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Chapter 237: A Fingerprint

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The fourth house was a small apartment with a bedroom and a living room. It was about 50 square meters large. The floor and the coffee table in the living room were covered with a thin layer of dust. It was obvious that it had been vacant for a while. After looking around the living room, Lin Huang headed to the bedroom.

The bedroom was simple with a bed and a cabinet behind the bed. Across the bed was a walk-in wardrobe with a one-meter wide s.p.a.ce in the middle. There were neither bedsheets nor blankets on the bed; it was just an empty wooden bed frame with a mattress that was 20 meters thick. Besides an empty facial cream container, there was only dust on the cabinet with three drawers behind the bed.

There was half a packet of tissue paper and an opened packet of half-eaten candy in the drawer. After packing both of the items for a.n.a.lysis, Lin Huang proceeded to open the second and third drawers but realized that they were both empty. Under the bed was a thick layer of dust. After looking around and confirming that he did not miss anything, Lin Huang turned around and headed for the wardrobe.

It was a big wardrobe with sliding doors. He opened the left side of the wardrobe, which was empty, save a couple of hangers. However, Lin Huang smirked as there was an unmistakable clue in the wardrobe. As he opened the wardrobe, a perfume scent wafted out of it. The scent was different from the facial cream that he had smelt earlier. Neither was it any scent nor detergent; it was definitely perfume.

Lin Huang recalled a female colleague back on Earth. The colleague did not like the detergent scent on her clothes, so she would do something luxurious after she hung her clothes in the wardrobe. She would spritz perfume into the wardrobe. The perfume that she used was not cheap. A small bottle costs a couple thousand of dollars. Because of that, she would spend more than $10,000 per year on perfume alone. Whenever he visited her house, he could smell perfume, which came from the wardrobe, as he stepped into her room.

Clearly, the Brain Eater had the same habit which might have been inherited from the host. The perfume in this world cost even more than on Earth, so the host of this Brain Eater was clearly a silver level or even higher. To a silver or gold level person, spending 100 million credit points on perfume alone per year was nothing. Lin Huang shook his head to clear his mind from the fog of perfume. After looking around in the room, he did not find anything else.

He walked out of the area after transforming himself back. It was past 12 noon. He was not sure if Yang Ling was still sleeping or some other reason because he had yet to reply Lin Huang’s messages. He then found a random restaurant and had a bowl of ramen. After lunch, he summoned the Viridian Wolf and headed to the Union Government. As he arrived, Liang Yin was having lunch in her office.

Lin Huang knocked on her door and asked, “What’re you eating?”

“Intestine cup rice!” Liang Yin looked at Lin Huang.

“Why are you here again?”

“I brought clues this time.” Lin Huang took out the items that he had obtained from the Brain Eater’s house.

“What’s this?” Liang Yin blabbered while eating.

“I found the last house that the Brain Eater was staying at and these are the items that she left behind before she moved away. Please see if you could retrieve anything such as fingerprints.” Lin Huang dangled the plastic bags in front of her.

“Put them on my desk, I’ll do it for you after I am done eating,” Liang Yin said with her mouth full.

Lin Huang placed the three plastic bags on her desk and sat on the chair behind while waiting for her to finish her lunch.

About five to six minutes later, Liang Yin finished her food and wiped her mouth with tissue paper, then she walked to the test station with the three plastic bags.

“How did you find the Brain Eater’s house?” Liang Yin chatted with Lin Huang while testing the items.

Lin Huang smiled as he explained, “As I was investigating their similarities, I found out that they were using the same app on their Emperor’s Heart Ring to talk to the culprit. I got a friend to find the coordinates of the account user.”

“You have such a friend?” Liang Yin looked at Lin Huang in wonder.

“Then, could you ask your friend to get me Sword Genius’s ident.i.ty and contact details?!”

“No, that would be violating the privacy of others,” Lin Huang rejected without even thinking.

“Aren’t you violating the privacy of others right now?” Liang Yin argued, clearly upset.

“I’m doing it for the case, there’s nothing else that I can do. Moreover, I’m investigating a Brain Eater. She’s a monster that is not eligible for the primary of a Union Government citizen.

“Hmph, I give up then!” Liang Yin did not speak anymore.

Around 10 minutes later, Liang Yin started eating the candy that Lin Huang had brought from the Brain Eater’s house.

“Hey, that’s evidence…” Lin Huang was speechless by her behavior. “Moreover, have you considered if that’s even edible?”

“It is, I have checked. It’s just a piece of normal candy,” Liang Yin said while shaking the packet of candy at Lin Huang.

Lin Huang rejected her ‘kind’ offer, “I don’t want any, you can have it.”

“When will I get the results of the test?” Seeing her relaxed, Lin Huang could not help but ask.

“It’s out,” Liang Yin declared while shaking a semi-transparent film the size of her palm in front of Lin Huang. There was a clear, black fingerprint on it.

Lin Huang got closer and took the film.

“I’m not responsible for the matching of fingerprints, so you will have to go to the information department,” Liang Yin said.

“If she’s a Luoxi City’s resident, it will take less than 30 minutes to find out her ident.i.ty. If she’s a foreigner, it will take longer, perhaps two to three days,” Liang Yin added.

“I understand, thanks!” Lin Huang took the film and left.

Instead of heading to the information department, Lin Huang took a picture of the film and sent it to Yang Ling. After the image was sent, he called Yang Ling, who picked up almost instantly.

“What did you send me?” Yang Ling seemed like he had just woken up. He was wearing a red sleeping robe. He was puzzled by what Lin Huang sent him.

“Did you get the stuff that I asked for this morning?” Lin Huang asked.

“I overslept, I just saw your messages half an hour ago. I’m still on it, I need a while.” Yang Ling admitted, embarra.s.sed.

“Alright then, help me check whose fingerprint does this belong to. I have just gotten this from the forensic department. If I’m not mistaken, this fingerprint belongs to the host of the Brain Eater,” Lin Huang explained.

“Sure, I will do the identification. I will start with Luoxi City. If the person is a resident there, I will get the result soon.” Yang Ling nodded and hung up as he had work to do.

As Lin Huang walked out of the Union Government, he received a message from Yang Ling.

“It’s a lady’s fingerprint.”

Lin Huang was excited as he opened the attachment…

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