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Chapter 240: The Professional Got C*ckblocked!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

For the following two days, Lin Huang spent most of his time inside the Gun Master game. After two days he’d only managed to learn three intermediate gunfighting techniques. He was training past 10 at night when his phone started ringing. Seeing that it was Yang Ling, Lin Huang exited the game and picked up the call.

“Is there any news?!” Lin Huang was worried.

“The lady has just logged into the Chilly Night app…”

“What’s her location, send it to me right now and I’ll go over!” Lin Huang asked for the address before Yang Ling could finish talking.

“Erm… This is the reason why I called. I can’t locate her…” Yang Ling looked embarra.s.sed.

“Didn’t you tell me you could locate her as long as she uses the application?” Lin Huang was suspicious.

“That’s because I thought she only had the programming removed from the location service and it wouldn’t affect the location of the app. I didn’t know that she got the entire location receiver in her Emperor’s Heart Ring removed.”

Yang Ling said helplessly, “To crack the ring open and work on the chip isn’t easy. I don’t think anyone in Luoxi City would be able to do it, that’s why I thought she had only gotten the code for the location system removed. Now that the location receiver has been destroyed, even my personal code for the location services couldn’t locate where she is…”

He was embarra.s.sed as he had told Lin Huang that he could do it.

“Can’t locate her…” Lin Huang frowned as he listened. He had faith in Yang Ling to get it done, he did not expect to hear this.

After thinking for a while Lin Huang thought of an idea.

“I’m thinking to download the app myself and register an account. Since we can’t locate her, I’ll ask her out.

“That’s a great idea!” Yang Ling agreed with Lin Huang but not completely.

“However, it’s too suspicious to register a new account now; as she could see the date and time of registration. She knows that she’s being hunted down by the Hunter a.s.sociation, so she will be wary of accounts that are new. Let me give you the testing account that I used, it was registered three years ago. Upload a picture of yourself and key in your own profile. She won’t suspect a thing. Don’t expose yourself when you talk to her… Never mind, I’ll help you with the talking. You’re such a serious guy that she’d never fall for you. I’ll be monitoring your conversation with her, you can copy whatever I send you and send it to her.”


Lin Huang agreed immediately. Although he’d used a similar phone application when he was on earth, he couldn’t bring himself to flirt with a stranger. Using Yang Ling’s method, he was just being a middleman where Yang Ling was the one actually talking to the lady. All he had to do was forward the messages. Immediately after the phone hung up, Yang Ling sent the pa.s.sword to his account. Lin Huang logged into the application after he’d downloaded it using the username Super Hunk, Lin Huang was tempted to change the username, but he couldn’t find the settings b.u.t.ton.

He then started to amend his profile. Now that he looked like himself on earth, he was sure of his own body and in less than a minute, the new profile was done. He changed into something more casual and took some photos from different angles, uploading the photos to his own page.

“I didn’t expect you be so skilled with selfies. Are you sure that you’ve never used any one-nights stand apps?” Yang Ling teased him.

“Thanks for the compliment. Now, how do I change the username?” Lin Huang ignored Yang Ling

“You can’t change that. I created the username on purpose, why would you want to change it?” Yang Ling replied.

“Alright then, send her account to me.” Lin Huang did not want to waste his time on small talk and got straight into business.

Yang Ling sent a voice message this time, “Her new account username is Waist Length Hair. Don’t talk to her first, just look at her profile. Although there’s nothing much to see, she’ll see that you’ve visited her profile. If she’s not talking to anyone else, she’d probably look at your profile. Since you have photos and clear biography, if she’s interested, she’ll definitely talk to you. If she doesn’t talk to you, but she looks at your profile several times then she’s letting you know that she’s interested in you and by then, you should be halfway there.”

Lin Huang didn’t know that there were so many rules on a one-night stand app.

“Alright then, I’ll do as you say.” Soon, Lin Huang found Waist Length Hair’s account. He looked at her profile carefully. It was simple – only listing her weight and height; she didn’t even fill in her age. There was only one picture on her profile and it was a picture of her upper back. Her hair touched her waist and her back was naked all the way to her b.u.m cheeks. Anyone could see that she wasn’t wearing anything in the picture.

The picture of her back wasn’t enough, Lin Huang couldn’t tell if it was Zheng Yihan herself. The hair color didn’t look like hers. However, the body and skin color were similar. Realizing that there was nothing useful, Lin Huang left her profile. A moment later, Lin Huang realized that she was looking at his profile and within a minute, she sent him a message.

“Hi, handsome.”

Just when Lin Huang was ready to reply ‘Hi’, Yang Ling sent him a message.

“Hey, beautiful.” There was a smiley face at the back of the message. Lin Huang smiled as he thought he was too innocent. He copied Yang Ling’s reply and sent it back.

Waist Length Hair replied in an instant. “How do you know that I’m beautiful? What if I only have a beautiful back?”

As Lin Huang was thinking how to reply the message, Yang Ling sent him the reply. “My instinct told me.” Lin Huang forwarded the message.

“Instinct? Tell me, what other things are your instincts telling you.” She replied immediately.

“Hehe, she’s hooked.” Yang Ling sent a disturbing voice message. Soon, Yang Ling sent his reply.

“My instinct told me that not only you’re a beauty but you have a nice body too.”

Lin Huang forwarded the message again.

“What if I told you that this is not my photo, would you still think the same?” She replied again.

“Of course. It’s my instinct, it has nothing to do with the photo that you have.” Yang Ling replied.

“If your instinct is on point, can you sense what kind of person that I am?” She replied.

“My instinct is telling me that you’re a dangerous woman.” Seeing that reply, Lin Huang thought it was not right and sent Yang Ling a voice message.

“I don’t think that’s appropriate, she might have her guard up.”

“Don’t worry just forward that. I know what to do.” Yang Ling replied.

Helpless, Lin Huang forwarded the message anyway. This time Waist Length Hair was silent. She hadn’t replied 10 seconds later either.

“This is bad…” Lin Huang frowned.

Just as Lin Huang had mumbled to himself, he received another message.

“Please tell me, how am I dangerous?” It was still Waist Length Hair.

“Hehe, what did I tell you…” Yang Ling sent another voice message.

“My mother once told me that the more beautiful a woman is, the more dangerous she is. My instinct doesn’t tell me what kind of danger you are; all it’s telling me is that you’re more dangerous than 99% of the women in this city.” There was a smirk emoji at the end of the sentence.

Lin Huang secretly complimented Yang Ling in his mind, he had to admit that Yang Ling was really good at flirting.

“Such a sweet talker, I’ll take that compliment then.” She replied immediately.

As they chatted, the conversation became more and more explicit. Although Lin Huang did not want to forward the messages but for the sake of hunting down Brain Eater, he did it anyway.

After chatting for 10 minutes, Lin Huang could not take it anymore.

“Stop messing around, ask her out now.” Lin Huang sent Yang Ling a voice message.

“What’s the rush, can’t you see that I’m waiting for the perfect timing?” Yang Ling seemed to be indulging in the conversation

However, two to three minutes later Waist Length Hair sent a message abruptly.

“Let’s talk next time. It’s late and I’m going to sleep.”

She went offline right after she sent the message.

“What happened?” Lin Huang was stunned. He did not expect her to go offline suddenly before he could even ask her out.

Soon, Yang Ling called.

“I thought it was going well, why’d she go offline?” Lin Huang was puzzled.

“She set me up! F*ck!” Yang Ling cursed.

“Somebody else got her?” Lin Huang finally understood what was happening.

“Do you think she really went to bed?” Yang Ling rolled his eyes.

“I knew she’s talking to other guys as she was talking to me. I was too indulged in the conversation; I didn’t see what they were talking about.”

Yang Ling uploaded the chat history of the man who managed to ask Waist Length Hair out.

“Although we didn’t get to ask her out, at least we could locate the man who had managed to and find out where they are meeting.” Yang Ling was p.i.s.sed but he did not forget about what was important.

“Wait, do you have a picture of this man? Why does he look so familiar…?

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