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Chapter 203: Sword Genius vs Explosive Female Demon

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In the arena, two of the guns that Explosive Female Demon was holding had never stopped firing bullets at Lin Huang.

Not only were the bullets of the modified SilverPhoenix16 fired with a speed of Mach 4, its shooting speed was incredibly fast as well. In her hands, about 50 shots were fired from both guns per second. Its speed was on par with the that of an automatic rifle.

Despite having to dodge 50 bullets per second, Lin Huang managed to do it with ease. His Boundless Vision was activated all the time; he was staring at his opponent’s hand. Lin Huang did not s.h.i.+ft his gaze from her hands as he makes notes of even the slightest change in their movement. He could then predict the trajectory path of the bullets and dodge the attacks in advance.

Many of them had their mouth wide opened when they saw what was going on.

“The shooting speed is incredibly fast. If I am him, I’d be shot through like a sieve.”

“Most people would’ve relied on their defensive weapons against such a powerful attack. It’s the first time I’m seeing a player like Sword Genius who dodges the attacks by only using his movement skill.”

“It’s unlikely that he’s going to win! The bullets fired by the modified SilverPhoenix16 are traveling at Mach 4. Even if Sword Genius is struck by the bullet only once, he’ll be severely injured. His performance will be affected, and he’ll be defeated.”

“Sword Genius is not trying to reduce the distance between them at all. Under such a powerful attack, he’ll be exhausted just from avoiding the attacks. If this continues, it’s less likely that he’ll win the battle. The best he can do is to end the battle with a draw.”

They doubted his abilities, by just looking at her powerful attacks. Sword Genius was completely pinned down by his opponent. Those who had been watching Sword Genius’ battles all along hoped that a miracle would happen and he could achieve his 70-win streak. However, as they watched his performance in the arena, many of them instantly lost their confidence in Sword Genius.

The Explosive Female Demon was too powerful. Despite the fact that she ranked fifth on the leaderboard, the battle between her and Ebonella who ranked second ended in a draw. Her abilities were evident.

Most of them on the sixth floor knew that even though Exploding Female Demon ranked fifth on the leaderboard but she was stronger than the player who ranked fourth. It was not exaggerating to say that her abilities were on par with the player who ranked third.

She was indeed too powerful to be the keeper of the 70th battle.

In the arena, Lin Huang was cornered by her attacks. He had been standing in his original position to dodge the attacks, not once trying to shorten the distance between them. It was not because Lin Huang was incapable of doing so, but it was because he was trying to adapt to his opponent’s combat style. In other words, he was just warming up.

Lin Huang had never encountered such a powerful enemy in the previous battles.

Aside from the abilities she possessed, her attack speed was incredible as well. Her attack speed was the most powerful one among all the opponents he had encountered.

The opponent’s attack speed was a furious storm.

Since it was his first time encountering such an enemy, Lin Huang had to spend some time in getting used to his opponent’s combat style so that he could reset his bodily responses towards her attacks. It was like a warm-up session that one has to carry out before an intense workout to prevent injuries.

Lin Huang had been drifting between her attacks so that he could quickly adapt to her combat frequency. His body was stiff at first but soon, it improved. After about five minutes, his body had completely adapted to the frequency and all the uneasiness had rapidly subsided.

He grinned and dodged another bullet again. All of a sudden, he moved one step forward and lunged at her.

The audience broke into loud cheers as Lin Huang was no longer playing on the defensive, but was lunging towards her instead.

Lin Huang had been defending himself against her attack all this while. Many of them thought that Lin Huang was giving up on the battle and he wanted to end the fight in a draw.

However, after about five minutes, Lin Huang finally attacked.

She was surprised. She thought that Lin Huang wanted to end the fight in a draw as he had defended himself against her attacks. She did not expect him to strike and attack.

“Do you think that it’s easy to reduce the distance between us?” She was grinning. Under her control, there seemed to be some changes in the properties of the bullets.

As soon as Lin Huang moved a step forward, she quickly turned her gun, pointing them towards Lin Huang again.

Lin Huang could vaguely sense that something was wrong immediately when the bullet was shot. He dodged the bullets. However, after the bullets pa.s.sed by, there was an explosive sound, causing a powerful blast of wind. His movements were affected.

The audience had their eyes wide opened the moment when they saw the explosion that in the arena.

Her bullets had exploded and it was not just one bullet that exploded. In fact, more than hundred of the ones she fired had instantly exploded.

The flame had enveloped half of the arena in front of her

Though none of the bullets struck Lin Huang’s body, she found no trace of him as his body was completely covered by the flames and smoke.

“This might not have happened if you were honest with me.” As soon as she finished speaking, the two modified SilverPhoenix16 that she was holding was transformed into two automatic rifles.

Two of the rifles pointed towards the area that was filled with smoke, a muzzle flash was seen. Countless silver bullets were fired and they were flying everywhere forwards. After switching to a rifle, the speed was faster than that of the SilverPhoenix16.

The audience was stunned.

They had never expected her combat style to have such a tough appeal. She was like a man!

“Firing at such speed, perhaps Sword Genius is dead?”

“His front view is blocked by a pall of smoke. If Sword Genius can’t see her hand movement, he will not be able to avoid those bullets as well.”

“She’s indeed is a female demon. The name suits her.”

Many of the men who were drooling over her were shocked when they saw this.

“Is she a man that had undergone gender rea.s.signment surgery?” Those men were suspicious about her real gender.

After firing for about three minutes with her automatic rifle, she finally stopped. However, she had a weird expression on her face. She was not happy. Instead, she was doubtful.

“Didn’t he die? Why haven’t I received the notification from the system…”

“I didn’t expect this from you. I’ve nearly died…” A voice that came from the area filled with smoke replied as she mumbled.

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