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Chapter 191: Danger Is Coming

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After the 50-win-streak, Lin Huang had not been to the Hunter Arena for a couple of days. During that few days, the Hunter Arena was crowded. It was close to the New Year, and Lin Huang was the fourth person who managed to win 50 consecutive battles this year. Not only that, he had completed all 50 fights in one hit. The name ‘Sword Genius’ had spread around.

In the Hunter Arena, there were only a couple of them who managed to achieve 50 consecutive wins every year. However, the last person who managed to kill all 50 opponents in one hit was 11 years ago. The person was now a transcendent as well as the executive office of a major organization. Another unique point was that it was the first time the Hunter Arena had someone in top 20 to be the keeper of the 50th battle. The most powerful keeper they had from the first floor all the way to the ninth was the person ranked 33rd, none of them were before No.30. What Lin Huang had encountered was a first time even for other players.

The name ‘Sword Genius’ was now a hot topic. Many were trying to guess who Sword Genius really was. Many of them speculated that Lin Huang was a member of the military in the Union Government as most of them could tell that he was using Fatal Tactics . The combination of Fatal Tactics and Army Attack Tactics was a movement skill often used by the military. It was common for people from the Union Government’s military to battle in the Hunter Arena as many of them held a hunter license.

Some of them figured Lin Huang could be a member of royalty and he usedFatal Tactics to cover his real ident.i.ty. For his sword skill, as he had only used it once, the people could not tell which sword skill he was using. All they knew was, his sword skill was ridiculously good. They could not get any clues from that one attack. However, not everyone was happy to see Lin Huang’s fame, including ‘Master White’ who was defeated by Lin Huang a couple of days ago.

Many in the Hunter Arena knew who ‘Master White’ was, he was the third son of a royal family. He was also one of the heirs of the throne. ‘Master White’ had lost more than once in battle before. However, he was oddly unhappy to be defeated by Lin Huang. Master White was not only defeated, but the scene of him being killed was repeatedly played on the big screen on the sixth floor. Although he managed to get the video to stop playing on the days he was around, but many had seen the video as well as spent money to download the video. There were a couple million downloads so far.

“Show me who this kid is.” ‘Master White’ had found an information trafficker on the arena hall. Soon, the trafficker came back, “His personal details were locked by the Hunter a.s.sociation management. All I know is that he is a Gold Hunter.”

“Gold Hunter?” Master White thought it was strange. Of course, he knew that Lin Huang was not a gold-level as he could sense his aura. Besides, everyone here entered the arena with their conscious, where there was no way that they could cover their abilities. n.o.body could escape the system scanning you, and since Lin Huang was sent to the sixth floor, that meant he was only a silver-level rank-3.

To be able to get a Gold Hunter license with silver-level rank-3 ability, it meant the Hunter a.s.sociation had confirmed that he had the ability to kill gold-level monsters. The Hunter a.s.sociation had a basic standard for evaluating hunters. They would not give out a license just like that.

“There’s no way at all? I could pay you more.” Master White said to the trafficker.

“There’s no way, even an executive officer could not see his personal details, we can’t even get his real name.” The trafficker shook his head, “It would be the same even if you look for someone else, his ident.i.ty has been covered on purpose.”

“Does that mean this Sword Genius knows the executive officers of the Hunter a.s.sociation?” Master White frowned.

Lin Huang did not know what happened in the arena. He had no idea that Mr. Fu got Old Li to lock Lin Huang’s details. Old Li did what he said, which made it impossible for Master White to find out who Lin Huang was. However, Master White’s appearance as a keeper kept Lin Huang alert.

“They sent No.18 as the keeper on the 50th battle, that means the keeper in the future would rank even higher. If the system wanted to, it could even give me a keeper in the top 10…”

Lin Huang had decided to watch all battle videos of the top 10 battles before going into the fights again. He did not want his winning streak to end, as once it ended, everything had to start from scratch again. He was only given two months to finish his mission, he did not have much time. For the following days, besides eating and sleeping, Lin Huang spent his time evaluating the videos. What he did not know was that danger was coming to him.

Two young men in gray coats left the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p at the central plaza of Baqi City.

“Hong Ming, this is our first mission ever, since we left the training camp. If we had any misunderstandings in the training camp, we have to let it go. Focus on completing the mission together. We shall talk about that in the future!” The shorter man said to the taller man.

“What could happen? We’re just here to get a girl that was not even an iron-level, how could we fail?” The tall man who was named Hong Ming glared at the shorty.

“Ren Yan, weren’t you all heroic in the training camp? Why are you such a sissy now?”

“What sissy, it’s called being cautious!” Ren Yan shouted at him.

“How is that necessary, we’re both gold-level reserve members of the Purple Crow. The girl, Lin Xin is only 14 this year, she hasn’t even graduated Hunter Reserve College. She couldn’t even be an iron-level. Do you think it would be difficult to get her?” The mission was nothing to Hong Ming.

“If we complete the mission quick, we would have one week to relax around this foothold. The girl is the perfect age to…” Hong Ming licked his lips.

“Please don’t mess around if you don’t want to die, the seniors want the girl. If something goes wrong, it’s you who will take the blame, don’t involve me.” Ren Yan frowned while looking at Hong Ming.

“Behave yourself, or else I would chop off your d.i.c.k!”

“Why are you angry? Oh yeah, what is the name of the town, the girl is staying again?” Hong Ming asked.

“Wulin Town.” Ren Yan had stopped a pa.s.sing monster car.

Hong Ming followed too.

“Where are the both of you heading to?” The old man driving the monster car asked.

“The Eagle Station!” Ren Yan said.

“Sure!” The old man could tell that they were both unfriendly. He did not talk further, instead drove straight to the Eagle Station in silence. After they were dropped off, Ren Yan and Hong Ming rented an eagle each and headed to Wulin Town…

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