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Chapter 229: Luoxi City

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Stepping into the black dimensional relic, Lin Huang arrived at a hotel room with Mr. Fu following behind him. A lady in a pink bathrobe was walking out of the bathroom as they appeared and she started screaming, “Help! There are perverts in my room!”

Mr. Fu giggled while he kept the black dimensional relic and pulled Lin Huang out of the window together with him.

The lady was so shocked that the supposed perverts had jumped out of the window.

“But this is the 99th floor…”

She ran to the balcony and looked down towards the direction the duo had dived but they were nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, the both of them landed in an alley opposite the hotel.

“Hehe, I’m sorry. That was the old location that I set the last time. I didn’t know that there’s someone staying in there now,” Mr. Fu patted Lin Huang’s collar that he had pulled earlier.

“Is this Luoxi City?” Lin Huang was more concerned about that.

“Of course, it is. I wanted to send you straight to Meteorite City, but I thought you were hunting for the Brain Eater in Luoxi City?” Mr. Fu knew where Lin Huang’s doubts were coming from.

“That’s great. Thank you, Master, for saving much of my time.” Lin Huang was embarra.s.sed that Mr. Fu had brought him here personally.

“I’m your Master and you’re my apprentice, there’s no need for such formalities.” Mr Fu waved his hand nonchalantly while reaching for the black dimensional relic.

“I have never gotten you anything since you became my apprentice, so here, this is yours.”

Mr. Fu then disabled the authorization of the relic and a black token the size of a palm fell into his hand. He gave the token to Lin Huang.

“Master, I can’t be using this. Maybe you should give me something else.” A relic alone costed a bomb, what more a dimensional relic whereby its price was 10 times more than a normal relic! The dimensional relic that Mr. Fu was giving him could travel across Division 7 to Luoxi City; there was little doubt that this was a unique relic.

“Take it, Black Ink is a four-star dimensional relic which is used for long-distance dimensional travel. Not only can it be activated using Life Power, you can also use Life Crystal to activate it. It will make it convenient for you to travel. I have many dimensional equipment, so this is nothing,” Mr. Fu insisted.

“Moreover, I would never take back what I give away. If you don’t want it, I’ll throw it away.”

Since Mr. Fu insisted, Lin Huang accepted the Black Ink and kept it in his storage s.p.a.ce.

“Let me know when you have levelled up to Gold Level. I will arrange a training session for you.” Mr. Fu patted Lin Huang’s shoulder confidently.

“Sure,” Lin Huang a.s.sured his Master as he wanted to level up as soon as possible.

Mr. Fu proceeded to summon a gold dimensional relic. Before he left, he seemed to recall something. He turned around to Lin Huang. “Oh, I suppose your brother is not your real brother. Am I right?”

“No, he isn’t. What’s wrong?” Lin Huang did not deny the truth.

“Nothing, just asking.” Mr. Fu did not say much, just waving his hand and stepping into the relic.

After sending Mr. Fu off, Lin Huang looked at the map and realized that he was not far away from the location where the dead bodies had been found, which was less than two kilometers away. He changed his features to the face that he had on Earth and checked into a hotel nearby using Ye Xiu’s ident.i.ty. The reason why he did not want to stay at the luxury hotel next to the alley was just in case he b.u.mped into the lady in bathrobe that they had seen earlier. How awkward would that be?! Although he had a new face now, it was best that that did not happen at all.

The hotel that Lin Huang booked was even closer to the location where the dead bodies had been found. He reserved a room for three days online. After he checked into his room, he started reading the local news but there was nothing about the dead bodies found in the sewer. He proceeded to scroll to the online news a few days ago but there was nothing about the case at all.

“It seems like the news has been sealed off by the Union Government. I’m not sure if the Brain Eater knows that its ident.i.ty has been revealed…”

Lin Huang looked at the Hunter Info Network and read a piece of news about the Brain Eater that was available for those ranked Silver Hunter and above. He had confirmed that the news was real. However, there was a mission at the bottom of the news.

“Mission: Who is the culprit responsible for the dead bodies in the sewer of Luoxi City?’

“Condition: Find, capture or kill the culprit.”

“Reward: 3000 Life Crystals”

“Mission Due: 1 week”

“There will not be any punishment if the mission is not accomplished.”

“Mission Eligibility: Only for Silver and Gold Hunters.”

“Oh, there’s an investigation mission available!” Just as Lin Huang was about to accept the mission, he recalled that he was in the city using Ye Xiu’s ident.i.ty.

“I can only accept this mission as Ye Xiu but Ye Xiu doesn’t have a Hunter license…”

After some thought, Lin Huang called Yang Ling. It took Yang Ling almost one minute for pick up the call. He looked the same as usual with his dark eye circles and exhausted face.

“It’s not even 8:30 in the morning, can’t you just let me sleep?”

“I think you should really take a shower, I can smell your sweaty body from the screen.” Seeing his messy appearance, Lin Huang could not help but to tease him.

Yang Ling lifted his hands and sniffed his armpits. He frowned and mumbled to himself, “When was the last time I took a shower again…?”

“Why did you call? Quick, I need to get back to sleep.” Yang Ling soon forgot about Lin Huang’s teasing.

“Can you upgrade the authorization of an Emperor’s Heart Ring that was made?” Lin Huang asked.

“Sure, would you like an ident.i.ty with the Hunter a.s.sociation or something else?” Yang Ling asked while yawning.

“I want a Gold Hunter’s ident.i.ty,” Lin Huang answered without hesitation.

“Which one would you like to upgrade?” Yang Ling asked.

“Ye Xiu.”

“Sure, it would usually cost 1500 Life Crystals but since you did your ident.i.ty with me, 1400 will do.” Yang Ling agreed to do it for Lin Huang immediately.

“Is there anything else?”

“No, just upgrade it to a Gold Hunter authorization.” Lin Huang shook his head.

“I’ll send you a message once it’s done. It will take two minutes at most. If that’s all, we’re done here.” Yang Ling hung up the call straight away.

In less than a minute, Lin Huang received a message from the Hunter a.s.sociation.

“Congratulations, Mr. Ye Xiu. You are now a Gold Hunter of the Hunter a.s.sociation.”

Once he received the message, Lin Huang logged on to the exclusive site of the Hunter Info Network using Ye Xiu’s ident.i.ty and found out that he had really been upgraded to a Gold Hunter. He took a look at the post t.i.tled ‘Brain Eater Suspected in Foothold No.7C193’ immediately and accepted the mission at the bottom.

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