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Chapter 224: Starlight Beast

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Starlight Beast was an extremely rare monster that could only be found in the Meteorite Desert. It looked like a robot, walked on two legs, and most of its body parts were orange in color which produced unique metal-like reflection when it came in contact with light. It has a turquoise face that looked like it was wearing a mask. Besides that, there was nothing else on its face. It had four antennlike hands that were in blue and green colors and beneath its neck was a purple crystal that was the size of a fist.

The purple crystal was a meteor piece that could absorb energy at night. It was the only energy source of the Starlight Beast. Due to their characteristic, this monster was a star spirit type. The Starlight Beast had three major skills. The first one would enable it to transform its antennas into weapons which were similar to a vampire’s Blood Power. Second, would be its explosive movement and attack speed while the last one would be flicker which allowed it to teleport within a small area.

Its last two skills made it hard to kill the monster. Besides, it had a high intelligence which made it easy for it to avoid humans. Unlike many other monsters, they would not wander out of their territory as they waited to be killed by a human. The Starlight Beast would usually avoid conflicts with humans by hiding. The hunter who kills a Starlight Beast would obtain a speed type Life Seed which will give the user a powerful movement and attack speed skill. As one leveled up to transcendent, the gift would be upgraded to a secret skill called Flash which would allow the user to use the short-distance teleportation.

“This Life Seed monster seems great. Its talent would cancel out my only flaw, giving me speed that’s quite frankly, over the top. After I hit transcendent, this speed type secret skill seems powerful too. Since master recommended this to me, he must’ve considered the effects of the secret skill after I become a transcendent. It seems like this is the best Life Seed that I can get for a gold-level.” After reading the doc.u.ments on the Starlight Beast, Lin Huang decided on the Life Seed monster that he wanted. He logged onto the network immediately and searched for the monster’s whereabouts.

“Meteorite Desert…”

A map was projected before him, Lin Huang frowned as he looked at the location of Meteorite Desert that was marked in yellow. It was located in the far to the northwest of Division7 from Winter City where Lin Huang was located. He would have to cross half of Division7 to reach the desert. It was more than 50% further than his trip from the Purple Crow training camp to Wulin Town.

“That’s extremely far!” The distance was out of his expectations.

He would need to book the ticket to the long-distance dimensional portal at least a month in advance. With the transfers in between, it would take up at least three months for the return trip. Lin Huang was upset as he thought about the travels. This world was too big, without a dimensional vehicle, traveling was inconvenient.

“It would be great if master could send me there on some dimensional transfer equipment. Although I might have to think about I’d make it back, at least I’ll be able to save more than a month of time.” Lin Huang planned to ask Mr. Fu if he had some relic like the Dimensional Portal before he headed out.

After deciding on the Life Seed monster than he wanted, Lin Huang started reading the other two messages. The doc.u.ments on parasites that Mr. Fu sent was much more complete than the Monster Encyclopedia that Lin Huang read in the past. It did not only have a wider the variety of monsters but the descriptions that came with it were also more detailed. It was obvious that the doc.u.ments were higher ranked than the ones that he got from Yi Zheng.

He spent his entire morning reading it and he even picked some parasites that possessed survival skills and other unique skills but he was only halfway through. He ordered takeaway for lunch before making grilled meat for Lin Xuan. Later on, he returned to the living room to look through the doc.u.ments again. When the takeaway arrived, Lin Xin and Lin Xuan had just logged out of the Gun Master game. Lin Huang’s performance in the Gun Master the day before had triggered Lin Xin to improve her skills. After breakfast, she asked Lin Xuan to join her in the game to train her in gunfighting techniques until noon.

“Brother, are you practicing your gun skills this afternoon?” Lin Xin asked after putting a spoonful of rice into her mouth.

“Not today, I have something else that I need to do.” Lin Huang shook his head. He planned to read all the doc.u.ments by today to find three suitable skills for his Demonic Dandelion Vine.

“You guys go ahead and do your own stuff, don’t worry about me.”

“Oh.” Lin Xin was secretly happy that Lin Huang stopped practicing his gun skills. It meant that she might just be able to catch up with him.

After lunch, Lin Xin urged Lin Xuan to return to the game as she did not want to waste a single minute. Lin Huang knew what she was up to when he saw her rus.h.i.+ng upstairs. He smiled and shook his head. After cleaning the dining table, he returned to the living room and continued reading the doc.u.ments on the couch.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, a monster would need to kill another monster of the same type to inherit its monster skill. Therefore, a parasite could only kill a parasite, it was impossible for a parasite to kill other types of monsters for their skills. It would be decided by the Life Seed in the monster’s body; there were rare exceptions of course. For instance, a monster called the Takeru Hunter could obtain most monster’s skills and even kill humans to obtain their skills… However, it was rare.

Lin Huang considered the Demonic Dandelion Vine as a common monster, he would need to find another parasite monster.

” Skin Hardening could strengthen its defense, but it’s too common…”

” Enhanced Regeneration isn’t bad, plus its suitable with Demonic Dandelion Vine’s characteristic since its a plant…”

” Plant Camouflage allows it to disguise into any other plants. That seems suitable too…”

Lin Huang looked through all the doc.u.ments thoroughly. When it was four in the afternoon, he finally found a skill that impressed him.

” Enhanced Intelligence … This skill is very brilliant…” What Lin Huang saw was a parasite called Brain Eater. As the parasite entered the host, it would devour the host’s brain and take over the brain to control the host’s body. The nutrients in the body will be sufficient for the growth of the parasite; its intelligence would grow with Enhanced Intelligence and learn everything from the host.

The skill allowed the parasite to learn at a speed of a human genius where it could learn a gold-level combat skill within a couple of days. Such a speed was comparable with Lin Huang’s Goldfinger. However, this parasite had one flaw – it had to consume a fresh brain once a month. If it did not eat on time; it will die of exhaustion within 48 hours.

“I have no idea where to find this parasite. If it has Enhanced Intelligence no one would be able to find out that it’s controlling a person.” Lin Huang recalled the people that were affected in Xiaoxia City. He noticed that the hosts would lose their minds. If the Demonic Dandelion Vine had a higher intelligence than that, the incident in Xiaoxia City would not happen.

After choosing Enhanced Intelligence as the skill that he desired, Lin Huang picked another two skills which were Enhanced Regeneration and Plant Camouflage . He did not find any skill with a good defense so he decided on a disguise skill. It was 10 p.m. when he was done. Lin Xin and Lin Xuan ordered takeaway for dinner at six in the evening. They left his food in the oven and he finished his late dinner by 11 before he went upstairs and urged the two kids to go to bed before going to bed himself…

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