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Chapter 213: Unbelievable Fate Changer

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

 On the next morning, Lin Huang went to the Hunter Arena page in his room after having breakfast. The top news on the main page was still the news of his 80 consecutive wins where the views were up to 100 million with 800,000 comments. If Hunter Arena was opened to Regular Hunters that were below bronze-level, perhaps the views would be 10 times more. After reading the next page and failing to find anything worth his time reading, Lin Huang logged into the game.

He noticed that he had more than five million followers now and still counting.

“I’m an influencer now…” Lin Huang was shocked when he saw the number of followers that he had. He only had 300,000 followers five days ago and it had been less than a week and his followers were now 17 to 18 times more. Just as he logged into the game, a notification was sent to everyone who followed him.

Many of them logged into the game early in the morning as they wanted to wait for Lin Huang’s entrance. They wanted to see Sword Genius live in action.

Just like what happened on earth where people would buy a plane ticket to fly to another country just to watch a football or basketball match. It was different watching a live battle than one on the television and people hoped to see Sword Genius creating more miracles.

Lin Huang checked his body condition, it was good as new with full Life Power. After confirming, he pressed the challenge b.u.t.ton. Soon, he was sent to the No.1 ring on the sixth floor. Theoretically, the No.1 ring was meant for players who ranked top 10. It was the first time the system allowed this to happen as Lin Huang defeated Explosive Female Demon who ranked 5th in his 70th battle. Now that he was sent to the No.1 ring, it was clear that the system did some restructuring and gave Lin Huang the privilege like other players in the top 10.

Lin Huang was familiar with this ring, but this time when he entered the room there was n.o.body inside.

“Did I come too early?” Lin Huang thought it was strange.

“Please hold on, the system is expanding the venue…”

Seeing the notification, Lin Huang realized that the venue was expanding. When Lin Huang pressed the challenge b.u.t.ton earlier, all of his followers who were online received the same notification.

“Player Sword Genius has entered the ring No.1!”

Many of them wanted to enter the venue but they then received another notification that said ‘the venue is under maintenance, please enter later…’.

The seats available in the venue were increasing from 300,000 to one million within one minute.

“The expansion is completed, the audience can now enter venue No.1.”

Seeing the notification, many clicked to enter the venue. Within half a minute, the one million seats were taken.

Most of the audience was watching Lin Huang’s battle live for the first time. Seeing Lin Huang with a silver mask on, many of them were curious about what he really looked like.

“Please wait while the system matches your opponent…”

A notification appeared on top of the ring. Lin Huang did not think it was odd that the system had yet to match him an opponent as he had acc.u.mulated more than 10,000 points now, there were not many people who were eligible to fight him.

What he did not know was, a sleepy young man received a message from the arena. He looked at the message and thought it was a mistake.

“I haven’t even logged into the game, why did they give me a match!” He did not even bother to read the full message. Just when he was attempting to delete the message, the arena called. It was the voice of a robot.

“We’re sorry to interrupt you,  Unbelievable Fate Changer , you have been matched to fight Sword Genius . This is a special mission from the arena, if you defeat Sword Genius , you’ll be rewarded with 10 times more for whatever points you acc.u.mulate during the match. If you’d like to accept the challenge, please log in within three minutes.”

“Failure to log in within three minutes results as the player surrendering and losing the match. Declining the challenge will not result in any punishment, you have the freedom to choose if you’ll battle or not.”

“10 times more?! Doesn’t that mean I could get to rank No.2 straightaway!” Unbelievable Fate Changer sat up immediately.

“But my opponent is the one who defeated Explosive Female Demon and The Final Fortress five days ago…”

“d.a.m.n it, I shall give it a try! Since I won’t lose anything even if I do get defeated.” Unbelievable Fate Changer put on his slippers and entered the arena.

After waiting for more than two minutes, Lin Huang’s opponent finally appeared. It was Unbelievable Fate Changer in his pajamas and slippers, the audience was speechless at his attire. He seemed to have just got out of bed as there was still gunk at the corner of his eyes. It was obvious that he entered the arena before he got the time to clean himself.

However, Lin Huang was not surprised at the random opponent he’d been given. Unbelievable Fate Changer ranked No.10 on the sixth-floor leaderboard with more than 12,000 points. Encountering such powerful opponent in his 81st battle, Lin Huang could foresee who was going to be his next opponent.

“That means I’ll have to fight those who ranked No.10 to No.1 during my 81st to 90th battles then? If I defeat Yu Moli, who would be my opponent after my 90th battle?”

Lin Huang was thinking of that, the audience was thinking the same thing too. Unbelievable Fate Changer stood across from Lin Huang and tossed his slippers aside while digging his ears. “You must be thinking who will your opponents be after me, am I right?”

“Yeah, I was guessing.” Lin Huang nodded.

“However, looking at your condition, I supposed you were not online before you were sent here, am I right? What did the arena offer you that you are willing to give up your sleep to fight me?”

“The arena is generous…” Unbelievable Fate Changer laughed when he heard what Lin Huang asked.

“They said I would get 10 times more of my current acc.u.mulated points if I defeat you, I don’t think anybody could reject such a sweet temptation.”

“Oh really, thanks.” Lin Huang was surprised. The audience finally understood that the arena treated Sword Genius as the ultimate boss in the game so they came up with a matching reward. It was normal that many would be willing to try their luck since they would not lose anything anyway. The countdown was ending, the fight between Sword Genius and Unbelievable Fate Changer would start in a nick of time!

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