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Chapter 214: All The Best to You

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Unbelievable Fate Changer was ranked No.10 on the sixth floor of the arena. He was also the first player that Lin Huang studied as his battle method was unique. Lin Huang had researched his family too. His name was Ji Qingyang, a member of royalty. The Ji family was a special family who was an expert in predicting the future, including Ji Qingyang himself. He could always predict what his opponent was going to do next and he would react before his opponent could attack. Such predictions were even more powerful than the times when Lin Huang encountered the gunmasters. It was like mind-reading.

However, Unbelievable Fate Changer had an obvious flaw in his body physique because it was just slightly stronger than an ordinary silver-level rank-3 player. He was much weaker than Lin Huang and Yu Moli. If his opponent was fast, even with his prediction, he would not have enough time to react. The easiest way to fight him was to be so fast that he couldn’t avoid the attacks.

As the countdown ended, Lin Huang took out his silver-level battle sword. He was like lightning when he lunged towards Unbelievable Fate Changer who was 15 meters away within seconds. It was so fast that the audience could not catch him. In reality, Unbelievable Fate Changer had predicted that, but before he could react, Lin Huang had already pa.s.sed by him.

“I’m sorry, I needed to do this quick.” Lin Huang kept his sword. Blood spilled from Unbelievable Fate Changer’s waist, his body had been sliced into half.

“Congratulations, you have won the battle!”

“You managed to kill your opponent in one hit, you have obtained 2 points!”

Seeing the body of Unbelievable Fate Changer disappear and the notification from the system, left the audience shocked.

“How could Sword Genius have managed to kill Unbelievable Fate Changer who ranked No.10 in one hit?!”

“I thought this match would take a while, it ended so quickly.”

“Sword Genius’s attack was too fast, so fast that Unbelievable Fate Changer had no time to react at all.”

“This Sword Genius is even more terrifying than before…” The man in black robe said.

“It’s just the Thunder Sword form but it seems like he was in a state where his speed and attack power was multiplied. This kid is really something!” The man in golden robe exclaimed.

Lin Huang who stood in the ring was stunned as a notification popped up after he killed Unbelievable Fate Changer.

“You have learned a new form of Thunder Sword  by yourself. Would you like to upgrade Thunder Sword ?”

“Will it exhaust an Advance Card if I upgrade it?” Lin Huang asked Xiao Hei in his mind.

“There’s no need for an Advance Card since you learned it yourself, there won’t be any need for cards.”

“Upgrade it then!” After hearing what Xiao Hei said, Lin Huang upgraded his Rare Skill Card – Thunder Sword immediately.

“Are you sure you would like to upgrade your skill card Thunder Sword ?”


“Upgrading… Upgrade has been completed!”

“Congratulations, you have received an Epic Skill Card – Thunder Sting .”

Lin Huang looked at his new skill card immediately.

“Skill Card”

“Skill Card Name: Thunder Sting”

“Rarity: Epic”

“Type of Skill: Sword skill”

“Skill Level: Unknown”

“Status: Available”

“Description: This is a sword skill that gives ultimate speed before ending with an explosion.”

“Remarks: Life Power is needed for the skill’s activation.”

“Card Remarks: Not bad”

When he was done checking the card, Lin Huang realized that he was sent back to the original spot in the ring and his second opponent was there across him. It was Salt36 who ranked 9th! Seeing his appearance, Lin Huang was now sure that the system had arranged for him to fight the players ranked from 11th to1st! He was familiar with Salt36 as well. His real name was Yan Xuan. Coming from a big royal family, there were 36 of them in his generation with himself being the youngest. He gave himself that nickname from the sound of his family name Yan.

“Salt36 has great ability, he’s an expert in close-quarter combat and fire combat skill. He’s known as a mini Yu Moli in the arena as he always gave people the impression that he’s the weaker version of Yu Moli but he’s not weak at all. He’s actually considered very powerful or else he wouldn’t be ranked No.10 on the leaderboard. However, he’s definitely weaker than Yu Moli in all aspects. Since Yu Moli is also an expert in fire combat, that was the reason why he gave people such an impression to begin with.”

Encountering Salt36, Lin Huang thought he wouldn’t be difficult to defeat as long as he did not use his sword.

“Are you here to have your acc.u.mulated points multiplied ten times as well?” Lin Huang raised his eyebrow.

“Of course. Maybe I’ll get lucky today.” Salt36 grinned.

“That’s true…” Lin Huang had nothing to say to his comeback.

As the countdown ended, Salt36 lunged towards Lin Huang with silver Life Power burning in both his palms. Within seconds, he appeared before Lin Huang. Lin Huang did not seem to move at all and a thunder-like silver glow flashed in the air right before his silver battle sword pierced into Salt36’s chest in the blink of an eye. Salt36 was shocked as he looked at his chest, he had no idea how Lin Huang did it. All he saw was darkness in his eyes.

“Congratulations. You have won the battle!”

“You managed to kill your opponent in one hit, you have obtained 2 points!”

As Salt36 fell to the ground, his body disintegrated into pieces and disappeared. After the consecutive wins, South Palace Laugh who ranked 8th failed to appear in the third battle so Lin Huang won that match automatically.

On the fourth battle, Lin Huang encountered Hunter Killer who was ranked 7th. Hunter Killer was a killer who was an expert in camouflage. However, with Lin Huang’s sense circle, he managed to kill Hunter Killer in one hit. On the fifth battle, Lin Huang was matched with Lord of Falling Petals who was ranked 6th. He was a young man who was an expert in illusions. However, with Lin Huang’sKaleidoscope skill which was very resilient against illusion skills, he managed to kill Lord of Falling Petals in one hit as well.

Finally, Lin Huang had arrived at his sixth battle to fight Explosive Female Demon, the same one that he had encountered before. Many of them in the audience whistled when they saw Explosive Female Demon, who had appeared in a black uniform. However, the both of them could not hear anything that was coming from the audience.

“So we meet again…” Lin Huang recalled her saying that she had wanted to get her revenge after the last time.

“Yes, I didn’t expect us to meet again so soon.” Explosive Female Demon grinned.

“Do you remember what I said the last time?”

“You said you surrender.” Lin Huang pretended that he did not remember.

“Not that! The last thing that I said!” Explosive Female Demon stomped her foot.

“Oh, I don’t remember.” Lin Huang shrugged his shoulders.

“You…” Explosive Female Demon knew for sure that Lin Huang had not forgotten what she said as it had just happened five days ago

“I said I would get my revenge on you!”

“Oh, that, now I remember.” Lin Huang nodded.

Explosive Female Demon was furious at Lin Huang’s att.i.tude, “Sword Genius, your illusion will not work on me anymore. What I said to you five days ago shall become a reality! I shall take my revenge on you!”

“Oh, all the best to you then.” Lin Huang encouraged her in a calm tone.

“I…” Explosive Female Demon had nothing to say to Lin Huang’s comeback.

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