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Chapter 21: Lin Huang Flipping Out

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George Kang saw the way Lin Huang was staring at him and felt a chill going down his spine, immediately planning his retreat.

“What are you staring at? You think you’re better than us just because you’re an imperial censor? George’s family is royalty, you can’t afford to offend him!” The tall, skinny guy raised his voice at Lin Huang as he was ignored by him.

Lin Huang frowned when he heard the guy mentioned ‘royalty’. In this world, only families that were higher than the gold-rank could be approved as royalty by the Union Government. Now he understood why this guy spoke for George Kang willingly.

Meanwhile, George Kang who thought Lin Huang was strange began getting jealous of Lin Huang.

“What did he do to deserve to be an Imperial Censor? He’s 15 and he isn’t even iron-level, it’s obvious that he’s a poor kid without good background. What’s so great about being an imperial censor, I’m going to show you what I’ve got today!” George Kang thought to himself.

“Bro, we would not force you to do something that you don’t want to do, but your att.i.tude is humiliating. Since my bros don’t like you, there’s nothing that I can do.” George Kang was smart as he sensed Lin Huang was not the person that he should mess with so he tried to get away from him.

Although the reason that he argued was irrelevant, at least it was not awkward. That was one of the things that he learned from his family.

A normal 15-year-old would really reflect on what he just said but Lin Huang was not a kid.

He knew what this guy was up to where he attempted to avoid conflicts. If a fight was to happen, no matter which side won, it would be none of his business.

However, it was not a good news to Lin Huang as they were a gang.

Although he was fearless, he did not want to offend the royalty for no reason.

The tall and skill guy did not understand what George Kang really meant. He thought he did not want to fight Lin Huang himself and he wanted the rest of them to do it instead.

He was willing to do anything for the young master of royalty.

Regardless of how the results of the a.s.sessment turned out, as long as he managed to build a good relations.h.i.+p with royalty, he could always ask for job opportunities and work on their properties.

The four of them were thinking about the same thing.

George Kang took a few steps back while the four of them looked at each other.

The three of them plunged towards the Sand Monster while the tall and skinny guy attacked Lin Huang.

The easiest way to kill an Imperial Censor was to kill him before he summoned his monsters.

Now that Lin Huang had already summoned his monster, they thought of holding down the monster and killing Lin Huang as soon as they could.

Lin Huang was not iron-level so he could not see their abilities.

However, seeing the tall and skinny guy leading the charge, that meant his ability should be the most powerful, possible an iron-level rank-3.

Lin Huang did not hesitate, as he was stepping away fast, he held the GrayEagle17 on his hand and reloaded his remaining five armored bullets.

Looking at the GrayEagle17 on Lin Huang’s hand, the tall and skill guy grinned, “A GrayEagle17, this weapon that isn’t even considered to be an iron-level weapon could probably be a threat to people on iron-level rank-1 or 2, but I, Xue Jie am at iron-level rank-3, such a garbage of a gun can do nothing to me.”

Seeing Xue Jie approaching him without fear, Lin Huang aimed at his chest and pulled the trigger.

“Bang!” The explosive bang scared everyone.

Xue Jie attempted to avoid the shot but it was too late, the bullet hit his right shoulder. A hole that was a size of a fist was blown into his right shoulder, so deep that his bone could be seen.

Xue Jie pressed his palm against the wound, blood was flowing out. He glared at Lin Huang and poured medication on the wound.

Lin Huang looked at him from far away, he did not continue to attack. Without Tyrant or Bai’s help, it was difficult for him to kill Xue Jie.

Xue Jie’s ability was much more powerful than the weakened vampire he killed earlier. His mind was not controlled by hunger. Moreover, Lin Huang was only left with four armored bullets, they were for emergency use only and he did not want to waste the bullets.

It was just a minor fight between them, they had not reached the point where they had to kill each other.

Seeing Lin Huang’s attack, George Kang’s expression changed. He thought his hunch was right, “This guy is dangerous!”

He could also see that Lin Huang showed mercy. If he was to aim his gun at Xue Jie’s head instead of chest, he would have been dead by now.

Just when George Kang gave all his attention on Lin Huang, he heard a devastating groan not far away.

The three guys who attempted to attack Tyrant were punched by it. n.o.body knew if they were still alive.

After settling the three of them, Tyrant ran towards Lin Huang and attempted to grab Xue Jie.

Xue Jie saw what was happening and was terrified as he attempted to escape with his injured shoulder. As he ran, he screamed for help, “George, help me!”

George Kang was in a pickle. Although he did not want to be involved in this, he could not let Xue Jie die here.

If Xue Jie was dead, he would be alone and who knew if Lin Huang would kill him as well.

He used his right hand and waved in the air, the black ring on his middle finger became a giant s.h.i.+eld in front of Xue Jie.


Tyrant’s giant claw landed on the giant s.h.i.+eld and a spiderweb crack appeared on the s.h.i.+eld.

George Kang was shocked. He did not expect the Sand Monster’s. .h.i.t to create such cracks on his iron-level equipment.

He did not know that this Sand Monster’s strength was near a bronze-level monster.

George Kang then called out to Lin Huang, “Lin Huang bro, please stop the violence, we can talk this out!”

“Tyrant!” Lin Huang then stopped Tyrant from attacking Xue Jie.

Tyrant was getting in the zone, it then stopped and looked at Lin Huang in confusion.

“Stop for now.” After Lin Huang gave out his instruction, he looked at George Kang and Xue Jie, “I need a proper explanation.”

The duo was relieved when they saw Lin Huang asking Tyrant to stop.

George Kang said loudly to Lin Huang from far away, “Lin Huang bro, it’s our fault. We should not put you in trouble, we would like to apologize.”

“George, this kid would not dare to kill us. Killing is prohibited in the a.s.sessment. If we were to die in the a.s.sessment, not only he would lose his eligibility, he would also be blacklisted by the Hunter a.s.sociation and prohibited from all forms of hunter a.s.sessment. You are a member of royalty. If you die in the a.s.sessment, the Hunter a.s.sociation would definitely investigate the matter. Killing a member of royalty is considered a very serious matter to the Union Government…”

“Shut up!” George Kang stopped Xue Jie from talking. He could not believe that Xue Jie was still picking a fight with Lin Huang, “Lin Huang bro, all my weapons that were over iron-level were taken away. The most valuable thing I have with me is this black armor.”

George Kang then took off the black ring on his left ring finger and tossed on the ground in front of Tyrant, “Please take this as our apology, I hope we can forget about what happen today and be friends.”

Lin Huang kept quiet for a moment and said, “I accept your apology. You can take the three guys who are lying there…”

“But he’s not allowed to leave.” Lin Huang pointed at Xue Jie who was behind George Kang.

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