cleaner, more precise and faster. So that each attack would reach its maximum impact. After he was done with the a.n.a.lysis, Lin Huang took a look at the battle videos of the person who ranked No.1 ‘South Palace Laugh’. He only went to bed after midnight, in the early hours of the morning.

The Gun Master ring arrived the next day at noon. Lin Huang gave one to Lin Xuan and kept another one for himself. However, Lin Xuan still had to use Lin Xin’s ring as he could not create an account yet. The Emperor’s Heart Ring that Lin Huang bought for him would only arrive at least a week later. For the following days, Lin Huang had been researching on the ‘South Palace Laugh’s videos before entering the game again.

As he pressed the challenge b.u.t.ton, he was soon sent to a ring that was surrounded by people. Although Lin Huang could not hear the voice, he could see that there were more people than the last round. There were at least 2,000 people in the crowd and the number was increasing. However, he did not think that the people were here for him, more like the fans of his opponent.

He then started to check out his opponent. He was a tanned man of 2.5 meters tall. He was half naked showing his tanned upper body with terrifying muscles. He was not considered handsome, however, he gave out a ferocious vibe. Especially his eyes, they looked crazy and dangerous.

“This is a dangerous man…” That was the first impression Lin Huang got when he saw his opponent, then he took a look at his score.

“Nickname: Mad Tiger”

“Combat Strength: Silver-Level Rank-3”

“Battle Count: 989”

“Acc.u.mulated Points: 711”

“Winning Percentage: 83%”

Since he had fought almost 1,000 battles, he should be an old-timer. Moreover, he managed to maintain his winning percentage at 83%, it showed that this person, was a professional.

“40 consecutive wins, all were killed in one hit…” ‘Mad Tiger’ licked his lips after checking out Lin Huang’s score. Although Lin Huang did not fight many battles, however, it was not easy that he managed to win 40 battles consecutively. Furthermore, from his score, it was not hard to tell that he managed to kill all his opponents under one hit. It had piqued ‘Mad Tiger’s interest.

There were more and more people in the audience, looking at both scores, they were excited about the battle. One was a powerful old-timer while another was a rookie who had never lost a battle before. Who would win?!

As the countdown started, seeing Lin Huang not using his sword, ‘Mad Tiger’ yelled at Lin Huang, “Since you call yourself ‘Sword Genius’, you must be an expert in sword skills then? If you don’t pull out your sword now, you wouldn’t have the time later.”

“It’s alright, thanks for your reminder.” Lin Huang replied.

He had never denied the truth that he was an expert in sword skills, however, many were curious.

“Since he said that, is he really an expert in sword skills?”

“I think he has never once used any sword skills throughout the 40 battles?”

“Could he be too arrogant to use his sword here?”

‘Mad Tiger’ looked upset on the ring. Not only Lin Huang did not deny his sword skills, he refused to use his sword. ‘Mad Tiger’ perceived that he was not worthwhile for Lin Huang to bother to use his sword on him.

“Kid, your arrogance will kill you!”

Lin Huang figured out why was he mad, however, he did not want to explain. He could see that although his opponent was strong if he really used his sword, it would be a sure kill for Mad Tiger. Lin Huang thought that, when encountering an opponent such as Mad Tiger, showing how much he respected him would be to fight at a close distance. Not from afar.

The countdown soon ended. Leaving ‘Mad Tiger’ really mad. Just as the countdown ended, he plunged towards Lin Huang like a tank.

“His speed is okay, however, running in a straight line would give out his trajectory too easily. As he runs, he charges his punch. The power should be there. Maybe he’s too tall, the bottom part of his body doesn’t seem too stable…”

Lin Huang managed to see many flaws from ‘Mad Tiger’. If it was another person in the ring, they would have been scared just by his vibe, which was like a tank. His force was terrifying, he plunged right in front of Lin Huang. Fists charged aiming right at him, but at the last moment, Lin Huang avoided his attack by slightly moving his body. Mad Tiger tripped falling to the ground. Just when he wanted to get up he felt a cold wind blowing behind him.

His head was pressed by an immense force, his face was crashed into the ground and crushed by the force.

“Bang!” The ground of the ring cracked with gravel flying everywhere. There was a hole in the ground. Meanwhile, ‘Mad Tiger’s head which was crushed to the ground was destroyed. Lin Huang then let go of his hand on ‘Mad Tiger’s head.

The audience’s jaws dropped when they saw ‘Sword Genius wins!’ on the notice board. All they saw was ‘Mad Tiger’ plunging towards ‘Sword Genius’ then a quick blur as ‘Sword Genius’ avoided the attack. Then again a with such speed he leaped, smas.h.i.+ng the head of ‘Mad Tiger’ into the ground. All happening within three seconds. The audience sat in silence amazed, followed by cheering and clapping.

“Congratulations, you have won the battle!”

“You managed to kill your opponent in one hit, you have obtained 2 points!”

Lin Huang was expressionless when he heard the announcement. The opponent was not weak at all he underestimated Lin Huang. Although the result would be similar if they do it all over again, at least the opponent would not lose in an ugly manner like he did.

“This ‘Sword Genius’ is getting unpredictable…” The young man in the golden robe who had been watching Lin Huang’s battles looked very serious.

For the following battles, Lin Huang won easily. Up until the 49th battle, there was no opponent that was as powerful as ‘Mad Tiger’ and after killing all his opponents in one hit, Lin Huang welcomed his 50th opponent.

The 50 winning streaks was a great honor in the Hunter Arena, not many people would obtain that every year. There were less than 10 people, even combining the fighters from the first to the ninth floor.

The 50 winning streaks were difficult and as the 49th battle came to an end, the system would no longer follow the usual way of matching a player, instead, it would ask the winning fighter to choose a powerful opponent as the keeper.

The keeper would be chosen from those who ranked top 100 on the leaderboard. However, usually, the fighters chosen would be ranked lower than 50th. It was rare that those who were within the top 50 would be chosen as the keeper. As the system was matching the 50th opponent for Lin Huang, the audience stared at the ring without blinking.

Soon, the matching was done, and a person was sent into the ring. The audience was stunned by the appearance of his opponent…

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