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Chapter 206: Arrival of the Ultimate Keeper

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Sometimes, sh*t happens.

The moment he saw a skinny shadow appear in the arena, Lin Huang could immediately confirm his ident.i.ty – it was the third-ranked person on the leaderboard, The Final Fortress.

The Final Fortress was shorter than 1.4 meters, and he was very skinny. He might even weigh less than 60 catties and looked like a 10-year-old boy. However, he was actually already 17 years old and looked like this because he had stunted growth.

It was because of his body size that allowed Lin Huang and the rest to recognize him before the light was even shone on the keeper.

Although he looked like a harmless kid, The Final Fortress was the one opponent most players on the sixth floor did not wish to encounter.

He was recognized as the ‘Final Keeper’ on the sixth floor. Even Yu Moli who ranked first on the leaderboard had never defeated him in the arena after several battles.

Lin Huang did not want to into him as he had no confidence that he could break through the opponent’s defense.

When the audience saw the appearance of The Final Fortress, they observed a moment of silence for Lin Huang.

“It seems like Sword Genius’ winning streak will end here.”

“The system did really send the final keeper here…”

“Yu Moli had said this before. None of the Silver Hunters could break through his defense. Only a gold-level, attack type relic could do it.”

“Although I feel like seeing Sword Genius create another miracle, it seems like it’ll remain a wish…”

Most of the players on the sixth floor knew The Final Fortress from watching his previous battles. The moment he appeared in front of Lin Huang, they lost all hope for Lin Huang in this battle.

Regardless of how strong Sword Genius was, his combat strength was only Silver-Level Rank-3. The strength of his Life Power could not activate a gold relic. Even if he used a gold-level battle sword to attack, it was still impossible to break through his opponent’s defense. Countless hunters had tried but failed.

Lin Huang clearly understood that. He had been watching his battle videos repeatedly. He was afraid that he might encounter an opponent with such a powerful defense. The results of his a.n.a.lysis showed that when one’s defensive skills were enhanced to a certain level, that person would be unbeatable. Unleas.h.i.+ng a stronger power was the only way to break his defense. Other than that, nothing could help him.

Lin Huang did an a.n.a.lysis of the weaknesses of the top 10 players on the leaderboard. He thought of ways to kill them as well. However, he had no idea how he could defeat The Final Fortress.

In fact, it was not his abilities that were unbeatable. If his defensive skills were not taken into consideration, he would only manage to achieve top 30 on the leaderboard. However, he was invincible because of his incredible defensive skills.

While Lin Huang was sizing up The Final Fortress, his opponent did the same thing on Lin Huang too.

“It has been 16 years since the last player achieved a 70-win streak. Congratulations.” The Final Fortress smiled at Lin Huang.

“Thank you.” Lin Huang nodded his head.

“I’ve watched your battle videos, you’re so strong.” Fortress admitted that Lin Huang was strong, “Therefore, I chose to defend the arena in this battle. As long as you can break through my defense in half an hour and leaving a wound on my body, I’ll concede. As long as it’s allowed, you can use any skills.”

Apparently, he knew that Lin Huang had heard of him before. He was lazy to banter on with him. He then explained to him the rules that he had set.

“Alright.” Lin Huang agreed with him.

“Then let’s begin!” The Final Fortress took a look at the countdown timer, a complicated pattern was formed by both his hands when the countdown was about to end.

Right after the pattern was formed, a layer of a sh.e.l.l-shaped object made of a material that looked like metal and stone was formed in the air in before his body.

The object gradually became thicker, extending towards The Final Fortress and in less than three seconds, he was completely covered by it.

A grey, ball-shaped object instantly appeared in the arena as well. It had a diameter of about two meters and it had a stone and metal texture to it.

The ability was unique to the extent that even Lin Huang could not confirm if the layer he formed was a skill, a blood inheritance or a monster skill.

Looking at the countdown timer above him end, Lin Huang did not attack immediately. He activated Boundless Vision and walked around the ball-shaped object. He carefully observed it.

The audience did not urge Lin Huang to hasten his attack as they waited patiently for his next move.

“It seems like Sword Genious is going to end his winning streak here.” The black-robed man laughed as he looked at the gold-robed young.

“He’s got bad luck to into this little brat that has a blood inheritance. He’s even inherited such powerful defensive abilities.”

Unexpectedly, the gold-robed man did not give him a reply.

“Do you want to add on to the bet. Another relic perhaps?” The black-robed man grinned.

“If the one he met was Yu Moli, he might not lose.” The gold-robed young man changed the topic.

“Those who possess a blood inheritance will inherit abilities developed by a transcendent. Their combat strength is restricted and they are not allowed to fully unleash the power of their blood inheritance. However, this brat possesses a blood inheritance skill that cannot be broken by those who are below the transcendent level. He can only be defeated by those who also have a blood inheritance. Despite the fact that Yu Moli has obtained numerous monster skills, it would still not be enough. Regardless of how strong the skill is, it would still a silver-level mutated monster skill. It is not comparable to a blood inheritance.” The black-robed man explained with a smile.

“Regardless of whether Sword Genius can win Yu Moli or not, he’ll definitely lose this battle! Unless he has a blood inheritance as well…”

“Stop talking nonsense. Let’s watch the battle quietly.” The gold-robed man was getting lazy to listen to him and interrupted him. The black-robed man laughed arrogantly, he then kept quiet.

Lin Huang walked slowly around the ball-shaped object in the arena. He tried to touch the object’s body but made no attempts of an attack.

The audience started to feel impatient.

“Sword Genius! Are you a man? Why are you looking and touching the ball instead of doing what you’re supposed to do?! Do you even dare to pick up a gun and fire?!” Some of them even shouted at him.

“What do you know? This is foreplay!” Another man responded from afar.

“The foreplay is too long. I’m going limp already!” Another man yelled at him as well.

Everyone burst out laughing as they listened to their conversation.

After carefully observing the ball-shaped object in the arena, he finally stood still…

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