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Chapter 209: Can He Grow Swords From His Body?

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A bright, golden glow that was as bright as sunlight shone as the golden spark of Worldly Purification collided with the invincible ball. The entire arena was covered in the golden glow, causing almost everyone in the audience to squint their eyes. The Worldly Purification that Lin Huang performed stunned many in the audience. n.o.body expected Sword Genius’ sword skills to be as terrifying as this.

Even some of the gold-level people were shocked as they could tell from his performance that Lin Huang had mastered the skill. The Worldly Purification that he had just performed was almost perfect. Such skill could usually only be performed by transcendents but Lin Huang managed to unleash it almost perfectly. Though his combat strength that was not on par, his understanding of sword skills were comparable to transcendents who have mastered the Dao of the sword.

“Can he break it through?” Many of them who were not rooting for Lin Huang were now undecided. Theoretically, such a stunning hit should destroy everything that was on the same level. However, Sword Genius’ opponent had the strongest defense in history. n.o.body could tell what would happen next, not even Lin Huang himself…

Under the golden glow, a small portion of Lin Huang’s battle sword was pierced into the invincible defensive layer. An intense force was stopping his sword from piercing it. However, Lin Huang was far from exhausting his strength. The golden glow seemed to have a melting effect to the defensive layer, his sword was piercing into the ball slowly. 10 centimeters, 20 centimeters, 25 centimeters…

Suddenly, the tip of the sword touched a layer that was even tougher.

“Pierce through it!” Lin Huang shouted. He transferred all his remaining strength onto his sword, attempting to break through the tough layer. However, just as he was doing that, an immense force flowed right back at his sword.

“Bang!” Another bang was heard, however, Lin Huang did not step back at all. Veins were bulging all over his arms as all his Life Power filled his sword, hoping to break through the defensive. Suddenly, he heard an indistinct cracking sound.

“Did I break it through?” Lin Huang was happy inside. On the contrary, he looked at his sword and he was speechless. His sword was cracking from the intense collision.

The surface was not the only thing cracking as the internal structure of the sword began cracking as well. The Life Power transfer was almost complete but the force from within the defensive layer was getting increasingly stronger. Finally, the force was fully released from the gap where the sword pierced through. Under the force, the battle sword in Lin Huang’s hand completed broke.

“F*ck!” Lin Huang did not even have the time to show his distress as the force hit him, hard.

If not for his stunning body physique, he would have been badly injured from this force. He fell hard against the wall of the arena, the impact making him puke blood on the ground. The golden glow disappeared when his body was struck against the defensive wall where the audience was sitting.

“What happened?”

“Sword Genius is only left with the hilt of the sword. What’s happening?”

“He’s really left with the sword’s hilt. There are golden sword pieces on the ground…”

“How could it be? His sword is completed broken and yet he failed to break through the ball?!”

“No matter how powerful he is, this ends here. Relics are prohibited on the first to the ninth floor. if he can’t win it with a gold-level weapon, there’s nothing else he can do.”

Lin Huang fell slowly from the defensive wall of the arena. He was slightly injured but he did not care at all. He stood right up on the ground and looked at the hilt in his hand, letting out an awkward smile. He tossed the hilt away and looked at the ball. The crack that the sword pierced through earlier was now completely healed. There was no trace of the crack at all.

“This is some really powerful defense. Aside from a relic, there’s nothing else that can break through it… However, relics are prohibited here and even if they’re not, I can’t activate them with my Life Power…” Lin Huang stood there as he attempted to come up with a plan.

“Should I use that now?”

The only thing that Lin Huang could come up with was Blood Spirit – a skill he got from Bai. He remembered clearly back when Bai was still silver-level, the power of his Blood Spirit wings surpa.s.sed all the gold-level weapons they encountered. Its strength was close to a relic. Since Bai was gold-level rank-3 now, his Blood Spirit wings were as powerful as a relic. Although Lin Huang was only silver-level rank-3 now, but his Blood Spirit wings should not be any weaker than Bai when he was silver-level rank-3.

He looked up at the time, 18 minutes had pa.s.sed. He was left with 12 minutes before the match would be considered a draw. He knew that he did not have much time left.

“Even a gold-level weapon could not do it. It seems like there’s nothing else that I can use to break through this defensive layer besides my Blood Spirit wings…” Lin Huang had always put the Blood Spirit wings as his trump card, his final move to use against Yu Moli. However, it seemed like if he did not use his Blood Spirit wings now, there was no way he could win this battle.

After standing still for a moment, Lin Huang had finally made up his mind. The audience had lost faith in him ever since his sword broke. Without a relic, there was no way that Sword Genius could win this battle. However, Lin Huang stood up straight, the frown under his mask turning to an expression of relief. Seeing that, the audience became excited.

“Could he have something even more powerful up his sleeves?!”

“It can’t be! What he performed just now was already so powerful. How is it possible that he has something even better?!”

“Why do I have the feeling that Sword Genius might turn it around?”

“This must be an illusion. His gold-level weapon is broken now, what else can he use? Perhaps he can grow swords from his body…”

Lin Huang’s eyes turned a shade of red. At the same time, Blood Spirit spread out of his pores and enveloped his body. A pair of gigantic Blood Spirit wings grew out of his back.

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