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Chapter 198: The Second Keeper

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Since his 50 winning streaks, Lin Huang did not log into the Hunter Arena for almost a month. Many noticed that he signed in again. There was a [Follow] b.u.t.ton in the arena which would notify you if the person you’re following came online. The same thing would happen if the person you were following entered the arena, you would receive a notification and you could choose to watch the battle immediately.

Ever since his win-streak, his followers had increased from less than 500 to more than 300,000 people. Most of them were the people of silver-level rank-3 on the sixth floor. Besides those who were in battles at the moment, the 100,000 followers who were online received the same notification.

“The person ‘Sword Genius’ that you are following is online now!”

It started a discussion.

“Sword Genius is online?! I thought he would quit after his 50-win streak!”

“Finally! He’s making a comeback after so long!”

“I knew he wouldn’t stop at his 50-win streak. Even if he didn’t manage to #1, he’d at least want to be top 10!”

“He must be here to challenge further. I must watch him live this time!”

Standing in the sixth floor in the arena, Lin Huang was stunned at the number of his fans. He knew that came from his 50 winning streaks.

“330,000 fans, seems like I’m not that far away from getting a blue tick…” Lin Huang teased himself and pressed the challenge b.u.t.ton. Soon, he was send onto an empty arena. The moment he entered the arena, tens of thousands of people entered the room within seconds and ithin three seconds, the room was filled with 50,000 people.

Lin Huang just noticed that the room was much bigger than the previous one. The challenge room Lin Huang was sent before he achieved his 50-win streak could only contain 10,000 people, it was the standard arena. After the 50-win streak, the arena got an upgrade. Fortunately, the size of the ring remained the same or Lin Huang might not be able to adapt in such a short period of time.

His opponent was sent at an instant, it was a young man who dressed like an ancient scholar with an ink-painted fan in his hand.

“Is this cosplay…” Lin Huang was speechless when he saw his opponent’s attire. Meanwhile, the opponent was shocked at the amount of people who were watching. He was so shocked that he dropped his fan.

Soon he noticed that he was unfortunate that he was randomly sent to fight a powerful opponent. He then looked at Lin Huang’s scoreboard.

“Sword Genius?!” The man finally knew who he was encountering. The name had been a hot topic since a month ago.

“I never expected to be sent to the genius who managed to achieve a 50-win streak, this is his first battle after disappearing for a month…”

The man was in great pressure. Lin Huang was stunned when he looked at his scoreboard.

“Nickname: Great Pressure From A Mountain of Books”

“Combat Strength: Silver-Level Rank-3”

“Battle Count: 1502”

“Acc.u.mulated Points: 1321”

“Winning Percentage: 71%”

“What’s with your nickname?” Lin Huang asked.

“I wanted to call myself Scholar but it was already taken. So I changed it to ‘Scholar In Great Pressure’ but the system mistaken it as ‘Mountain of Books’. I pressed the confirm b.u.t.ton too fast and that’s how my name came about.” The man seemed upset.

“Ahh okay…” Lin Huang thought he met another traveler.

As they finished talking, the countdown ended.

“You go first.” Lin Huang said to him as he knew the opponent would not have a chance to attack him if Lin Huang was to attack first.

“I surrender!” The man raised his hand and surrendered. It was the first time Lin Huang encountered someone who surrendered at the first moment, he did not expect him to do that.

Soon, the man’s body disintegrated and disappeared from the ring. Lin Huang’s second opponent was sent onto the wrong arena; his name was ‘Sword In-Training’. Even after he was picked to fight Lin Huang, he was not afraid. Instead, he was excited. However, he was killed within the first three seconds and was sent out from the ring. The crowd was quite chaotic as most of them watching Lin Huang fight live for the first time, which proved the rumors they to be true. Many of them imagined themselves as Lin Huang’s opponents and figured they would have died too.

After revealing his ability in the second battle, most of the people no longer doubted his abilities any longer. As the third and fourth opponents were killed with one hit, n.o.body dared to doubt Lin Huang.

“He’s so powerful!”

“He’s killing people like he’s cutting vegetables…”

“Marry me, master!” A hunk with beard shouted.

“You sure about that?” A bunch of people glared at him.

Nine battles in, Lin Huang had won all of them without even breaking a sweat. Aside from the first battle where his opponent surrendered, he managed to kill the other eight opponents with just one hit. He was already at a 59-win streak. Who could be the keeper of the 60th battle?! Many were antic.i.p.ating that answer. Although the arena did not reveal information regarding the 60th keeper, everybody knew that the keeper after the 50th win-streak would get increasingly more powerful. It was an unspoken rule.

When Lin Huang was on his 50th battle, his opponent was ‘Master White’ who ranked No.18. Now that it was the 60th battle, it was likely that he would face someone who was ranked even higher than ‘Master White’.

“Who would it be?” Everyone had the same question.

After the 59th challenger’s body disintegrated from the ring, the crowd went silent. There was not even cheering for Lin Huang’s win. Everyone stared at the ring without blinking, waiting for the appearance of the keeper.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang remained standing, without any expression on his face. He knew very well that the keeper would be much more powerful than ‘Master White’ and soon, a person was sent onto the ring.

The person was covered in an intense white glow which made him look like the main focus of the ring. That was the usual entrance gimmick of the keeper.

The crowd could only tell that it was a man. n.o.body could see his face clearly due to the intense white glow. Soon, as the glow faded away, the features of the keeper were finally showing…

“It’s Feng Wu!” Someone among the crowd recognized him in an instant.

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