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Chapter 200: Sword Genius Versus Feng Wu

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Feng Wu launched his attack like a lion attacking a rabbit. Feng Wu was taught since young never to underestimate his opponents. Not only that, Lin Huang regarded him as a ferocious beast instead of a helpless little lamb. Lin Huang was ready as he was more alert than ever. What was happening in the ring was nothing like what the crowd had expected.

Feng Wu was the keeper that was supposed to stop Lin Huang’s progress. Theoretically, Lin Huang should be attacking. However, it was the other way around. As the countdown ended, Feng Wu seized the opportunity to attack first. It looked like Feng Wu was the fighter while Lin Huang was the keeper…

It was nothing out of the ordinary for the both of them in the ring. Feng Wu’s attack was quick; it was comparable with Master White’s who Lin Huang encountered a month ago. As the silver sword ripped out, it created a wave in the air. It looked like something that was flying on the water’s surface. A deadly aura that felt like the grim reaper’s scythe was heading for Lin Huang’s neck.

Lin Huang stood at where he was while waiting for Feng Wu to come to him, his eyes looking fearless. He suddenly raised his sword. There were shadows in the air moving in slow-motion. However, the tip of the sword managed to meet Feng Wu’s sword that was coming to him at lightning speed. Feng Wu felt such an intense force that he almost dropped his sword onto the ground, causing his initial attack to miss.

Lin Huang smiled as plunged his sword towards Feng Wu’s right arm. Feng Wu moved his body aside and dodged Lin Huang’s sword. He leaped away from Lin Huang. Feng Wu finally realized how powerful Lin Huang was and began to sweat. The attack from Lin Huang felt like he had activated a spiritual creature that could identify Feng Wu’s flaws.

“Is this what one is capable of when he had mastered the sword? I’m still far away from achieving that level.”

Feng Wu Knew how much he lacked when it came to his sword skills compared to Lin Huang because he was still limited by his fighting style. However, Lin Huang was at another level. Seeing that Feng Wu was getting away from him, Lin Huang did not go after him. Instead, he stood at where he was like nothing happened while looking at Feng Wu.

“Your skill isn’t that bad.” Lin Huang said after looking at Feng Wu for a while.

He had seen his skills before in the video where Feng Wu was fighting Master Bai. He could see that his sword skill was epic-level. However, he did not use much of the styles during the battle. Lin Huang was not in a rush to kill Feng Wu as he wanted to see more of his sword styles so that he could learn.

“Thank you for the compliment, yours isn’t that bad as well.” Feng Wu complemented Lin Huang in return. What he meant was not Lin Huang’s sword skill but his own. The attack earlier was not a sword skill, but was a tactic that he came up by himself. However, that was sufficient to know that Lin Huang’s mastery of sword was much better than himself.

Feng Wu was not afraid at all to face a powerful opponent like Lin Huang. Instead, he was exhilarated. He knew that no matter what the result of the battle would be, his would learn something about swords from Lin Huang.

“Come, let me see how much you have mastered your sword skill.” Lin Huang waved at Feng Wu; he looked like a senior who was coaching a junior. Most of the audience in the crowd were shocked to see this.

“Is the Sword Genius provoking Feng Wu?”

“Why does it look like a master instructing his apprentice.”

“Sword Genius is the real keeper here!”

People were discussing among themselves outside the ring. However, Feng Wu was not offended at all. Lin Huang was more skillful than he was, it was normal that he wanted to see what he has so that he could point out his mistakes. Furthermore, he was there to learn from Lin Huang.

“The sword skill that I’m practicing is called Thunder Touch, it’s a transcendent level combat skill. Unfortunately, I’m not qualified, yet so I’ve yet to master this sword skill…” Feng Wu raised his sword again and looked at Lin Huang intensely,” Here goes nothing!”

Feng Wu dashed towards Lin Huang again. This time he was faster than before. He was so fast that he cracked the ground of the ring. They were initially more than 10 meters apart from each other but now they were then less than a meter apart . This time, Feng Wu had his sword pointing straight at Lin Huang’s heart. The tip of the sword looked like it was distorted from a high temperature which also caused the air around the tip to be distorted. It was silent.

Lin Huang stood motionlessly as Feng Wu attacked. He raised his sword again with slow-motion shadows in the air, pointing towards Feng Wu’s sword that was heading towards him. Suddenly, Feng Wu’s became twice as fast as he was. The rhythm of the air around him was messed up as he aimed at Lin Huang’s heart at lightning speed.

A strange pattern appeared in Lin Huang’s eyes. Soon, his sword became two times faster as well. A silver glow flashed in the air; his sword clashed with Feng Wu’s sword again. Feng Wu was shocked and took a few steps back immediately while Lin Huang remained standing. It was obvious that who was more powerful among them, even a person who has no clues about sword would be able to come up with a conclusion easily.

“The Sword Genius is just too powerful. From the beginning, he had never moved a step while Feng Wu had already stepped back twice.”

“That’s right; Sword Genius is like an unmovable mountain compared to Feng Wu.”

“That’s skill right there. With Feng Wu’s terrifying speed, Lin Huang still managed to defend himself effortlessly.”

“You are attempting to use speed to cover up your flaws but what you don’t know is, no matter how fast you are, your flaws would still be there.” Lin Huang gave his opinion on Feng Wu’s attack.

“It wouldn’t be a problem if your opponent is slow. However, for a person who is fast like me, no matter how fast you are, your flaws will always remain.”

Feng Wu flushed as Lin Huang revealed his flaws. He hesitated and asked, “So what should I do?”

“Your flaws have nothing to do with your sword skill; it’s about you. You have yet to master the skill, your attack seemed powerful but you become exhausted when you are using the skill. It feels like you’re riding on a monster that you have yet to tame. It would be alright if you’re using it just for a stroll but if it were to run at full speed, it would definitely escape your grasp.” Lin Huang pointed out Feng Wu’s problem.

“There are two solutions. One is to spend some time to master your sword skills and another is to train in another sword skill that’s not as powerful.”

Feng Wu smiled awkwardly and shook his head as he listened to the solutions that were given by Lin Huan, “I’m not gifted, even if I spend my time training, the results would be minimal. Forget about switching to another sword skill. If I gave up on a powerful sword skill and go for a lower level skill instead, I’m afraid I’d become weaker in the future…”

Seeing that Feng Wu did not want to take his advice, Lin Huang did not bother to continue to say any further.

As their conversation ended, Feng Wu attacked Lin Huang again while he remained standing in the same spot. The more he attacked, the less powerful his attack was but more of his flaws were showing through. After displaying all of his skills, Lin Huang decided that it was unnecessary for him to waste his time any further. Instead of standing where he was, he ran towards Feng Wu. Although he was not as fast as Feng Wu, Feng Wu knew he could never escape from his attack. The sword emitted a purple glow. Feng Wu was shocked by what he saw, Lin Huang pa.s.sed by, and the purple glow slashed through his neck.

A trail of blood appeared along Feng Wu’s neck; his head fell to the ground followed by his body. Lin Huang stood behind Feng Wu while transforming his silver-level battle sword into a ring, “The best thing has to be something that suits you most, it has nothing to do with what it’s worth.”

“Congratulations, you have won the battle!”

A notification appeared before him. Soon, an announcement came from the sound system in the arena.

“Congratulations! Sword Genius defeated keeper Feng Wu on the sixth floor of the arena, winning 60 battles consecutively!”

“Congratulations! Sword Genius defeated keeper Feng Wu on the sixth floor of the arena, winning 60 battles consecutively!”

“Congratulations! Sword Genius defeated keeper Feng Wu on the sixth floor of the arena, winning 60 battles consecutively!”

Lin Huang remained in the ring and checked his scoreboard as Feng Wu’s body disappeared.

“Nickname: Sword Genius”

“Combat Strength: Silver-Level Rank-3”

“Battle Count: 60”

“Acc.u.mulated Points: 2516”

“Winning Percentage: 100%”

“Honor: 60-win streaks!”

Many players who were online heard about Sword Genius’ 60th winning streak. Many of them remembered that he managed to get his 50-win streak a month ago. Now that he got his 60-win streak, some of them who underestimated him were shocked. There were a couple of them who managed to get 50-win streak annually. However, there were only one or two players who would achieve 60-win streaks yearly and sometimes even none. As the keeper would become increasingly stronger each time, the one that was sent during the 50-win streak was considered to be the weakest while the keeper for the 60-win streak would be much more powerful. That was the reason why some of them did not expect Lin Huang to win.

However, the 60-win streak had shocked many as they had expected Lin Huang to disappear for a while after this round. Lin Huang was still standing in the ring

“Would you like to continue to battle?”

Just as the notification popped up, Lin Huang pressed the b.u.t.ton on the left.


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