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Chapter 197: Yu Moli

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After finis.h.i.+ng up some minor errands, Lin Huang could finally focus on the mission that was set by Mr. Fu. A month had pa.s.sed and Lin Huang did not have much time left as he was supposed to complete the mission in two months. Everything would go as planned if he managed to maintain his winning streak, but if he were to lose one battle or meet a draw, he would have to start from square one.

He was only left with battle videos from two individuals. One was the person who ranked No.1, Yu Moli and the other was ranked No.2, Ebonella. As Lin Huang played the video, he found out that Ebonella was a lady. She was not only a lady, but a gorgeous young lady. She looked like she was only 16 or 17, but she was at least 1.7 meters tall. She had a unique weapon, it was a black umbrella.

After watching a couple of her battles, Lin Huang noticed that it was a special weapon which could morph into different things including a defensive item, a firearm, a spear, a sword and even a short blade. It was the most versatile weapon which could morph interchangeably into different forms that Lin Huang had ever seen. The lady was outstanding as she professionally mastered all the five forms. The change from one form to another was flawless.

“This lady really is something!” Lin Huang spent a couple of days watching all of her videos, he could not find any flaws in them. It was not because it was flawless but was because she managed to cover up her flaws as she switches between the different forms of the umbrella. She could trick her opponents with her flaws and lures them into her traps. However, with Lin Huang’s vision skills, he could not tell if those were her actual flaws or traps that she had set up.

“She’s only No.2, what could No.1 be?”

From the videos, Lin Huang knew very well that he might not be able to win if he encountered an opponent like this lady. However, Yu Moli who ranked No.1 had acc.u.mulated more than 160,000 points, five times more than No.2. This made Lin Huang curious, wanting to find out more about this person.

“Why does this nickname sounds like a real name?” Lin Huang activated the arena and looked for the person. He then found out that the guy was using his actual name in the game.

Yu Moli was royalty from the Yu family. He was the most outstanding one among the younger generation in his family and possessed the abilities of a genius. Although he was only silver-level rank-3, his abilities were even more powerful than someone who was gold-level rank-3. He did not even bother to use a nickname in the game.

“He looks like an obnoxious person. Everybody calls him a genius, he must be really powerful.” Lin Huang proceeded to watch the first video of Yu Moli.

Lin Huang was stunned as Yu Moli launched his first attack. There was a purple flame coming out from his hand and it looked like a real flame. To be able to create such a realistic flame with Life Power meant that one would have to at least be holy fire-level. No matter how powerful one’s Life Power was, people on holy fire-level would not be able to do such a thing.

“How does he do that?” Lin Huang watched curiously.

His opponent was immediately killed with the flame. Lin Huang was shocked at what he just saw.

“How is that even possible! Although Life Power contained elemental attributes, it’ll still be limited by the nature of Life Power if one is only at holy fire-level. It’s impossible to manifest the full elemental attribute. Fire element Life Power should only give out heat and it’s impossible to kill someone with flame like that!”

Still in doubt, Lin Huang logged onto the Hunter Info Network to look for information about Yu Moli. It was much more detailed than the one he saw on Hunter Arena. After reading everything, Lin Huang finally understood how Yu Moli manage to do something like that. When he was killing a monster, he obtained an additional Life Seed monster which granted him the monster’s purple flame ability. Under usual circ.u.mstances, the possibility of such an occurrence was low as the Life Seed would usually go into one’s body together with Life Light when one leveled up. When a monster was killed, the Life Seed in the monster would fade away together with its Life Light instead of entering the human body.

However, there were people with unique body types which could absorb the Life Seed from certain monsters. After killing the monster, the Life Seed would be absorbed into the human body. Such Life Seeds would not transform into one’s talent and instead, the person would obtain a random monster skill. It was similar to Lin Huang’s skill extraction but it was rare, as only 1% of the people would have this ability. Yu Moli was one of the few lucky ones who could obtain a monster skill from a Life Seed.

Lin Huang did not know that others could obtain monster skills as well. He would always avoid letting others know about his skill and he did not even dare to use Blood Spirit as he did not want them to think that he was a monster. After reading about Yu Moli, Lin Huang knew that he did not have to hide any longer. He would only be labeled as a lucky person by everybody else.

“Seems like I can use my Blood Spirit wings since others would think its  Blood Power  anyway.” Lin Huang inherited the Blood Spirit wings from Bai, a powerful ability. With the help of the wings, he was even thinking of attempting to challenge someone on gold-level rank-3.

Lin Huang spent the following days watching all of Yu Moli’s battle videos. After evaluating his own, Lin Huang realized that Yu Moli’s battle strategies were the least useful ones among the top 10. He only relied on his flames to kill his opponents and did not display any other abilities at all. The flame could be activated with just a slight amount of Life Power, which was about the same amount as what Lin Huang’s Blood Spirit wings would need. This was the benefit of a monster skill; it drained only minimal amounts of Life Power. That was the reason why Yu Moli was able to use his flame like it was n.o.body’s business. He mastered the ability and was able to bring the flames up to high temperatures which allowed him to kill his opponents easily no matter who they were.

“It’s no wonder he managed to acc.u.mulate so many points. With such an ability, no ordinary person could even think of defeating him.” Lin Huang finally knew how Yu Moli acc.u.mulated the points – He never lost!

Lin Huang spent another two days to conclude and digest all the information that he managed to get.

Later, Lin Huang logged onto Hunter Arena again…

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