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Chapter 195: Buying A House

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After picking three houses, Lin Huang brought Lin Xin and Lin Xuan to the real estates riding on the Alexandrian Eagle. It was one of the houses that all three of them had chosen, located in the far north of Snow City. As they rode on the eagle, Lin Huang frowned; he thought the location was too remote. He noticed on the map that the house was away from the city center, but he did not expect it to be so far away. It was at least 20 kilometers away from the city. The further they traveled north the fewer buildings there were.

There were not many houses in the area as there were less than 40 units. The eagle landed at the entrance of the sales building. “Brother, this location is a little too far away…” Lin Xin said to him.

“I think so too but since we’re here, let’s take a look anyway.” Lin Huang smiled.

A man in a suit approached them as they talked. Seeing the Alexandrian Eagle, the man had a big smile plastered on his face.

“I believe you guys are here to see the house?” The man said, “We don’t have many of them here, there are a total of 36 houses of nine different styles with different decorations…”

The man did not stop talking and he managed to convince Lin Xin with his flamboyant words.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang listened quietly. He had to admit that the man was good at persuading. After the man was done talking, Lin Huang said, “Bring us to the one with the best environment then.”

“Sure please give me a minute, I’ll get a couple of camel monsters here.” The man said.

“No need for that, we have our own.” Lin Huang then summoned the Viridian Wolf.

The man noticed that Lin Huang did not use a monster taming token when he recalled the Alexandrian Eagle. When Lin Huang summoned the Viridian Wolf without a taming token, the man was sure that Lin Huang was an Imperial Censor.

The three of them rode on the Viridian Wolf while the man took out a monster taming token and summoned a Camel Monster. The Camel Monster was a common monster which was not even iron-level. It looked like a camel but was more prominent in size without a hump. This beast was slow but it was strong. Usually, people would use them as transport. The Camel Monster had golden hair and was quite glorious but when it saw the Viridian Wolf, it was shaking in its knees.

The Viridian Wolf glared at the Camel Monster. Lin Huang noticed that too and said to the man, “You can lead the way, we’ll follow behind.”

The man apologized and led the Camel Monster to walk in front of them. Only when the Camel Monster lost sight of the wolf did it return to normal. The man then got on the Camel Monster and Lin Huang followed the man on the Viridian Wolf with his family.

The Viridian Wolf was playful, so it started to chase after the Camel Monster. Seven to eight minutes later, the man attempted to stop the beast from running but the Camel Monster refused to listen. Instead, it started running even faster.

“Stop! Stop right now!”

Seeing that shouting did not work, the man turned around and said to Lin Huang, “You guys should stop here. This is the unit you’re looking for; please give me a minute and I’ll be back soon!”

Lin Huang then patted the Viridian Wolf to get it to stop running. The three of them got down from the wolf and looked at the villa. From the outside, it looked quite unique. A short while later, the man came back to the villa with his clothes in a mess. “I’m so sorry for the delay. My Camel Monster can be easily frightened sometimes…”

“Don’t worry about it, let’s take a look at the house.” Lin Huang nodded and smiled.

The man tucked in his s.h.i.+rt and brought the three of them into the villa.

“This unit located in the middle of all the villas is among our four best units that we have, which also happens to have the best environment. There’s a garden in front and behind the environment. The main building was a triple-story building attached to a double-story building on the other side. There was an open-air garden on the third floor…”

After a simple introduction, the man opened the door with his ID card and brought the three of them into the house.

“It’s such a big living room!” Lin Xin exclaimed as she walked in. The living room was not s.p.a.cious, it had a porch with an overhang that was more than 10 meters high.

“We have taken the solidity of the building into consideration, so we designed the porch to be 15-meters high. There are two parts to the living room which includes the front portion, and when you walk further in you’ll see the main living room. The height of the living room will be 3.5 meters…”

The man explained as they looked at the villa. When they arrived at the balcony on the third floor, they were amazed by the glacial mountains facing the balcony.

“There are two balconies in this house. As we are located in the north, we can see the north glacial wall directly…”

The north glacial wall referred to the glacial mountains that they were looking at. The mountains were divided the north and south zones of Division7. At the north side of the glacial wall, winter would last at six months while the south had the usual four season.

Although the glacial wall was tens of thousands of kilometers long, it only occupied a small part of the east side of Division7. The weather on the northeast side was different from other areas which meant that the glacial walls were unique to this area, making it a unique view. Standing on the balcony, Lin Xin seemed to be convinced. However, Lin Huang was being realistic when he said, “I guess this is more like a holiday villa. If we were to stay here permanently, it would not be ideal.”

“We have thought of that as well, which is why the amenities are complete. However, as a whole, this is indeed, more like a holiday villa. Of course, it’d perfect for those who enjoy peace and quiet.” The man said.

“The environment outside, the style and design inside including the view of the glacial mountains are perfect but… It’s just a little too remote.” Lin Huang voiced his concern. He was satisfied with the house, but it was too far from the city.

Lin Huang did not enjoy noise but living in solitary was not ideal as well. After all, humans were social animals; it would not be healthy for them to avoid social contact for extended periods of time. Lin Huang had no problem with that as he would not be staying at home most of the time but he was concerned about Lin Xin and Lin Xuan.

They then left the place on the Alexandrian Eagle to the second location. The second house was chosen by Lin Huang and Lin Xuan. Located in the middle of the foothold, it was front and center in the busiest area in the city. However, it was not a villa but a high-rise condominium instead. The unit was huge; measuring about 1,200 square meters and it came fully furnished with a variety of amenities.

Lin Huang and Lin Xuan were satisfied with the house, but not Lin Xin.

“This is good but something seems to be lacking… It doesn’t feel like a home… It feels more like a hotel room.” Lin Xin commented. Lin Huang thought about it and agreed with Lin Xin.

“Let’s take a look at the last one then!”

They left the second house and headed to the third location. It was a villa located in the east of Snow City. There were more than 80 villas in the area but the size of this unit was much smaller than the one they saw in the first location. Arriving at the sales building, they were treated warmly by the sales person was a lady in her late teenage years. She seemed to be a sweet lady.

“This area is considered to be the second most popular location in the city. There are many other luxurious areas around and the area is quite safe. That aside, we have everything close by which includes the Credit Bureau, hospitals, a garden, supermarkets, delivery companies and street food. They’re all within two kilometers and you’ll be able to get there by feet…”

“It’s pretty busy here, have many people purchased the units already?” Lin Huang smiled and asked.

“Yes, we’ve just started selling the units a few days back. We’ve already sold more than 60 units so there aren’t many left available.” The salesperson smiled.

“However, the price for the units isn’t cheap at all. Are most of the buyers… Hunters?” Lin Huang asked.

“Some of them are hunters and some of them are businessmen. Since there are hunters here, it would be safer, that’s one of the reasons why more businessmen are willing to pay a premium to stay here.” The sales person said.

“I understand now. Please bring us to your best unit.” Lin Huang did not want to look for more houses anymore. Since this place was complete with amenities, he planned to purchase it on the spot if it was suitable.

Soon they arrived at the villa, it was a triple-story villa with a courtyard. There were balconies on the second and third floor. There was nothing to shout about as it was much smaller than the first villa they saw. However, Lin Xin seemed to like it a lot. They entered the villa and saw the living room which was at least three times bigger than the house they used to stay in Wulin Town. It gave Lin Huang a good impression.

“The floor, wardrobes, cabinets, dining tables and chairs were made from Pandora trees while the rest of the furniture was designed by a celebrity designer…”

“There are three floors in this villa. It’s 180 square meters on the first floor. The most s.p.a.cious floor would be the second floor which is 230 square meters as there’s a huge balcony and the third floor has two mini balconies, measuring the entire floor at about 200 square meters…”

Soon they had seen the entire villa. Lin Huang realized that the house was not as small as he thought, just that it wasn’t as glamorous as the first villa that they saw. It was much more homey than the second condominium.

“What do you think?” Lin Huang looked at Lin Xin and Lin Xuan.

“I love it!” Lin Xin nodded and smiled, she would prefer a house that was smaller like the one they used to stay in. Lin Xuan nodded too.

“Alright then, this is it!” Lin Huang made up his mind.

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