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Chapter 204: 70-Win Streak

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Right after the voice was heard, a shadow slowly appeared out of the smoky area.

He was a teenage boy wearing a T-s.h.i.+rt and a silver face mask. He looked perfectly fine, without even a hint of awkwardness.

Again, she switched two of her weapons to guns, aiming them at Lin Huang. Without a moment of hesitation, she raised her gun and shot.

However, it was strange that Lin Huang did not avoid the bullets at all. He walked slowly towards Explosive Female Demon.

The audience was startled, seeing the scene in the arena. Sword Genius was walking slowly towards Explosive Female Demon. She kept shooting him, but not a single shot hit. Sword Genius did not dodge the bullets at all.

“How could it be?!” Lin Huang’s body pa.s.sed through the bullets. However, no trace of bullets was found on his clothes. She was shocked and felt puzzled.

“Why did she keep shooting towards the other side? Did she do it on purpose?”

“A keeper can’t deliberately lose a game. If she does, it would mean that she has admitted defeat and she’ll be severely punished. Her account in the arena will be banned for at least three years!”

“She seems to be acting weird…”

“It seems like you’re going to lose.” The gold-robed man laughed, looking at the black-robed man.

“Illusion… This indeed is out of my expectation.” Although the black-robed man was saying in this way, he sounded calm. Then, he pa.s.sed the black short blade to the young man.

“Haha…” The gold-robed man took the short blade and immediately stored it in his storage s.p.a.ce as if he was afraid that the black-robed man would go back to what he had said.

“Do you want to place another bet?” The black robed man asked as he saw that he had kept the relic.

“What do you want to bet on?” The gold-robed man asked and smiled.

“The battle between Sword Genius and Yu Moli. I bet Yu Moli will win.” The black robed man suggested.

“Alright, deal. Even if I lose, I will just give the short blade back to you.” The gold-robed man decided to stand by Lin Huang’s side.

“No. This round, if you lose, you’ll have to give me two, 3-star relics.” The black robed man doubled the bet.

The gold-robed man hesitated when he heard the terms of the bet.

“Aren’t you’re confident in the little brat?” The black robed man sounded insulting.

“Fine, two relics then!” Still, the gold-robed man had decided to trust Lin Huang.

In the arena, his opponent soon noticed something was wrong. “Illusion?”

“Yes, you’re right.” Lin Huang smiled, nodding his head.

“When did you activate it?” She remained calm.

“I activated it within the first few minutes of the battle.” Lin Huang was being honest with her.

“Even if you’ve used an illusion and my senses have been affected. I don’t rely on my senses to attack, I randomly fired the bullets. Also, you can’t even see my hands and you can’t judge the trajectory based on my movement. How did you dodge the attacks?” She could not understand.

“That’s simply because I’ve used certain defensive skills.” Lin Huang was forced to use his Blood Spirit wings earlier when the air was filled with smoke so he could defend against her attacks. Otherwise, he would have been shot through and look like a sieve.

“I knew it!” Right after she had finished her sentence, she then picked up her gun. Following a peculiar trajectory path, silver bullets were fired out of her SilverPhoenix16.

The silver bullets then formed a big net, flying towards Luo Yuan’s direction.

Many of them could recognize that it was her unique gunfighting technique –Sky Net .

Since her sensory organs were severely distracted by Lin Huang’s illusion, she could not estimate her enemy’s position. Therefore, Sky Net was undoubtedly the best gun fighting technique to use.

She had been chatting with Lin Huang. It was not because she gave up defending herself against him but because she needed some time to figure out ways to counterattack. Then, she thought of this skill and resisted desperately.

However, the audience was puzzled.

During the conversation, the Sword Genius was walking around a semi-circle path and he was now behind her.

However, her Sky Net was attacking the region in front of her and Sword Genius was not even within the sky net attack range.

“His illusion skill is amazing…”

“I have to admit that although she is shooting at air, still, she still seems heroic!”

“What? She’s too manly!”

“Don’t get cheated by her appearance. Though she looks like a woman, she can’t hide the fact that she’s a man! If you don’t trust me, marry her and you’ll know.”

“I’m sorry. I can’t stop winning.” Lin Huang was standing behind her, placing his long sword around her neck. “Admit defeat.”

Lin Huang removed his illusion, only then did she find out that there was a sword pointed at her neck.

“Hmph, I’ll admit defeat!” She scoffed. Eventually, she admitted defeat.

“Congratulations! Player Sword Genius has won the battle!”

As soon as the pop-up notification appeared, Lin Huang kept his sword.

As her body began to disintegrate, she stared at Lin Huang and said, “I’ll remember you, Sword Genius. I’ll get my revenge on you!”

“Feel free to challenge me anytime.” Lin Huang nodded his head and smiled.

Soon, the system announcement lingered in the arena again.

“Congratulations player Sword Genius defeated keeper Explosive Female Demon on the sixth floor of the arena, winning 70 consecutive battles!”

“Congratulations player Sword Genius defeated keeper Explosive Female Demon on the sixth floor of the arena, winning 70 consecutive battles!”

“Congratulations player Sword Genius defeated keeper Explosive Female Demon on the sixth floor of the arena, winning 70 consecutive battles!”

When the system notification rang, it amazed all of the online players.

n.o.body had achieved 70-win streak in the past 16 years. This time, the announcement of the 60 winning streaks and 70-win streak were made in less than 15 minutes and it was completed by the same player. Many of them noticed that he was the newborn genius of the Hunter a.s.sociation.

The announcement of the 70-win streak was sent to not only the online players and even the offline players had received the notification. It was sent to 12 of the executive officers of the Hunter a.s.sociation as well.

This had instantly alerted the Hunter a.s.sociation at Division7.

The Hunter Arena was originally a virtual arena designed by the Hunter a.s.sociation to look for geniuses. Knowing that there was a person that had achieved 70-win streak, the executive officers could no longer sit still as n.o.body could accomplish this in the past 16 years.

With their authorities, soon, the executive officers knew the actual ident.i.ty of Sword Genius. Their facial expression suddenly changed.

“He is Lin Huang! Ah…” Xu Tianyu sighed and shook his head as he thought of the fact that Lin Huang had missed intensive training.

“I knew that Mr. Fu will not be wrong. But…” Old Li sighed as well.

Few of the executive officers had previously thought that Mr. Fu was wrong. However, the moment they received the notice, they knew that they were the ones that were wrong.

On the other hand, other players of the Hunter Arena were going through the network searching for the information of Sword Genius. However, they seemed to have found nothing…

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