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Chapter 207: I Can’t Accept A Draw!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang walked about 10 rounds around the ball-shaped object, observing each and every detail with Boundless Vision repeatedly.

The ball-shaped object looked like a grey colored stone. However, when he touched it, it felt cold like it was metal. There were no cracks on the ball-shaped object and it looked like its entire body was painted in some light silver colored patterns.

Lin Huang did not discover any flaws.

He retreated 10 meters away and remained still. Lin Huang took out a gold ring from his storage s.p.a.ce. He then held the ring between his right thumb and index finger, inserting Life Power into the ring. Soon, the gold-level weapon ring transformed into a gold-level gun.

Despite the fact that silver hunters could activate gold-level weapons, most players would use a silver-level weapon by default during the battle on the fourth floor to the sixth floor in the arena.

Normally, a gold-level weapon could be activated by using Gold Life Power. Gold Life Power was a lot denser than silver Life Power. If the user was a silver Hunter, Life Power consumption would be increased in order to activate gold-level weapons and one would not feel comfortable using it. During the battle, such details would actually affect the result of the game when encountering an opponent with combat abilities that are almost similar. Therefore, it was not appropriate for silver hunters to use gold-level weapons during the fight.

Furthermore, the players of this game were not in need of money. Everyone could afford gold-level weapons. If one of the players changed their weapons the other players could change their weapons as well. Therefore, the effect of combining weapons was not significant. They would just use silver-level weapons because winning the battle was based on one’s ability.

However, the audience did not raise any objections when Lin Huang took out the gold-level weapon ring.

This was because the defensive skill of The Final Fortress was considered cheating. Most of the hunters that encountered The Final Fortress had used a gold-level weapon to attack him as well.

However, after the weapon ring was activated, everyone was stunned as they saw that he was holding a gun instead of a sword. They had never seen Lin Huang use a gun before.

“Sword Genius is holding a GoldEagle11. Why does it look a bit different?”

“It is a modified gun. If Sword Genius can modify a gun, he’s a qualified gunmaster without a doubt.”

“Perhaps it can generate a powerful attack. However, Explosive Female Demon has used modified GoldEagle11 to attack The Final Fortress in the past and she wasn’t able to break through his defense.”

“There is a big difference between modified guns. Some players modify its shooting speed while others will increase its attack power. She must’ve increased the speed of both of her guns. It’s sufficient to maintain the original attack power of the GoldEagle11. However, if Sword Genius increases the attack power of the gun, its attack will be two to three times stronger, possibly even more. Furthermore, the Life Power of different gunmaster varies, resulting in different type of bullets. Therefore, the effect caused by the attack will be different as well…”

Many of them started discussing as Lin Huang, a master in wielding his sword had suddenly become a gunmaster.

Staring at the big, ball-shaped object, he raised his gun and aimed at one of the points. After acc.u.mulating his Life Power, he pulled the trigger.

Beams of muzzle flares appeared and soon, more than 10 bullets were fired, striking at the same position on the ball-shaped object.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Many of them were surprised as he fired consecutive shots.

“From his movement, I know that Sword Genius is a true gun master. Looking at the way he holds the gun, I can know if he is truly a gun user.”

“A gunmaster is indeed an attractive profession to the women. All his movements are so charming!”

Many of the young girls were screaming in excitement the moment Lin Huang fired the bullets.

Lin Huang had taken about 50 to 60 shots. This was the maximum number of shots that he could fire at the same point. If he continued shooting, the bullet’s path would be s.h.i.+fted. A normal person would be unable to withstand the recoil from a GoldEagle11.

Beginner gunmasters could normally take about 30 consecutive shots. There were some of them who could fire 40 consecutive shots. Firing 50 to 60 shots was the standard benchmark for an intermediate gun master.

The audience was counting the number of shots fired. After listening to the sound of shooting, most of them could basically confirm Lin Huang’s ident.i.ty as a gunmaster.

In the arena, Lin Huang had a serious expression on his face. Right after he stopped shooting, his Boundless Vision  could clearly see that nothing had happened to the location on the ball-shaped object that he shot with the bullets. Only several slight cracks appeared in the area which was less than 10 square centimeters like a small spider web. However, within one minute, it had returned to its original state.

“Such an attack can only destroy its outer surface. The depth of the cracks were less than one millimeter. The thickness of the defensive layer is more than 20 centimeters. Furthermore, it has an extremely powerful self-healing ability…” Lin Huang frowned. He began feeling like it was less likely he can break through his opponent’s defense.

Soon, the GoldEagle11 in his hand transformed into a fully automated rifle.

Lin Huang inserted his Life Power into it and placed the rifle on his shoulder. He started shooting towards the same position and about 80 consecutive shots were fired.

The attack launched had destroyed the defense layer to quite some extent. 80 consecutive shots had resulted in a thumb-sized hole on the surface of the defense layer, reaching a depth of about one centimeter. However, the thumb-sized hole disappeared in less than five seconds.

The audience all witnessed this, sending a glance of sympathy to Lin Huang.

“It is not easy to strike a hole on The Final Fortress defensive layer.”

“The attack power of the modified GoldEagle11 is at least three times stronger than that of a regular GoldEagle11. Unfortunately, it still can’t break through the defensive layer.”

“His defensive layer is incredible. It seems like Sword Genius is going to end his winning streak here…”

In the arena, Lin Huang remained stationary as if had fallen into deep thoughts.

Firing 87 shots at the same point using a rifle was the best he could do. If he continued shooting, the bullet’s trajectory would deviate from the muzzle making his shots useless. In order to break through his defense, he had to keep attacking the same position. Otherwise, it would be a waste of Life Power.

“With such an attack, the resulting impact is only about one centimeter deep…” Lin Huang frowned, he basically had confirmed that his opponent’s defense layer was even stronger than he expected after several attempts. “It’s a bit troublesome…”

An 80-win streak was the key. If he could not win this battle, he would be unable to double the 5,000 points he had right now. He would have to achieve another 70-win streak in order to collect 10,000 points. The time and strength required would be doubled as well.

Furthermore, it was likely that the system would send The Final Fortress as the keeper of the 60th battle or even the 70th battle. He would have to start everything again.

This was also the reason why The Final Fortress was the opponent that Lin Huang did not wish to encounter the most.

“No! I can’t accept a draw!” Lin Huang clenched his fist in determination.

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