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Chapter 264: Terrifying Ultimate Mutated Monster

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Although Bai, Tyrant and the rest of Lin Huang’s epic monsters did not level-up to the holy fire-level after he leveled-up to gold-level rank-1, their strength at gold-level rank-3’s was now complete. One could achieve complete strength in gold when one fulfills the upgrade criteria in gold-level rank-3. Once that happens, the Life Power in the body would be compressed and pushed to its full potential, until the Life Power was the densest the body could withstand. Basically, after the Life Power of a gold-level rank-3 human was full, Life Power compression would take place. Most people would see their Life Power increase at least one-fold after the compression takes place.

However, some people with unique physiques or those who practiced unique Life Skills could compress their Life Power even further. Some could even compress and gain three to four times more Life Power. As the density of Life Power was different, those with complete gold-level Life Power was much more powerful than an ordinary gold-level rank-3 hunter. On the Gold Hunter leaderboard, those who ranked on the top such as Yi Zheng were all people with complete gold-level Life Power.

Although Bai, Tyrant and the rest had yet to arrive at holy fire-level, their abilities were much more powerful than before. As for the Supreme Overlord, it was affected by Lin Huang’s level-up before it completed its evolution which caused it to have complete gold-level Life Power now. Bai, Tyrant and the rest did not have any advantages on combat strength against him. Theoretically, the four epic-level monsters with complete gold-level Life Power were considered to be quite powerful among transcendents as they could defeat their opponents easily. However, the opponent this time was a legendary monster that had completed its ultimate mutation.

Bai, Tyrant, Charcoal and the Nephilic Judge that was yet to be named by Lin Huang dashed towards the Supreme Overlord. Surrounded by four monsters, the Supreme Overlord who was wearing a golden robe did not panic at all. Instead, it grinned as it wandered through the four monsters, chatting with Lin Huang as it did so.

“My dear ex-master, I’ve got to say… You’ve made a bad decision. I’m not the Ghastly Clown you know from before. All of you will die here if you fight me…”

“I’ve no idea how much your powers have upgraded from the ultimate mutation but one thing is for sure, your mouth has certainly gone through an immense upgrade.” Lin Huang teased.

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you how much my ability had improved right this moment!”

The Supreme Overlord shouted and clapped his hands in the air. The s.p.a.ce distorted from the clap. Suddenly, the silver armor on the Nephilic Judge appeared as her purple spear collided with the Supreme Overlord’s palm. Not only was the spear unable to pierce through but she could feel a terrifying force coming through to her from the tip of her spear. The spear almost fell from her hand and she was pushed by a force that made her back off tens of meters backward like a speeding bullet.

The Supreme Overlord did not show any expression as he pushed the Nephilic Judge away with his palm, looking like what he had done was nothing significant. He did not stop there, he clapped again and an invisible giant hand went towards Bai like a mountain falling from the sky. Seeing that, Bai used his four wings to defend immediately. His wings were transformed into a hemisphere-like s.h.i.+eld, blocking the attack before him. Soon, the invisible hand landed on Bai’s giant s.h.i.+eld.

However, the wings merely shook a little from the attack. Just like the Nephilic Judge, Bai backed off faster than before and slammed into a mountain far away. After getting rid of Bai and the Nephilic Judge, the Supreme Overlord dashed and arrived before Tyrant at an instant. Tyrant landed a punch immediately but the Supreme Overlord did not even attempt to avoid the attack at all. Instead, it swung a punch like Tyrant did and his fist that was the size of an ordinary human fist collided with Tyrant. It felt like he tore the air apart.


A loud thud exploded shaking the ground. The collision this time was like an explosion. Not only was the ground shaking, the sky shook too. The aftershock of the force brought forward a vigorous wind and Lin Huang who nearby blocked the wind with his hands in an attempt to stabilize his footing. However, the wind pushed him backward and he dragged his feet on the ground, creating long trails in the ground. The aftershock blew him 30 meters away before he finally managed to stabilize his footing. When he managed to look at the both of them, Tyrant was hundreds of meters away. Its right arm was out of shape from the punch by the Supreme Overlord. Meanwhile, the Supreme Overlord stood where he was, rubbing his right first with his left hand.

“This guy has amazing strength and thick skin.” It was unclear if the Supreme Overlord was complimenting or being sarcastic about Tyrant. After commenting, he neither looked nor chased after Tyrant. Instead, he looked at Charcoal who was in the air. He observed Charcoal for a moment before speaking.

“Tsk tsk, dragonkin. I didn’t expect you to obtain such a summoning monster. However, a young dragonkin means nothing to other monsters. It’s just a supplement to them. Since I’ve completed my ultimate mutation, eating this double mutated monster won’t help much.”

As the Supreme Overlord spoke, he extended his hand and dashed towards Charcoal. Charcoal flapped its wings immediately in an attempt to escape but it was too late. Its throat was strangled by an invisible giant hand. It struggled but could not escape, and it seemed like it was being pinned down by a metal giant hand. It shot black dragonflame at the Supreme Overlord’s direction but it did not even hurt him in the least. It was blocked by a psychic s.h.i.+eld layer he had put up.

While holding onto Charcoal, the Supreme Overlord ignored the fact that it was still struggling and looked at Lin Huang.

“See that? I have eight skills now but by using my psychic skill as well as my powerful close-quarter skills alone, I’ve managed to defeat your pets easily. This is the difference between an ultimate mutation and a second mutation! Your four pets are like ants that I could pinch to death easily.”

After recalling Charcoal, Lin Huang looked at the Supreme Overlord with a solemn expression. His immense strength had exceeded Lin Huang’s imagination. Although it only had the combat strength of a complete gold-level, the Supreme Overlord’s ability could now kill a weak holy fire-level person.

“What else do you have, use it now or you won’t have a chance soon,” The Supreme Overlord retracted his hand as he said this, his grin showing on the half of his face that was not covered by a mask.

“Remember that you were the one who said those words. I won’t show you any mercy then!” Lin Huang recalled Bai, Tyrant and the Nephilic Judge before he took out… A golden card…

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