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Chapter 263: The Supreme Overlord

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A young man that looked like a human walked out of the black coc.o.o.n. The man had a slender physique and was wearing a luxurious golden robe with a tall golden crown on his head. He had waist-length purple hair with beautiful eyes and a grin on his face that looked sinister. The only difference he had with a human was the golden mask he had on the left side of his face. Lin Huang was not sure if he was the Ghastly Clown because he looked completely different from it.

“Ghastly?” Lin Huang called out to see if that was the Ghastly Clown.

The man in golden robe lifted his head and looked at Lin Huang. He smirked as he looked at Lin Huang.

“Ahh, aren’t you my old master?” What the man said proved that he was the Ghastly Clown.

“You can speak now?” Lin Huang was surprised.

“Of course, I’ve already completed the ultimate mutation. I can speak the human language.”

The man walked towards Lin Huang after he said that.

“I must thank you for this. If you stopped me while my evolution was taking place earlier, I wouldn’t have completed the mutation.”

“Ghastly, since you’ve already completed your evolution, let’s leave together.” Lin Huang took b.l.o.o.d.y’s suggestion and tried to talk to the Ghastly Clown.

“Leave with all of you? Master, aren’t you naive? I’m not the clown you know from before. Please call me Supreme Overlord or Master Overlord!” The man in golden robe looked down on Lin Huang.

“So are you saying that you’re leaving Xiao Hei?” Lin Huang frowned as the man’s att.i.tude said it all.

“Master, don’t forget. You were the one who turned me into a card earlier. I’ve never wanted to be your summoning monster in the first place.” The man in golden robe moved and arrived in front of Lin Huang.

Bai and the rest attempted to come to Lin Huang’s rescue but they were stopped by Lin Huang. The man smiled at them and stood less than 10 centimeters from Lin Huang while looking into his eyes.

“Of course, there were many benefits to sealing me into a card as it allowed me to regain my life potential. That was how I managed to complete the ultimate mutation easily. Looking at my remaining life potential, I might possibly go through my fourth mutation in the future. If not for that, I would’ve killed you by now…”

“It’s true that you could complete your fourth mutation in the future but have you thought if you follow me, I’d definitely give you the opportunity to go through your fourth or even fifth mutation?” Lin Huang attempted to lure him. The man was in a pickle as he listened to Lin Huang’s suggestion. However, his expression returned to normal later on.

“I admit that I desire more powerful abilities but the chance of completing the fourth mutation is just too slim. The relic that you have might be able to help me achieve a quintuple mutation and it could definitely suppress the triple mutated me. There’s a high possibility that I could complete the quadruple mutation on my own, why would I rely on a relic? Moreover, that would mean losing my freedom! No matter what, I’m at a loss.”

“Xiao Hei’s ability would be stronger and stronger. Just because it can’t do certain things now, doesn’t mean that it won’t be able to do them in the future.” Lin Huang frowned as the man was determined to leave.

“Alright, stop wasting your time. You turning me into a card had brought me many disadvantages, but I’ll forgive you. The relic that you used to tie me down no longer works now!”

As he spoke, the aura in his body was increasing at an alarming rate. Bai pulled Lin Huang away immediately while the rest of the monsters stood in front of Lin Huang.

As the golden Life Power enveloped the man’s body, black chains appeared on his body.

“Break them all!” The man shouted and the black chains broke one by one. In less than one minute, the black chains on his body broke while the Ghastly Clown card in Lin Huang’s body disappeared.

“Since I’m in a good mood, you better get lost with your pets.” After breaking free from Xiao Hei, the man’s att.i.tude was getting more arrogant.

Lin Huang was nothing to him now. Lin Huang frowned he did not want this to happen. However, even though this had happened and he did not want to fight the Supreme Overlord, there was no way that he could leave as he knew too much about Lin Huang’s secrets. Moreover, a monster that had completed the ultimate mutation would have even more terrifying abilities once it got to the holy fire-level. If he did not kill the monster when it was still at gold-level rank-3, it would get even more difficult to kill it in the future.

Once Lin Huang had decided what to do, a notification came from Xiao Hei.

“You’ve encountered an incident, a Mission Card has been activated.”

“The mission as follows – Kill the Supreme Overlord to prevent the existence of the system being leaked.

“Mission Time Limit: 24 hours”

“Completion Reward: Legendary Supreme Overlord Card x1”

“Remarks: No restrictions applied to the killing method.”

“I’ll get a complete Supreme Overlord card if I kill him?” Lin Huang was surprised when he saw the mission award.

“You’ll receive a complete Monster Card. However, as the Supreme Overlord belongs to legendary-level beings which are out of your reach, it’ll be sealed at the moment and will be unsealed in the future automatically.”

Although the card would be sealed, it was better than nothing. Lin Huang did not own any legendary-level Monster Cards at the moment and did not expect Xiao Hei to give him such a mission. Perhaps Xiao Hei was afraid that Lin Huang would release the Supreme Overlord so it gave him a mission that he could never resist.

“No restrictions to the killing method? Are you sure I can use any method as long as I kill him?” Lin Huang asked when he saw the last remark.

“As the incident is unique this time, you’re allowed to use any method. As long as the kill is complete, the mission will be completed.” Xiao Hei’s reply had confirmed that it wanted Lin Huang to kill the Supreme Overlord no matter what.

“Alright, I understand now.” Lin Huang did not plan to let it leave alive anyway.

The conversation with Xiao Hei was completed in an instant. Lin Huang looked up at the Supreme Overlord and said, “I’m sorry. Since you’ve made this decision, you’ve left me only one choice, which is to kill you!”

“Oh? What with? With your pets?” The Supreme Overlord teased.

“That’s right, I’d like to see how powerful an ultimate mutated monster is!” Lin Huang said and shouted.

“Take him down!”

His four epic-level monsters dashed towards Supreme Overlord’s direction in unison…

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