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Chapter 260: The Terrifying Double Mutated Monster

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang’s personal ability was powerful where he could easily perform cross-ranking monster kills of gold-level rank-3. However, a double mutated monster was more powerful than a human genius with the ability of a level higher than it was. This gold-level rank-3 double mutated silver-armored monster had abilities comparable to Bai and Tyrant. If Lin Huang was a gold-level rank-3 hunter, he might be able to fight it. However, he was only a silver-level rank-3 right now and his abilities were too far behind the silver-armored monster. Not only had this silver-armored monster managed to break free from the Ghastly Clown’s control, its speed was so fast that Lin Huang couldn’t capture it anymore. Lin Huang didn’t even see how it had managed to appear in front of the Ghastly Clown.

Out of nowhere, as the silver-armored monster arrived less than one meter in front of the Ghastly Clown, it thrust its spear towards the Ghastly Clown’s mask on its face. Suddenly, the color of the Ghastly Clown’s eyes’ changed and the silver-armored monster’s movement was restricted. The Ghastly Clown then tightened its fist in the air holding the silver-armored monster with an invisible giant hand.

Lin Huang figured that the silver-armored monster had to have been controlled by the Ghastly Clown’s illusion when it stopped moving with the invisible hand created by the Ghastly Clown’s psychic abilities. The silver-armored monster seemed to have no vocal chords. Even as its wings were distorted and its armor crushed by the gigantic invisible hand, it still did not make a sound.

Suddenly, golden electrical tendrils came off the silver-armored monster and enveloped its entire body. The silver-armored monster disappeared, escaping from the invisible hand by transforming itself into lightning. Lin Huang’s jaw dropped when he saw what had happened.

” Elemental Transformation ?!”

After escaping from the giant hand, the silver-armored monster didn’t return to its original form instead it transformed into a human-shaped lightning bolt and dashed towards the Ghastly Clown.

The silver-armored monster that had transformed into lightning was even more terrifying in speed. The purple spear in its hand was now a lightning spear. Holding the spear high up, lightning shot into the sky creating a vapor cone. A loud explosion followed. It was a sonic boom, the sound made when an object’s speed exceeded the speed of sound!

Just when Lin Huang witnessed the vapor cone, the monster that had transformed into lightning appeared before the Ghastly Clown. The Ghastly Clown created an invisible psychic wall to block it with its gloved hand. However, the lightning spear in the lightning monster’s hand did not hold back when it collided with the invisible wall. As they collided, the psychic wall cracked like a spider’s web but it was not broken. The lightning monster then twisted the spear in its hand like a screw before an intense glow shot out from the lightning spear and broke the psychic wall completely.

The invisible psychic wall broke like gla.s.s into pieces. The Ghastly Clown backed off immediately attempting to gain some distance between them. However, the lightning monster dashed towards it again and arrived in front of the Ghastly Clown in an instant once again. The spear on its hand became a giant golden boa that went at the Ghastly Clown’s face.

The Ghastly Clown blocked the hit with its hand, its white glove colliding with the golden spear. The 10-centimeter s.p.a.ce between the glove and the spear was like an unbreakable wall. The golden lightning couldn’t get any closer and both attacks were stuck. Suddenly, the lightning monster looked at the sky with its mouth wide-open, roaring loudly like thunder and a golden lightning ball shot from its mouth into the sky.

Soon, the sky got dark and began to rumble above the two monsters. Within the clouds, the thunder growled like monsters and suddenly, golden lightning shot across the sky, lighting up the place. It looked as though it was two giant lightning snakes connected in the sky and dashed towards the lightning monster. The flashes of lightning were swallowed by the lightning monster and it grew a few times in size. Soon, the second, then third… Lightning kept coming down and entering the lightning monster’s body. As its body grew, the spear in its hand penetrated deeper and deeper into the invisible wall, closing the distance between the Ghastly Clown and the lightning monster.

Soon, the lightning monster seemed to arrive at its peak. As it roared, the lightning in its body gushed into its spear. The spear in its right hand twisted intensely again with endless lightning tendrils shooting out.


As the light cracking sound was heard, a layer of the defensive wall completely shattered. The golden spear collided directly with the Ghastly Clown’s glove. Under the immense collision, there were cracks visible on the Ghastly Clown’s glove.

However, the lightning monster didn’t stop there. It attacked using its spear again, attempting to pierce through the Ghastly Clown’s palm and kill it. After two impacts from the spear, the Ghastly Clown’s glove broke completely, revealing its hand that was made of a black light. Lin Huang was stunned as he watched from afar, he had never seen the Ghastly Clown’s hands without the gloves before.

Suddenly, a warning came from Xiao Hei.

“Warning: The Ghastly Clown is evolving by itself! As your authority isn’t sufficient, if your monster card is upgraded from epic to legendary automatically, there is a chance that it could detach itself from the control system and return to freedom…”

“Warning: Holy fire and immortal-level monsters detected in the areas nearby. There is a 99% chance that the Ghastly Clown’s evolution would attract transcendent monsters! By then, you’d be in a great crisis.”

“Would you like to stop the Ghastly Clown from evolving by force?!”

Lin Huang frowned as he heard the two warnings. However, he made his decision in an instant.

“Don’t stop him!”

“Ghastly, leave this to me. Go to the isolated area and kill the Starlight Beasts to complete your evolution!” Lin Huang shouted at the Ghastly Clown from far away.

The Ghastly Clown looked in the direction where Lin Huang was. Suddenly, an intense force shot from its black misty-like hands.

The spear in the lightning monster’s hand fell under the intense force. Noticing the Ghastly Clown’s odd action, the wings on its back shook as it attempted to run away. However, the Ghastly Clown’s black palms broke through the s.p.a.ce between them and landed on its cheek. Under the attack, its body that went through the Elemental Transformation returned back to its silver armor form and fell to the ground. The Ghastly Clown relented its attacks. Instead, it dove into the lake nearby and disappeared…

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