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Chapter 227: Brain Eater

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After Lin Huang mastered Thunder Steps , he started preparing for his trip to hunt for the Life Seed monster. He prepared breakfast early in the morning, Lin Xin and Lin Xuan were coming down the stairs. Since Lin Xin started school, she woke up at the same time as Lin Huang and she was also responsible to wake Lin Xuan up daily. The three of them sat at the dining table and had their breakfast.

“You’ve been in school for a month now. How do you find it so far?” Lin Huang asked as he ate his oats.

“It has been good. I’ve signed up for the gunmaster course. There will be a test two days time but I believe I’ll pa.s.s with flying colors.” Lin Xin was confident. Even though she was even at iron-level, her performance was outstanding as she had mastered eight introductory-level gunfighting techniques by now. She might even pa.s.s the beginner level of the gunmaster a.s.sessment.

“With your capability at hand, you should be able to pa.s.s gun-related a.s.sessments in military schools.” Lin Huang smiled and nodded as he was aware of Lin Xin’s progress.

“How about the rest? Is there anything that you can’t adapt to?”

“The courses are similar to those in Wulin Town, they are not as difficult as before so there’s nothing that I have yet to adapt. However, there are more top students now but compet.i.tion isn’t a bad thing. I could use it as an encouragement to improve.” Lin Xin was not afraid of challenges. She was the top student back in Wulin Town, competing with the rest of the students in her new school was a form of encouragement to her.

Lin Huang felt relieved when he found out that she was doing well in school.

“Brother, when do you plan to leave?” Lin Xin knew Lin Huang was hunting for a Life Seed monster.

“Within a couple of days. I haven’t decided on the time yet, I will inform you when it’s confirmed.” Lin Huang had some preparation to do.

After breakfast, Lin Xin headed to school while Lin Xuan watched the battle videos upstairs. Lin Huang returned to the living room and called Mr. Fu after he had finished cleaning up the kitchen. Before he was able to make the call he received a notification from the Hunter’s a.s.sociation; it read – Suspected Brain Eater in Foothold No.7C193 . Since he read about the skills that he wanted for the Demonic Dandelion Vine, Lin Huang had selected Brain Eater and parasite as the keywords in the Hunter a.s.sociation’s news. Whenever there was news related to those keywords, Lin Huang would be notified.

He looked at the message. It was an article with pictures. The sewage in a small area in foothold No.7C193 was clogged this morning. When maintenance was carried out the staff found a few corpses in the sewage. Post-mortem results showed that the four bodies belong to young men who had their brains removed. Preliminary check showed that it could be the work of a Brain Eater

Finally, there was something about the Brain Eater, Lin Huang did not want to miss a thing. He started to look for articles about foothold No.7C193. Also known as Luoxi City, it was a normal grade-C foothold. Its economy was not as good as Baqi City but it was ranked far behind among other grade-C footholds. It was not a tourist destination since it was secluded on the northeast side of Division7.

Lin Huang’s eyes lit up when he saw the foothold’s coordinate on the map.

“This foothold is so close to Meteorite Desert!”

He checked the distance between the foothold and Meteorite Desert, it was less than 2,000 kilometers apart.

“It’s just along the way. I shall kill that Brain Eater as I take the time to stabilize my Life Power before leveling up to gold-level.” Lin Huang made up his mind.

After closing the page and the map, Lin Huang called Mr. Fu. Mr. Fu picked up immediately.

“Whats wrong? Have you stabilized your Life Power and are you ready to hunt for the gold-level Life Seed?” Mr. Fu laughed.

“Not yet, but I’m almost there.” Lin Huang had not been using his Life Skill in the past two months. However, it was still rotating automatically. The Life Power in his body should have stabilized soon since it had been two months.

“I’m calling to ask if you have any dimensional transfer equipment as I’m too far away from the Meteorite Desert. If you have, I would like to borrow it since it could save me a lot of time on the road.”

“Sure, I should have one that is set to go to that place. When are you departing?” Mr. Fu agreed to help Lin Huang immediately.

“Within the next few days, I’d like to go to Luoxi City.” Lin Huang did not hide his intention.

“Why Luoxi City? The city that is closest to Meteorite Desert would be Meteorite City.” Mr. Fu thought Lin Huang had made a mistake.

“I heard there’s a Brain Eater in Luoxi City, I want to try my luck to catch it to train my parasite.” Lin Huang answered honestly.

“You want to obtain Supreme Intelligence for your parasite?” Mr. Fu understood immediately.

“That’s a great idea. If it’s a mutated parasite, it would be easier to mutate it the second time when you become a transcendent if you manage to get Supreme Intelligence .”

“Yes.” Lin Huang nodded without saying much. Although Mr. Fu was his master, there were still things that he needed to keep to himself.

“Sure, I will send you to Luoxi City then. Is it okay if you depart the day after tomorrow?” Mr. Fu asked.

“No problem.” Lin Huang nodded.

“Send me your address later, I’ll come to you early in the morning in two days.” Mr. Fu hung up the phone.

Lin Huang sent his address in Winter City immediately. He was relieved that Mr. Fu agreed to help him as it would save him at least a month and a half of time.

“Now how do I find that Brain Eater?” Lin Huang thought. The Brain Eater had a high intelligence. Since it had invaded into a human foothold, it would definitely go into hiding. There were at least millions of people in a grade-C foothold, looking for the Brain Eater that was disguised as a human was like finding a needle in a haystack.

“The only way is to look is to start at the location where the incident happened. Since it discarded all the corpses at the same place, it would mean that it had been residing in the area for quite some time. Perhaps I could find some clues on the corpses. To see the corpses and retrieve the post-mortem reports, I’d have to get to the Hunter’s a.s.sociation division. That could be a problem…”

Lin Huang realized that looking for the Brain Eater was not a simple task at all. He put his concerns aside and started reading up on previous cases where the Hunter’s a.s.sociation handled a Brain Eater…

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