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Chapter 252: GoldEagle11’s Third Form

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As time pa.s.sed, Lin Huang had been in the Meteorite Desert for a week.

He had b.u.mped into a hunter team on the morning of the second day. However, he did not meet anyone after that.

Lin Huang knew from b.l.o.o.d.y that there were two other teams that pa.s.sed through the desert. They did not stay there or approach him. Other than sleeping and eating, Lin Huang spent most of his time in the game cabin. Therefore, he did not meet the other two teams.

However, there were monster attacks in the last three days.

During the daytime, there were only a few monsters that appeared. However, the monster attacks became more frequent at night.

Ever since Lin Huang had set up his tent, he had not moved. The smell of the blood from the Enchanted Poisontail Scorpion’s slaughter had spread throughout the entire region. The higher the number of kills, the stronger the scent of blood, attracting more monsters to come over.

Such a situation lasted until the third night.

Although the Enchanted Poisontail Scorpion was present and it could instantly kill all the monsters that appeared every night, Lin Huang would still be awakened by the attacks several times a night.

In order for Lin Huang to have a good night’s sleep, b.l.o.o.d.y had to control all the bronze-level monsters around him. Initially, b.l.o.o.d.y wanted to track the trail of the Starlight Beast and had collected all the silver-level monsters as parasites.

In fact, Lin Huang could actually sleep in the game cabin as it was well soundproofed.

Furthermore, the game ring that Lin Huang had bought was the deluxe edition and it was designed to be water- and shock-resistant. Also, it had an automated gas scavenging system. When the game cabin was being designed, the factor of it being an accommodation facility was considered by the designer as well. It was not a problem at all to treat the game cabin as a field camp.

Lin Huang could somehow feel that sleeping in the game cabin was strange. He had chosen to keep the game cabin while he was sleeping and he slept in the tent.

Seven days had pa.s.sed and Lin Huang had learned four types of middle-rank gunfighting technique.

b.l.o.o.d.y had finished reading the monster guide and had even gone through the detailed information on the parasite species that was sent by Mr. Fu on the third day. Lin Huang then downloaded the battle videos between the various types of parasite species and humans from the Heart Network as well as the Hunter Info Network. b.l.o.o.d.y had also been watching these videos for the past two days and did some research on the parasite species’ combat techniques.

b.l.o.o.d.y’s parasite species had completed the parasitism process on the third day. There were more than 100,000 of parasite species that had been looking for traces of the Starlight Beast. However, they could find nothing.

The result was as expected by Lin Huang because the last time the Starlight Beast had been discovered by humans was 17 years ago. The monster’s whereabouts were too difficult to track in a short period of time. What he could do now was to wait patiently.

On the morning of the eighth day, the game was stopped after Lin Huang entered it for a while.

He knew that b.l.o.o.d.y was the one who had pressed the “stop” b.u.t.ton outside the game cabin. He then exited the game cabin, pus.h.i.+ng against the door.

“What happened?” Right after Lin Huang asked the question, he saw a Giant Armored Elephant carrying a woman and walking towards him.

After the Giant Armored Elephant tossed her off its back, it left. Lin Huang could only recognize her when her hair flipped away from her face in the toss.

“You’re the female member of Du Feng’s team. What happened?” Lin Huang asked curiously.

“One of my parasites discovered her in a burrow last night. She’s lost her consciousness. I instructed the Giant Armored Elephant to bring her over,” b.l.o.o.d.y wrote on the sandy ground.

“She’s severely injured. I think she’s dehydrated, that’s why she’s in such a state of unconsciousness…” Lin Huang was not a doctor. However, he had studied the fundamentals of outdoor medical sciences at the Hunter Reserve College before. There was some simple medical knowledge taught in this course and most of them included outdoor survival skills and medical treatment for companions.

Lin Huang took two tubes of dextrose out from his storage s.p.a.ce and injected them into Liang Qian’s arm.

As she slowly regained consciousness, he then took out a tube of nutrients elixir and injected it into her other arm.

After a few moments, Liang Qian slowly opened her eyes. As she saw Lin Huang, she was apparently shocked. She looked around the surroundings on high alert.

“Don’t worry, you’re safe here.” Lin Huang noticed that Liang Qian’s emotions fluctuated drastically between fear and confusion.

“Why am I here? I remember that I was hiding in a hole.” Liang Qian sat up and stared at Lin Huang, remaining alert.

“One of the monsters that I’ve summoned discovered you when it was hunting for prey and brought you back,” Lin Huang explained with a smile. He then asked, “What happened? Why are you alone? Where are your leader and your teammates?”

“They’ve all died…” Drawing both knees to her chest, Liang Qian hugged herself and she was clearly shaken.

“Died? How did they die?” Lin Huang frowned.

“They were killed by two of the Saint members!” Liang Qian was having an emotional breakdown, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Saint members? Are they the ones who triggered several ma.s.sacres in Luoxi City?” When Lin Huang heard about the Saint members, he could only relate to those two fellows.

Liang Qian nodded. She was crying and she could not speak at all.

Lin Huang wanted to ask her what had actually happened. However, looking at her condition, he could not ask about it any further. He then took out a pack of tissue from the storage s.p.a.ce, tore it open and pa.s.sed it to Liang Qian.

“It’s good if you can vent your emotions. I’ll get you some food.” Lin Huang then took out an oven and a quick-frozen cake. After defrosting the cake in the oven, he took out a small snack table and placed it on the sandy ground.

After three minutes, the oven chimed. Lin Huang immediately took out the quick-frozen cake and placed it on the table. He cut the cake into four slices and placed one of them on a plate which he pa.s.sed to Liang Qian.

“Although I’ve injected the nutrients elixir into your body, you still have to eat something.”

“Thank you…” Liang Qian did not stop crying. However, she still took the plate and fork from him. She was really hungry these days.

Although Lin Huang just had his breakfast half an hour ago, he cut the slice of cake in half and ate it together with Liang Qian. Otherwise, it would be awkward to watch her eating alone.

“What’s your name?” Lin Huang ate two mouthfuls of cake and asked.

“Liang Qian.” Liang Qian raised her head, glancing at Lin Huang. “I remember your name. You’re Ye Xiu.”

“Yes, you have a good memory.” Lin Huang smiled, nodding his head. He had no idea if Liang Qian was really hungry or if she originally had a big appet.i.te. Other than the one-eighth of the cake that Lin Huang had eaten, she devoured the rest of them.

Lin Huang tried to make her feel more relaxed as they chatted about other topics. He avoided asking her what had actually happened.

Right after she had finished eating the cake, Liang Qian seemed to have realized that she could not avoid the problem anymore. After remaining silent for a moment, she told him everything that had happened…

“I didn’t know that my leader would actually hit me. When I regained my consciousness, it was already late at night. I immediately went back on the Megalodon Wolf to where they had last been as I wanted to know if they were still alive…The next morning, I saw a scene that I’d never be able to forget for the rest of life…Five of their skulls were beheaded and placed on the ground, forming a toy-like circle. Their reproductive organs had been cut off as well and inserted into their mouths. There were wounds all over the headless corpses as they were tortured. They were naked and pierced through from the lower half of their bodies to their necks with a sharp spike like roast pigs…”

Lin Huang clenched his fist as he heard this.

“What I didn’t expect to happen was for the two of them to have been waiting for me over there…However, they never expected that I’d have a flying relic with me. Brother Du and the rest of them saved up for a few months and bought it for me. As soon as I saw the both of them, I immediately activated the relic and fled. Both of them chased after me for three hours on the Holy Light Lion. Fortunately, the Holy Light Lion was exhausted, only then did they stop pursuing me. However, my Life Crystals have almost been depleted. After escaping for a certain distance, I hid in a hole. I sealed off the exit of the hole and dared not get out of the hole at all. I didn’t have any water or food in my storage s.p.a.ce as Brother Du has always kept it for me…I was staying in the hole for one day one night, then I found out that I’m here as soon as I regained my consciousness.”

Lin Huang suggested, “You have some wounds on your body but you’ll be fine. I’ll send you back to the Meteorite Desert first. Meteorite Desert is a B-grade foothold. Saint members can be easily identified and as they have committed serious crimes, they will not go to the Meteorite Desert. I’ll report this to the Hunter a.s.sociation and they’ll send the hunters to kill them.”

In fact, Lin Huang actually wanted to send Liang Qian away to come back to kill the both of them.

“Alright.” Liang Qian nodded her head and agreed with him. She had no faith in Lin Huang that he was capable of killing both of them. However, she wanted to return to the city so that she would be safe.

“Wait for a while. I’ll have to pack my things first. Let’s go back to the city together.”

After that, he walked into the tent and said in a low voice, “I’ll keep you in your card form first. Will it affect your parasites’ search for the monsters?”

Lin Huang then pa.s.sed b.l.o.o.d.y a bottle of purified water. b.l.o.o.d.y soaked up a drop of the water and wrote on the sleeping bag, “No, it won’t. However, in the card form, I’ll not be able to receive the search results.”

“Then, you shall hide in my sleeve.” Lin Huang extended his hand. b.l.o.o.d.y then got into Lin Huang’s left sleeve and it wrapped itself around Ling Huang’s arm, making him feel chilly.

After the conversation with b.l.o.o.d.y, he walked out of the tent. After putting the portable tent and the game cabin away, he finally recalled the Enchanted Poisontail Scorpion.

As he was about to summon the Alexandrian Eagle and leave, two shadows abruptly appeared in mid-air.

Lin Huang activated his Boundless Vision and he could clearly see that they were the Saint members who were riding the Holy Light Lion, moving quickly towards his direction.

“They are coming again. Let’s run!” Liang Qian immediately exclaimed.

“Get up first!” Lin Huang then helped Liang Qian to climb onto the Alexandrian Eagle and patted it. “Send her back to the Meteorite City!”

Liang Qian panicked, then she shouted, “You quickly get up too!”

However, the Alexandrian Eagle had flapped its wings and quickly flew away.

When the Saint members saw this, they wanted to ignore Lin Huang and chase after her. However, they saw that the gold ring that Lin Huang was wearing had transformed into a huge shoulder gun barrel. The length of the gun barrel was more than two meters with a diameter of at least 20 centimeters. It was the third form of the GoldEagle11 – Artillery.

“Eh, the both of you have ignored me. You’ll have to pay for it!” Lin Huang shouted while taking aim at them in the sky.

After a few moments, a silver flame fired into the air…

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