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Chapter 189: The Appearance Of Sword Genius

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Across from Lin Huang, was a young man in white. He looked older than Lin Huang, about 16 or 17. He was not that tall and looked like he was 1.7 meters. His hair touched his chin, he had a small braid at the back of his head while the front was messy. However, Lin Huang had to admit that he was handsome. If he was to be placed on earth, girls would totally go after him. The most unique part about him was his small, long eyes that looked mysterious.

Lin Huang noticed there was a thin, long sword on his waist. From the size of the scabbard, the sword seemed to be different from a regular sword. It could be custom made. After checking him out, Lin Huang’s conclusion was this man was powerful as he could sense a dangerous vibe from this young man. It was the first time he had such feeling in the ring. He had no idea who that young man was, however, the audience seemed to know.

After the young man was sent to the ring, within three seconds, the seats were all full with 10,000 people.

“Who is that kid in the mask? Why would he challenge ‘Master White’?” Somebody asked.

“It’s not that he challenged ‘Master White’, he was chosen by the system to be the keeper of his 50th battle.” Someone explained.

“How is that possible?! The keeper would usually be chosen from top 50 to top 100. It would only happen two or three times, where the top 30 would be chosen, but ‘Master White’ is 18th! How could he be chosen as the keeper?” Somebody found that unbelievable.

“It’s true, perhaps this ‘Sword Genius’ is too powerful. However, the system is cruel to send ‘Master White’ to be his keeper, the winning streak might end now…”

After checking him out, Lin Huang took a look at his score.

“Nickname: Master White”

“Combat Strength: Silver-Level Rank-3”

“Battle Count: 1273”

“Acc.u.mulated Points: 8761”

“Winning Percentage: 98%”

He had battled more than a 1,000 times with outstanding points and winning percentage. Although Lin Huang had no idea who this person was, with the number of people who were watching this match, he could tell that this person was popular on the pitch floor.

“So the system is challenging me?” Lin Huang smirked as he knew at the 50th battle and above, he would be given a powerful keeper.

Looking at the sword on his waist, Lin Huang did not want to risk his life. He then took out his silver-level battle sword.

“The ‘Sword Genius’ finally took out his sword!” Someone exclaimed, that person must have been watching Lin Huang’s matches and knew that Lin Huang had never once used a sword in the battles. There were a couple of Lin Huang’s past opponents among the audience. They had been watching his battles since they were defeated, including ‘Mad Tiger’ and ‘White Gun’.

They were upset when they saw Lin Huang pulling out his sword as that meant Lin Huang did not show them his sword skills he had in early battles.

“Interesting…” Seeing that Lin Huang took out his sword, ‘Master White’ was not surprised. Instead, he was excited. He squinted while checking out Lin Huang. Meanwhile, Lin Huang stood wherever he was like a piece of rock without an expression.

The countdown ended, ‘Master White’ launched his attack. Drawing his sword out of the scabbard in a flash, within a breath, he leaped tens of meters forward and arrived right before Lin Huang. His sword was even faster than his feet, it was then pointed at Lin Huang’s throat.

“That’s fast!” Many in the audience thought as they watched. Some of them were concerned looking at where the sword was pointing at as they knew they would be dead if it was them in the ring instead of Lin Huang.

However, the man in golden robe did not think that Lin Huang would die under that attack. The speed of attack was fast, probably faster than Lin Huang could comprehend. ‘Master White’ had a gift in speed, combining this skill which grew and improved as time pa.s.sed by, speed was definitely his advantage. Moreover, to increase its speed, ‘Master White’ even modified the shape of his sword. It was longer, even the arc of the blade was modified to lessen the air pressure to reach its optimum speed.

If this happened in the past, Lin Huang’s rhythm would be affected by his speed and he might fight back with speed as well, but Lin Huang who had a disadvantage in speed would definitely be defeated. However, he was a changed man. Seeing the lightning sword coming his way, he was calm and firmly stood his ground.

Just when the sword was reaching his throat, he avoided the attack with the help of cloud steps. At the same time, he swiped his battle sword at ‘Master White’ and sliced him across the waist with Great Sword Scripture. He waited for that moment as he knew there was no way that ‘Master White’ could avoid his attack. Even if he attacked one second earlier, ‘Master White’ could change his way of attack at any time.

Lin Huang’s goal was to create an illusion where he did not have time to escape from ‘Master White’s lightning speed and just when he almost got him, only he would launch his attack. ‘Master White’ was shocked as he saw Lin Huang managed to avoid. He did not expect Lin Huang to escape when the tip of his sword had left a slight cut on Lin Huang’s neck.

However, it was too late. He was defeated by his own speed. If he was slower, he could have retreated from what Lin Huang was going to do to him. As Lin Huang avoided ‘Master White’s sword, the silver-level battle sword sliced across his waist. He was stunned. Soon, blood was splas.h.i.+ng with the top half of his body falling onto the ground.

The audience was shocked at what they were seeing. The ‘Master White’ who ranked 18th on the leaderboard was sliced in half! It was shocking to all of them. When they saw ‘Sword Genius won!’ on the noticeboard, only then they realized that they were not dreaming. What they saw on the ring was real! ‘Master White’ was defeated in one hit!

“Congratulations, you have won the battle!”

“You managed to kill your opponent in one hit, you have obtained 2 points!”

Lin Huang remained expressionless when he saw the notice. Soon, a different announcement came from the system.

“Congratulations player ‘Sword Genius’ defeated keeper ‘Master White’ on the sixth floor of the arena and won 50 consecutive battles!”

“Congratulations player ‘Sword Genius’ defeated keeper ‘Master White’ on the sixth floor of the arena and won 50 consecutive battles!”

“Congratulations player ‘Sword Genius’ defeated keeper ‘Master White’ on the sixth floor of the arena and won 50 consecutive battles!”

The voice sounded like an old person, it was different from the lady’s voice from previous announcements. It only stopped after repeating for three times. 50 winning streaks were different from other winning streaks as the announcement could be heard not only on the sixth floor but from the first to the ninth floor as well. All the players in Division7 could hear it.

Hearing the different announcement, Lin Huang frowned while touching the wound on his neck. He then left the ring and returned to the hall on the sixth floor. Watching the screen playing the scene where he sliced ‘Master White’s waist, he was speechless. He knew that ‘Master White’ would hate him if he was to see this. He shook his head and looked at his score.

“Nickname: Sword Genius”

“Combat Strength: Silver-Level Rank-3”

“Battle Count: 50”

“Acc.u.mulated Points: 1240”

“Winning Percentage: 100%”

“Honor: 50 consecutive wins!”

There was an honor added to his scoreboard and it was glowing in gold. It was sparkling and caught many’s attention. Lin Huang turned off the projection and left the arena. After leaving the arena, he downloaded his own battle videos. After watching from the beginning to the end, he watched the match between him and ‘Master white’ repet.i.tively. The more he watched, the more he frowned. He was not satisfied with his own performance.

“It seems like I took a risky move, it was not the best move that I have. If the person had the skill to speed up or extend the length of his sword, I would be dead in the battle. I did not think it through, there are other better ways of confronting him…” After concluding his mistakes, Lin Huang wrote down the strategies that he would have taken. Later, he switched on the arena and found ‘Master White’ on the leaderboard.

“18th!” Lin Huang only just found out that ‘Master White’ who he had just killed ranked so high on the leaderboard. However, he did not dwell on it while downloading all the battle videos of ‘Master White’ on the silver-level rank-3 arena. He wanted to see how did the others defeated him, perhaps he could find other strategies that he had never thought before. Even if he did not explore more strategies, watching the videos could benefit him where he could apply strategies when encountering opponents who had lightning speed.

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