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Chapter 251: We Have to Fight

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Members of the Saints?” Du Feng immediately frowned.

Du Feng remained silent for a moment, he then instructed, “Ai Peng, ask the others to come back.”

Ai Peng immediately left. Liang Qian looked extremely worried.

“Leader, should we leave?”

Du Feng shook his head. “No, members of the Saints have a peculiar way of thinking. Since they have discovered us, they will feel like they are being discriminated against if we try to avoid them. Then, they will trouble you. We shall just treat them as the normal pa.s.sersby.”

Soon, Ai Peng came back with three of his teammates.

“The two of them should be the ones who triggered the ma.s.sacre in Luoxi City. They’ll slaughter your whole family simply because of one comment on the network. There are people who have said that the members of the Saints are a group of madmen,” Duan Yang scolded as he had heard from Ai Peng that the members of the Saints were coming towards their direction. “Brother Du, you asked us to come over. Are we going to kill the murderers together?”

“I’ve watched the live video of the incident that you mentioned. Both of them are at gold-level, so we are incapable of beating them. Therefore, don’t act rashly. Otherwise, we will probably die here,” Du Feng said with a serious expression and warned them, “From now onwards, the five of you, act like you’re dumb and like you’re not allowed to talk. I’ll answer any of their questions. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Leader!” Ai Peng answered while the rest of them nodded their heads.

“Ai Peng!” Du Feng stared at him. Ai Peng then covered his mouth and nodded his head.

“Alright, let’s set up the tent now and treat them as the normal pa.s.sersby. Try to act naturally,” Du Feng instructed five of them.

Right after each of them had set up their tent, two of the Saint members arrived, riding the Holy Light Lion.

The Holy Light Lion was a white, lion-like gold-level monster. It was a lot bigger than the lions on Earth. Its shoulder height was more than three meters and it had claws the size of the average face. The biggest difference between the Holy Light Lion and the normal lion was not the size of their bodies but the former had a huge pair of white wings attached on its back. They would usually hide their wings, expanding them only when they were flying.

The flying speed of the monster was very impressive. However, the monster was weak at traveling over a long distance and for a long period of time. It symbolized the reserve members of the Saints as almost each of the reserve members would have one on hand.

Although the two of the Saint members were dressed in white robes, one could still see that the both of them were skinny. However, they were tall, above 1.85 meters.

There was a black cross on their face and the crossing point of the marking was exactly on their nose tips.

Although the cross had covered half of their face, their age could still be estimated. The young man was about 20 years old and he had a fair, clean-shaven face. The older man looked like he was at the age of 25, with a short beard and yellow skin.

“Is this the place?” asked the short-bearded man, turning his head to his companion.

The fair-skinned man glanced at the map and nodded. “The coordinates show that the energy reaction occurred here.” He then raised his head, seeing Du Feng and the rest of them in the tent. He said, “There are some other people here…”

The short-bearded man frowned. “Ask them to leave, otherwise, kill them all!”

The fair-skinned man then got off his Holy Light Lion and recalled it. He stood in the sand and shouted at Du Feng and his teammates, “Everyone who’s in the tent, you have three minutes to leave. If you’re still here after three minutes, then all of you shall just stay here forever!”

When they heard what the fair-skinned man said, their expressions turned grave. However, Du Feng still forced a smile and walked out of the tent.

“Relax, we’ll leave immediately!” As soon as he finished his sentence, Du Feng and his teammates immediately put away their tent, preparing to leave.

Although they were unwilling to do so, Du Feng hinted that they had to leave. They summoned the Megalodon Wolf to depart.

“Wait!” shouted the short-bearded man suddenly.

“Let’s go!” Du Feng acted as if he did not hear anything.

“I asked you to wait, didn’t you hear me?” The short-bearded man suddenly leapt from his Holy Light Lion and appeared in front of them, blocking their way forward.

The fair-skinned man blocked behind them as well.

“I’m sorry, it’s noisy here. I didn’t hear you. How can I help you?” Du Feng’s heart immediately sank but he asked with a smile.

“The men can leave but the woman has to stay. We want to bring her back as an oblation.” The short-bearded man then s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Liang Qian.

“No, you can’t do that. You have to choose other people as your oblivion,” rejected Du Feng with a heavy heart.

“Saint members, I think you’re looking for a virgin as an oblation. However, I’m a married woman. He is my husband,” Liang Qian said, pointing at Du Feng who was standing beside her.

Ai Peng and the rest of them were shocked when they heard what Liang Qian said. Even Du Feng was startled.

“Woman, you’re quite clever. But you’re wrong.” The short-bearded man smiled after listening to what she said. “Whether you’re a virgin or not, we’ve identified the facts from the aura released by your body just now. Are you a married woman? Is the junk at the bottom half of your husband useless?”

“Whether it is useless or not, it’s none of your business, Mr. Saint. She’s married and she’s my woman. Perhaps your G.o.d wouldn’t want a married woman,” Du Feng was helpless and could only emphasize the fact that she was married.

While the short-bearded man was still hesitating, the fair-skinned man who was standing behind said, “Cao Yang, if she’s really married, regardless of whether she’s a virgin or not, she can’t be an oblation.”

“Mu Ping, they are probably lying. The woman doesn’t want to become an oblation, that’s why she lied.”

“Do you think that I’m lying?” Liang Qian smiled when she heard that. She then jumped to Du Feng’s Megalodon Wolf.

“Hubby, give me a front hug.” Liang Qian blushed as she spoke lovingly to Du Feng.

Du Feng was stunned. He did not know what Liang Qian wanted to do but still, he turned back and did what she asked.

Right after Liang Qian was sitting straddled in front of Du Feng, she kissed him.

Du Feng was shocked. He then knew what she wanted to do. He closed his eyes and kissed her. After a few moments, she put her slippery tongue into his mouth. Du Feng hesitated for a moment but still, he acquiesced.

Both of them kissed for a long time before they stopped. Everyone was stunned and even Du Feng was blus.h.i.+ng.

“How’s that? Is it enough to prove our marriage? Or do you want more?” Liang Qian turned her head back, glancing at Cao Yang.

“Cao Yang, for the sake of safety, it’ll be better if we look for other oblation.” Mu Ping who had watched from behind believed them.

Cao Yang sized up the rest of them, nodding his head after he had remained silent for a moment. “Alright, you may leave now.”

“Let’s go!” Du Feng immediately asked his group to leave.

After walking for a while, Mu Ping shouted in joy, “Cao Yang, I’ve found it. It’s here!”

Du Feng and the rest of them turned their heads back. They saw that Mu Ping was walking towards the withered tree.

“What are they going to do?” Du Feng frowned.

Under the withered tree, Mu Ping and Cao Yang quickly took out a tool and started digging.

Du Feng could no longer stay calm as he saw this blasphemous scene in front of him.

“Leader, bear with them. I think they are looking for something. We can bury them again right after they leave,” Liang Qian advised him.

“I can bear anything but those are my old mates’ graves! I was a coward two years ago, seeing them die in front of me. I can’t bear to see them digging their graves and do nothing…” Du Feng’s eyes turned watery.

“You all should leave as soon as possible. Don’t get involved in this!” Du Feng had a cold expression on his face. He was determined to stop them.

“Brother Du, if you’re not leaving, we aren’t going to leave too! Let’s fight them!” Ai Peng shouted.

They did not want to helplessly see Du Feng get killed.

“No, you have to go! Even if I die, all of you must pa.s.s down the legacy of Dian Feng!” Du Feng did not want to disband the team so soon.

“It’ll not end as long as one of us survives. Let Liang Qian stay here and we’ll accompany you to fight!” Ai Peng shouted and the rest of them nodded, agreeing with him.

Liang Qian immediately shook her head. “Brother Du, don’t leave me alone. I want to go together with all of you…”

Du Feng suddenly raised his hand and hit Liang Qian’s neck. Her body instantly turned limp.

“I’m sorry, Qian Qian…I know that I’m selfish and it’s unfair to you but I have to do this.” He then placed Liang Qian’s body on the Megalodon Wolf and put his monster taming token into her pocket. Du Feng then kicked the Megalodon Wolf’s b.u.t.t and jumped onto the Megalodon Wolf that Liang Qian rode previously.

The Megalodon Wolf that was in pain immediately fled while Du Feng turned around on Liang Qian’s Megalodon Wolf.

The other four of them turned back as well.

“Bros, thanks for the company!” Du Feng shouted, embracing the wolf’s body and loping towards the intruders.

Under the scorching sun, the five of them rode on the Megalodon Wolf in the golden desert, pouncing towards the withered tree…

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