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Chapter 219: Flame King

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the arena, Lin Huang and Yu Moli clashed again and again. Each time they clashed, an immense tremor would be spread through the arena and the walls. The tremors began to spread to the seats as their battle grew more intense. Both their shadows flashed through the arena and most people in the audience could not even see their movements clearly. Only several gold-level rank-3 hunters managed to keep track of their attacks. The hunters were shocked as their abilities were comparable with the standard of gold-level rank-3. No matter their speed or strength, combat experiences or techniques, they were no less powerful than an actual gold-level rank-3 hunter.

“Those are real geniuses…” Some of the gold-level rank-3 hunters exclaimed. Yu Moli was not familiar with Lin Huang’s combat style in the beginning and Lin Huang managed to suppress him most of the time because his defense was quite clumsy. However, he adapted over time and before long, he grew less pa.s.sive as he adapted to Lin Huang’s combat style and began to attack before Lin Huang did.

Lin Huang’s Blood Spirit wings were flexible but compared to Yu Moli, the latter had more powerful attacks. However, Yu Moli was not as agile as Lin Huang but he could always turn it around with his battle experience. After they have been fighting for almost 20 minutes, Lin Huang’s attacks were getting more intense because he had to defeat Yu Moli within 30 minutes or the battle would be considered a draw, an end to his 90-win streak. He was now ranked No.13 and in order to be in the top 10, he would have to go through another 60-win streak just to achieve that if this battle ended up in a tie.

As the blades that transformed from the Blood Spirit wings collided with the fire snakes, an intense spark was created. Seeing that Yu Moli had slowed down, Lin Huang transformed one of his wings into a whip and slithered it up the fire snake to Yu Moli’s chest. Yu Moli shouted and spat purple flames from his mouth in order to stop Lin Huang and backed off immediately.

Seeing Yu Moli panting from his Life Power that was seemingly growing more unstable, Lin Huang could tell that he had the advantage in terms of physique. With the help of his immense strength, Lin Huang physique was comparable to a gold-level rank-3 person. His tolerance and physique was much stronger than Yu Moli’s. Although he had almost exhausted the first of his five Life Wheels in his body, he still had four Life Wheels to back him up. The monster skills did not drain much Life Power but under such intense conditions, the exhaustion of Life Power was multipled several times compared to when they used their monster skills under regular circ.u.mstances.

Lin Huang was left with less than one-tenth of his first Life Wheel. He could tell that Yu Moli did not have much Life Power left. Noticing that Lin Huang was checking him out, he said, “You’ve such a monstrous body… If I’m not mistaken, you do not only have superior physique and tolerance but you also must have at least two Life Wheels in your body, right?”

Many of the audience were puzzled at Lin Huang when they heard what Yu Moli had said. They realized that Sword Genius was still exuberant, seemingly unfazed by the battle while Yu Moli was panting hard.

The audience could not see the amount of Life Wheels they possessed as they moved too fast in the arena, making it impossible for them to observe them in detail. Only a couple of people in the audience who were on gold-level rank-3 realized that the Sword Genius’ Blood Spirit blades were stable from the start of the battle till the current stage. Meanwhile, Yu Moli’s Violetflame was not as strong as it started.

Lin Huang smiled without saying anything and did not answer Yu Moli’s question. However, n.o.body could see him smiling as he was wearing a mask. They could only see him holding his tongue. Lin Huang then looked at the time and noticed that they were only left with 10 minutes. Lin Huang knew he should not delay this any further. Without waiting for Yu Moli to attack, Lin Huang charged towards him.

Yu Moli frowned and extended his four gigantic Violetflame arms towards him. They clashed again and Lin Huang pulled out his sword to charge towards Yu Moli using Great Sword Scripture . Within seconds, Yu Moli felt like he was drowning in the sword that was coming in his direction like waves in an ocean. Soon, a bang was heard as Yu Moli took countless punches with his Violetflamearms and managed to make Lin Huang take a step back. Lin Huang stepped back until he reached the edge of the arena. This time, he did not take the initiative to attack but watched Yu Moli instead.

The four Violetflame arms went back into his body and even the flame on his palms disappeared. He performed a complex hand seal immediately and his body burned in purple flames. The flames was so high that it was more than 10 meters tall. As he changed his hand seals, the flame formed itself into a giant torso that covered Yu Moli’s entire body.

Everyone was shocked at what they were seeing.

“A Life Power construct? Am I seeing this right?” Someone in the crowd said.

Under normal circ.u.mstance, such a complicated construct would only be possible for transcendents. Although Yu Moli was only mastering a monster skill; it was much simpler for him than controlling Life Power as such a complicated objectification would be difficult. Even Lin Huang could not control his Blood Power to unleash something like that.

A giant torso made of purple flames appeared before Lin Huang. It looked like a hunk with hard muscles and it had realistic features which included its eyes, beard, eyebrows as well as other details. It looked like a sculpture that was sculpted by a master. However, it only took two to three seconds for Yu Moli to come up with this.

As the giant torso formed, Yu Moli stopped his hand seals and looked at Lin Huang.

“I don’t have much Life Power left, I believe you can see that. This will be the last card I have up my sleeve, it’s called… Flame King . It’s my ultimate s.h.i.+eld and is almost my ultimate skill. If you can defeat this giant, you will be able to defeat me in this battle. I’m exhausting my Life Power, I don’t have the strength to fight anymore.” Yu Moli admitted.

Just as he was done talking, the Flame King seemed activate. Its eyes opened and without missing a beat, it shot a deadly stare at Lin Huang…

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