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Chapter 262: The Ultimate Mutation

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After staring at the lake for a moment, Lin Huang said to b.l.o.o.d.y that was hiding in his sleeve.

“b.l.o.o.d.y, I’ll recall you for now. If the Ghastly Clown really does break free and starts to attack me, I’ll need Tyrant and the rest to fight with me.”

b.l.o.o.d.y came out of Lin Huang’s sleeve and wrote on the writing board.

“Try your best not to fight it if you can. Master, you can’t even begin to imagine the power of a triple mutated monster. the Ghastly Clown is very intelligent. If it evolves again, its intelligence would be even higher. Master, If it really did break free, perhaps you could try talking to it instead.”

“Sure, I understand.” Lin Huang recalled it after patting its head.

Lin Huang was slightly relieved after hearing what b.l.o.o.d.y said. He thought if the Ghastly Clown really really did break free from the system, it might possibly kill him. Once a summoning monster breaks free from its Imperial Censor, its suppressed beastly instincts would usually take over and it would kill its Imperial Censor in an instant. However, what b.l.o.o.d.y said reminded him that he was not a true Imperial Censor. The way he communicated with his summoning monsters were different from how Imperial Censors usually do. Moreover, since the Ghastly Clown itself had a high intelligence, he would try communicating with it instead of killing it.

“Bai, follow me.” Lin Huang turned around and said to Bai. He then jumped into the lake while Bai followed closely behind him. Soon, they arrived at the bottom of the lake. With doubts in his mind, Lin Huang entered the isolated area. Bai had been following behind him for safety purposes but Lin Huang decided to summon Tyrant, Charcoal and the Nephilic Judge he had just obtained to aid him as well. As he leveled to gold-level, the amount of monsters he could summon had been upgraded from four to five summoning monsters. Aside from the Ghastly Clown that had entered the area before them, all four of Lin Huang’s epic summoning monsters have been summoned with the exception of b.l.o.o.d.y.

b.l.o.o.d.y’s combat strength remained at silver-level rank-3 so he would not be able to join in the fight. In the s.p.a.ce where aura was surpressed, Lin Huang was not worried that the dragonkin monster that he had would attract transcendent monsters. He summoned Charcoal which he had not summoned for a long time. Aside from his four epic summoning monsters, Lin Huang could sense there was a terrifying aura far away.

“It’s over there!” Lin Huang looked at the direction far away.

“Charcoal, bring us there!” Lin Huang hopped onto the back of Charcoal and got Bai as well as Nephilic Judge to ride together with him. Although Charcoal was unwilling to do so, it swallowed its pride for Lin Huang. It flapped its wings and held onto Tyrant using its claws and flew ahead in the direction Lin Huang pointed at. Two to three minutes later, Charcoal landed next to a black sphere of energy.

There was a terrifying aura that was coming out of the sphere. Lin Huang and his four summoning monsters knew that the Ghastly Clown was inside the sphere. However, he had no idea how this ball was formed. It could possibly be a coc.o.o.n that was formed automatically from evolution or it could be created by the Ghastly Clown using its psychic ability as a way to defend itself. The layer of darkness had blocked any way they had to take a peek. The coc.o.o.n-like sphere even blocked all methods of detections, n.o.body knew what was happening inside.

Since Lin Huang and the rest could not break the coc.o.o.n, all they were able to do was to wait patiently. Time pa.s.sed by in the isolated area. Lin Huang was anxious as he waited, every second was a struggle for him. On one hand, he was afraid that the Ghastly Clown might fail in its mutation and it would die if that happened. On the other hand, he was worried that it managed to level-up and break free from him. There was always a possibility that he could possibly lose the Ghastly Clown card.

Soon, three days had pa.s.sed. Lin Huang had never thought the mutation process could take this long as all the upgrades to his monsters were done using Advance Cards where the process was completed instantly, there was no need to go through this long and torturing process.

On the third afternoon, Lin Huang could not take it anymore so he asked Xiao Hei. “Xiao Hei, it’s been three days. Are you sure the Ghastly Clown hasn’t failed its mutation and died inside?”

“No, if it’s dead, the card would disappear automatically.”

“You keep asking questions that can be answered with common sense. I’m really starting to doubt your intelligence..”

Lin Huang was speechless with Xiao Hei’s criticism.

“I’m just asking because I’m getting impatient from all this waiting. Why in the world are you so mean to me?” Lin Huang was unhappy as he did not put much thought when he asked that question. However, he had been looking at the unsealing conditions of his epic-level monsters while waiting these days. Bai’s unsealing condition was to find a Transcendent monster that was at least double mutated and suck its blood to the last drop. Tyrant’s unsealing condition was to find sufficient spiritual power in underground lava and soak in it for 12 days. Meanwhile, Charcoal’s unsealing condition was to eat nine pieces of dracaena. For b.l.o.o.d.y, as its combat strength had not reached this level, its unsealing conditions was unavailable.

As the sun was setting in the isolated area, Lin Huang heard a crack, the sound of something breaking. If the area was not extremely silent like it was, Lin Huang might not have been able to hear the crack. He was not the only one as Bai and the rest heard it too. All of them looked at the direction of the black coc.o.o.n.

“The mutation must have completed!” Lin Huang looked at the black coc.o.o.n in antic.i.p.ation. Monsters that went through three mutations were referred by humans as monsters who have gone through the ultimate mutation. The name was derived from the most powerful monsters that have appeared throughout the last 800 years which were at most a triple mutated monster. n.o.body had yet to witness a mythical monster that has been through a quadruple mutation

In reality, there were not many doc.u.mentation about triple mutated monsters by humans. This applies to even Transcendent monsters as very few of them managed to complete the ultimate mutation. A long time ago, there was something called the Life Potential Theory  where human scientists hypothesized that with each mutation, monsters exhausted a significant amount of life potential. It was something innate, given at birth and was difficult to obtain later on in their lives. Most monsters, Transcendent ones included, only managed to complete two mutations while many could not complete their third mutations as their life potential had been exhausted after the second mutation.

Since the Ghastly Clown did not die from the mutation, it meant it had completed the ultimate mutation. As the black coc.o.o.n cracked, a hand came out of it. What surprised Lin Huang was, it was a human’s palm that was crystal clear. It looked like it was a sculpture made of a unique material. Once the first hand appeared, the second followed. Two crystal clear palms pressed on the sides of the coc.o.o.n and tore it open. A huge hole was tore opened from the crack and a shadow came out of the black coc.o.o.n…

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